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LegoLand: The Dragon Knights to be finally released for 23rd Anniversary

On August 1st there will be a three chapter story to the lost stories of LegoLand that debuted in 1995 on the very day 23 years later. It’s also my writer’s birthday and I thought this would be a great way to celebrate the day with my original story. The way that LegoLand has been written is short sharp chapters because much of my memory has become fuzzy over the years trying to remember every detail on the very long storyline it had when I role played the story many years ago. It’s exciting to be finally have the Legomen characters be released in some way and to acknowledge that without this story and these special characters that my writing journey would have never happened the way it did. There are more LegoLand tales being written for this year as I’m trying to push out the main story line of it. There is going to be at least five series to it which will be short but sweet.  Read more

Classic Tuesday Stories – New Facebook Feature with Creative Q&A Video

Coming this Tuesday will be called the Classic Tuesday Stories where we go back in time to past stories and go through them week by week. It’s a way for people to re-read the older stories as there is over 20 years of stories worth alone. There will also be a weekly video answering a question to do with the current series it’s doing. This a great weekly feature to have as it helps build up content to talk about and new content in the form of videos and this will be add to the Story Profiles too for new content. The first story series will be revealed tomorrow.



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