What’s happening for 2018

This year for 2018 will be expanding more into short films and long length videos with Nintendo Ninja News and non video game content. Last year saw a number of videos made which I enjoyed doing. In terms of writing there will be sequels to Universe Guardian and Neo Post Human¬† – two stories which has more to say and continuing on those two series. There are stories in my head at the moment however I’m going to keep working on before I reveal anything. It’s going to a fun year working on both stories and videos to come.

Nintendo Ninja News Web Site Transformed for 2018

Nintendo Ninja News my other ongoing project has launched a web site that allows you to view over 1100 videos with photos, screenshots, and written updates. It is likely Nintendo Ninja News content will be hidden away or removed to freshen up this web site for the new year as well. The new web site is about increasing views for the Youtube Show which launched in 2015 and to build a bigger profile online. In the coming days there will be goals outlined for 2018 and to see where Nintendo Ninja News will go from there.

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