Hello everybody this is a brand-new way of doing writings in the future. How we are going to do this is by through speech recognition and it’s going to be a much quicker way to do stories, poetry and maybe even some video period it’s going to be an amazing ride, to see what will happen in the future.

The idea of speech recognition was first thought up by myself over 10 years ago when I was writing The Legend of Evermore back in 2002 how ever the technology was pretty poor and it couldn’t pick up my accent very well. However I think that the technology is now good enough so I can actually start writing in certain blocks and push stories out a little quicker in the future. I’m actually dictating this latest post through the technology and by writing on the iPad mini stories, poetry, and the assessment work and I’ll be doing through my course will be much easier in the future.

The second series of Xtreme Squad will be the first story to be mostly spoken to word which is a first for any of my writings. This series could be written in half the time and with more content and descriptions like never before. However I do think that it’s gonna be really interesting to look at how it’s like the riding aspect and the spoken aspect of it. To try to see what the difference is
Is it’s quicker riding is typing it on the keyboard or by dictating and speaking it out loud.

I will keep you posted on how this experience is like dictating to the iPad mini and writing that second series of Xtreme Squad. It’s gonna be a pretty interesting time and I hope you keep looking at the website and let’s see how it all goes.