Neon Post Human

Neon Post Human is the spin off story of Mr Umezu becoming trapped inside another universe after the events of the 2014 novel The Author’s War. Mr Umezu enters a world of biotech, half humans and machines and begins a quest to return back home while navigating the broken world of Trans humanists.  Read more

Neon Post Human to debut 30th July 2017 – Next Weekend!

At long last and finally a new story is coming and is returning in the weekly new chapter system since the Chisoutsa series day in the past decade. Neon Post Human is a story about Mr. Umezu getting trapped inside a new universe after the events of the 2004 novel ‘The Author’s War’. He arrives in a world of biotech, and cyberpunk filled drama. Where the difference between human and robotic blurs more and more by the day. It’s been a story that I have tried to write for years but with video making and working had changed a few things. Now I have been able to find more time for writing and here is the result.

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