A group of police officers and two detectives appeared in the bush land in the early morning as the sun was rising over a farm near the location they were searching. One of the detectives leaned down to a body that found in the past hour and stood up again to his younger detective.

“Well Jack, this is your first case and I’m very happy that you have worked your way up to this point. Sorry to say this case is not quite the normal ones we have,” he said.

“You can say that again Deacon,” Jack answered leaning down for himself to the body.

The body had an arm and a leg missing while he was handed a glove so he could touch the body for himself.

“Body’s been here for a few days. What I don’t understand is the cutting of those body parts is quite fine. Not by knife or any weapon that I can think of,” Jack said.

Deacon stood in his brown jacket whispering some orders to one of his officers and turned to Jack, “We’ll send the body off for more testing and we’ll find out who it is too. There’s nothing on the body that can be sure who it is?”

“No, no wallet or ID on him. I’ll run some checks when I return back to the station,” Jack said.

“The Farmer discovered the body when he was exploring this bush land for one of his animals and found this instead. Not the best way to wake up in the morning.  It sounds out of this world doesn’t it the way the body looks,” Deacon joked patting Jack on the back and turning away to head to the other officers.

Jack paused and thought about the term out of this world. He wondered if this was a normal murder or something more to it. One of the officers came up to them from behind him, “Sir when would you like the reports on the table for the body?”

“I’ll look at it tonight I have some personal issues to deal with for the rest of today. I might even pop into the autopsy to see what they say about it. Can you try and work out who this person is and see what we have when I return back?”

“Yes detective I can that for you,” said the officer.

“Thanks,” replied Jack turning around and looking at the body again.


An hour had past and Jack was waiting outside of a café where a car was driving into the car park area where it stopped. The car door opened up for him.

“Hop in!” said the voice.

Jack climbed inside and smiled towards his friend, “Daniel Phoenix you look fresh after your break. How are you?” he asked.

“Quite good I suppose .Sonia’s repeated nagging of me to go on a holiday from my investigation might have been a good idea after all,” Daniel replied driving the car out and back onto the road.

“How is she and Doug? I know it’s been a couple months since Doug’s encounter. How has he been?” Jack asked.

“He’s in half denial about what he saw and I think the best of us would react like that. He got a promotion like you as head of his department since his boss is gone. He feels quite proud of his hard work over the years to get it. He said he was surprised to get it.”

“He deserves it after how many years he’s been working there,” Jack asked wondering.

“About twenty nine years I think. He started there quite young. How is your work going as Mr Detective?” Daniel asked.

Jack laughed to himself, “I’m just starting out. It’s going to take a while for me to go up the ranks like Doug has. Slow and steady wins the race. Daniel was watching the road as he smiled to himself too.

“I know a nice place to go to lunch while I was on holiday. We can go there now.”

As he was saying that the phone buzzed in Jack’s pocket and he picked it up, “Hello Jack here. Yes I’m with a friend at the moment. There’s been a finding on what? The farmer wants to see me now? I think I might be able to pop in to see him on my way to lunch. I’ll do it. Thanks,”

Daniel turned to Jack interested in his call to find an answer from him, “There was a body found outside of a farm property and the owner, the farmer wants to see me about something. We should drop in to see him,”

“Well you have always been dragged to my own investigations it’s about time I return the favour,” Daniel smiled as he turned the car around on the road and headed for the farm.


Half a hour later and the car was driving up the dirt road towards the farmhouse where the farmer was waving to next to park near the building. Daniel parked the car and Jack stood out of the vehicle and nodded towards him. Daniel came up behind him.

“Hi detective, name’s Todd Williams. Been here for thirty six years and glad for you to come here this early morning after what I found outside of my land,’ said the farmer.

“I’m sorry that you had to find that. We are still looking into who he was. The call I received said you found something?” Jack asked.

“Yes, it’s in the barn. I found it just inside my land. Come you two over and see it for yourself.”

