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I have never been great at describing myself and what I do in life. I’m a writer and my real world job is a Childcare Educator. Many year ago I created Writersmuster and CJT Productions and they were meant to be place to promote myself as a writer and help promote other creative people. The technology and abilities I wanted to do and with lack of life experience meant both of them would not success long term. Fast forward to today and Chris Ticehurst Creativity is build on top of the success of a couple forum boards, a Youtube Channel and the knack to create a cool writer’s web site.

Nowadays I do videos, photography, podcasts, interviewing people and more. Far more than the range of things if you are only a writer. There was one attempt to make this work however running a busy forum board in 2011 meant the web site couldn’t get the attention it needed. I still needed to learn to create success from any platform online. That time came when Nintendo Ninja News debuted and shot to nearly 100 000 views in 2016. That type of success only fuels your faith that the core idea of CJT Productions and my failed attempt in 2011 showed that I was close to cracking the code on successful long term projects. Because my projects never lasted more than three or four years. Chris Ticehurst Creativity was born in 2017 but it’s web site’s beginnings was in 2013 building up my large collection of stories, poems, and creative works over 18 year period. The move was also not just promoting and helping other creative people but also expanding my site to other creative possibilities such as photography, videos, podcasts etc.  It enable me to show off all my projects under the one web site.

Release/AchievementGenre/DescriptionYear of Release
LegoLandFantasy/Science Fiction1995
LegoLand: The Dragon KnightsFantasy/Science Fiction1996
Time CruisersScience Fiction1997
LegoLand: Through Time and SpaceFantasy/Science1997
LegoLand: Legomen's RiseFantasy/Science Fiction1998
LegoLand: Conquest of ZarmFantasy/Science1999
The Legend of EvermoreFantasy/Science Fiction 2002
Dancing in the MixMusic2003
Groove SliderMusic2003
Little by LittleMusic2003
The Chronicles of Vincent Lamour: Imaginative Beginnings Drama/Adventure2003
Wild WesternComedy/Western/Adventure2003
Vadey -The Short Love StoryRomance/Drama2003
Silver Knight EscapesCrime/Action2003
Personality Speaking Comedy/Science Fiction2003
Seasons of the MoonFantasy/Romance/Drama2004
Seasons of the Moon - Book Launch - October 2004Photography 2004
Seasons in the WoodsFantasy/Drama/Television Script2004
Jaming (Fast Pace Remix)Music2004
Day Dream (Boom Remix)Music 2004
The Ghost WriterMusical/Fantasy/Horror 2005
Shadow of your DreamsPoem2005
Beautiful SoulPoem2005
From Demon to StudentPoem2005
Chisoutsa -The City of DemonsScience Fiction/Fantasy2005
The Silence in the NightPoem2006
The Lost EarthPoem2006
P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L Chapter 5: DangerousAutobiography 2006
Capture the StarsPoem2006
Shaken and ShockedPoem2006
Dangerous GirlPoem2007
Chisoutsa 2: The Vampire Convioitise Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror2007
You rock my world (Rough Cut Mix)Music2007
Threatened (Rough Cut Mix)Music2007
Origins of ChisoutsaScience Fiction/Fantasy2008
Chisoutsa 3: Revolution of the WorldsScience Fiction/Fantasy2008
Chisoutsa 4: The Undead Emperor Science Fiction/Fantasy2010
Sydney CBD and Gardens Trip 2011Photography2011
The Alien of the Phoenix Paranormal/Science Fiction/Drama2012
Xtreme Squad Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action2013
Super Bakery SistersChildren's/Adventure2013
Paranormal Spirits Paranormal/Science Fiction2014
Xtreme Squad 2Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action2014
The Author's WarDark Fantasy/Science Fiction/Drama/Paranormal/Horror2014
Super Bakery Sisters 2: Norwin's Christmas QuestChildren's/Adventure2014
The Alien of the Phoenix 2 Paranormal/Science Fiction/Drama2015
Sydney Trip (Part 1) Photography2015
Sydney Trip (Part 2) Photography2015
Sydney Trip (Part 3) Photopgrahy2015
Super Bakery Adventures: The Magical Fruit TreePhotography2015
Xtreme Squad 3Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action2015
The Alien of the Phoenix 3Paranormal/Science Fiction/Drama2016
My Gaming Story: Atari OriginsVideo2017
Neon Post HumanCyberpunk/Science Fiction2017
GAMMA.CON 2017 MovieVideo2017
Canberra Lego Brick Expo 2017Video2017
Floriade 2017 Short FilmVideo2017
Whisk - The Short Film CollectionVideo2017




Chris Ticehurst

I'm Chris Ticehurst - a writer and Host of Nintendo Ninja News. I love to explore all aspects of creativity, meeting and discovering new people.

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My Artist – DJNY

My Artist – DJNY