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My name is Chris Ticehurst and some will know me as a writer, others who used to run a football forum board or currently the Host of a Youtube show called Nintendo Ninja News. I picture myself as a creative person who has too many interests to discover in too little time. I have written stories and poems, played around with music, done some events with photos and moved on to do short films with video.


So here we have CT Creativity

CT Creativity  was a building product over many years since I started writing in 1995. It took me seven years to bring my stories into the online world with my old Yahoo Group Writersmuster and web site called CJT Productions. In 2008 I started up Brisbane Lions United a forum board for football fans – quite a difference from what I used to do. Being creative was important in keeping the forum board alive during it’s four year run. In 2010 I started doing photos and going to places and taking shots of where I’ve been. Then finally it came to 2015 to move into video creation with Nintendo Ninja News.

CT Creativity is not just a collection of the past but given the ability to use the successes that came out of those projects and discarding and fixing what the cause of their downfall was.

‘My Creative Works’ contains all the highlights that cover the big areas of the past couple decades with ‘Stories‘ ‘Poetry‘ ‘Videos‘ ‘Photos‘ and ‘Music‘.

‘My Diary Thoughts’ covers all the opinion based areas and certain passions I have such as ‘Politics‘ and ‘Brisbane Lions United‘ the name of the old forum board that lasted from 2008 – 2012.

My Creative Friends‘ is the modern version of both Writersmuster the Yahoo Group and forum board (2002 – 2004/2006 – 2010) and CJT Productions (2002 – 2006, 2010) that has all the creative projects and videos that my creative friends have been up to. I try to find people who do different to myself or something that strikes as interesting and different.

The last three sections are important with ‘Nintendo Ninja News‘ as my base to publish videos and daily updates. It helps bring in regular content for CT Creativity. The ‘Team‘ showcases the latest staff members who help me out from time to time. The ‘Hall of Friends‘ is all the people who made a difference in my creative years and worked on projects with me.

Everything I’ve done as a creative person can be found on this web site – so everything I do online is in one simple spot for people to find. From my own writing web site of 2008 to 2016 I decided to finally expand into all creative works and I truly enjoy doing this web site now. Enjoy CT Creativity!

CT Creativity Home of Chris Ticehurst and Creative Friends

Chris Ticehurst

I'm Chris Ticehurst - a writer and Host of Nintendo Ninja News. I love to explore all aspects of creativity, meeting and discovering new people.

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My Artist – DJNY

My Artist – DJNY