The two of them came inside a barn to see a dead animal in the middle of the barn. Jack noticed the dead calf and leaned down to it. It had two missing legs much like the dead body of the male human they found early this morning.

“I guess you can see why I was spooked out when I saw this detective,” Todd said.

“Missing body parts with the same way they did to the body this morning. Not cute to it almost like a laser or some machine to it,” Jack replied.

Daniel watched on in the background and he became interested and concerned at the sight of the animal, “Is this the first time you have seen this type of death to your animals? Has any of your other animals had strange or odd injuries to them?” he asked Todd.

“Nothing about injuries sir. Well they seemed stressed at times.”

“Would that be in the morning when you wake up and feed them? When they are mostly stressed?” Daniel pressed on for more answers.

“Yes, that would be true I guess.”

Jack leaned back at and whispered to Daniel, “What are you getting at?” he asked.

“This reminds me of cases about animal testings by aliens and other species. There’s very familiar evidence here to other cases I have seen,” Daniel whispered back.

“Are you turning my first murder into an alien UFO case?” Jack asked unhappily.

“Look at the link between the animal and the human. Strange cuts, missing limbs. There’s more to it. Why would a killer start removing limbs from an animal as well? Aliens have been to testing out hybrids of animals and humans with aliens,” Daniel explained himself.

“Just stop it for now. The farmer doesn’t need to know,” he whispered turning around back to Todd.

“This is quite a strange thing to happen. I’ll have an investigation team come here and have a small look into it. Thanks for showing us this Todd,” Jack told the farmer.

Todd nodded, “I just hope you can catch whoever did this. What type of human would this type of time in this day and age?” he asked them.

“Yeah what human,” Jack answered turning to Daniel as he raised his eyebrow.

They walked out of the farm barn and said goodbye to Todd and left in the car again. They were driving back onto the road as Daniel was thinking to himself.

“Sorry if I was going off the beaten track with my theory but it does feel something not human was there. Stressed out animals after the night inside and out the barnyard. What do you think?”

“Have lunch with me and you can see the dead body yourself,” Jack answered.

Daniel swallowed hard to himself. He wasn’t too thrilled about seeing a body but his interested had peaked and was keen to see what was going on.


Later that night Jack showed Daniel into his police station and took him down to the room where the body was laid out. Daniel covered his face looking at the body. Jack handed over a mask to him, ‘This will help you. You can see the body missing the limbs. Right arm and the left leg here. Methods of cuts are unknown,” Jack said picking up the report made for him to read.

Daniel put on his mask looking at the body with a funny look.

“The Tests on that sheet you have there. What are the results?” Daniel asked Jack.

Jack flipped over the sheets from the tests on the man’s body, ” Name is Tom Bonds, IT worker from the city. Doesn’t seem right for someone like him to be at a farm. A couple body parts have been removed from him. liver and one kidney. The cuts seemed to suggested someone who had advance knowledge and skill in laser works,” Jack answered.

“Two body parts removed? I can’t think of why they would remove those two parts without much thought on my own,” Daniel replied.

Jack looked over the body with a pair of gloves and looked up at Daniel, “is there a link with the UFO crash, the alien child or the Men in Black? We are still working on those right?”

“We have to make sure they don’t try to kill Doug or run Sonia off the highway in her car. We have to pick our battles with them. As we dig deeper they will threaten us again Jack. I just don’t know on what they will threaten us on. is this important to them in terms of one body?” Daniel replied again.

“They used laser works here and it was hard to that in the dark when we found the body early in the morning. You said you wanted me to see to come with you to see someone? Is that right?” Jack wondered.

“Yeah, as I said during lunch there are two truck drivers that someone told me had a interesting story to tell me. They said they could meet up for morning tea during their break. My source said it might be linked to the alien child and the UFO. It might be linked to your murder case too. Come along if you like.”

Jack took off his gloves and placed them carefully in the bin, “I can do that.” Daniel stared at the body wondering how this person came to the farm and why he and the calf was attacked in the same nature.