About Chris Ticehurst

I have never been great at describing myself and what I do in life. I’m a writer and my real world job is a Childcare Educator. Many year ago I created Writersmuster and CJT Productions and they were meant to be place to promote myself as a writer and help promote other creative people. The technology and abilities I wanted to do and with lack of life experience meant both of them would not success long term. Fast forward to today and Chris Ticehurst Creativity is build on top of the success of a couple forum boards, a Youtube Channel and the knack to create a cool writer’s web site.

Nowadays I do videos, photography, podcasts, interviewing people and more. Far more than the range of things if you are only a writer. There was one attempt to make this work however running a busy forum board in 2011 meant the web site couldn’t get the attention it needed. I still needed to learn to create success from any platform online. That time came when Nintendo Ninja News debuted and shot to nearly 100 000 views in 2016. That type of success only fuels your faith that the core idea of CJT Productions and my failed attempt in 2011 showed that I was close to cracking the code on successful long term projects. Because my projects never lasted more than three or four years. Chris Ticehurst Creativity was born in 2017 but it’s web site’s beginnings was in 2013 building up my large collection of stories, poems, and creative works over 18 year period. The move was also not just promoting and helping other creative people but also expanding my site to other creative possibilities such as photography, videos, podcasts etc.  It enable me to show off all my projects under the one web site.

To help understand what broad interests I have do check out the tabs below and see what are passions and interests lie. They do to tie into my writings and as you know everything can be mixed into the written story.


Releases 1995 – 2004
Release/AchievementGenre/DescriptionYear of ReleaseNotes
LegoLandFantasy/Science Fiction1995The Very First Story written. The LegoLand series has never been written completely due to a time before own a computer and roleplaying much of the storyline
LegoLand: The Dragon KnightsFantasy/Science Fiction1996
Time CruisersScience Fiction1997The major spin off series from LegoLand featuring the famous Cyber family where Cody Cyber ends up in another story nearly 16 years later with "Xtreme Squad 2"
LegoLand: Through Time and SpaceFantasy/Science1997
LegoLand: Legomen's RiseFantasy/Science Fiction1998
LegoLand: Conquest of ZarmFantasy/Science1999The Final stories of the Legomen and defeating Zarm
P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L Chapter 1: ScreamAutobiography 2001My own autobiography
P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L Chapter 2: ChildhoodAutobiography2001
The Legend of EvermoreFantasy/Science Fiction 2002Legend of Evermore was a short story last year but released in 2002 as a short novel.
P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L Chapter 3: UnbreakableAutobiography2003
Dancing in the MixMusic2003
Groove SliderMusic2003
Little by LittleMusic2003
The Chronicles of Vincent Lamour: Imaginative Beginnings Drama/Adventure2003Vincent Lamour was such a interesting character he was brought back 11 years later a main character in "The Author's War"
Wild WesternComedy/Western/Adventure2003
Vadey -The Short Love StoryRomance/Drama2003Only story co-written. With Sushant Rahel
Silver Knight EscapesCrime/Action2003
Personality Speaking Comedy/Science Fiction2003
P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L Chapter 4: UnknownAutobiography2004
Seasons of the MoonFantasy/Romance/Drama2004The First full length novel that was released with 100 000 words. It was well received for a first novel. The current version had a couple chapters removed due to the original trilogy being canceled because of lack of story martial.
Seasons of the Moon - Book Launch - October 2004Photography 2004Photos of the Book Launch of Seasons of the Moon
Seasons in the WoodsFantasy/Drama/Television Script2004The only Television script ever made. The script was seen a promotion tool mainly for the full novel release earlier in the year
Jaming (Fast Pace Remix)Music2004One of the "The Image Remixed" Special Album tracks
Day Dream (Boom Remix)Music 2004

2005 – 2014
Release/AchievementGenre/DescriptionYear of ReleaseNotes
The Ghost WriterMusical/Fantasy/Horror 2005The first and only musical type story with poetry. Similar to Vadey: The Short Love Story and The Author's War. It was met wirth mixed reviews, the peotry were highlights but the story itself didn't hold up to Vadey or Legend of Evermore.
Shadow of your DreamsPoem2005From the story "The Ghost Writer"
Beautiful SoulPoem2005From the story "The Ghost Writer"
ScreamerPoem2005From the story "The Ghost Writer"
From Demon to SudentPoem2005First poem known to be written
Chisoutsa -The City of DemonsScience Fiction/Action2005Hailed as a big success online due to the depth of story and characters. meant to be a adult version of LegoLand in terms of characters and series wise. A number of squeals and a spin off was made in the vain of Xtreme Squad eight years later.
The Silence in the NightPoem2006
The Lost EarthPoem2006
P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L Chapter 5: DangerousAutobiography2006
Capture the StarsPoem2006
Shaken and ShockedPoem2006
Dangerous GirlPoem2006
Chisoutsa 2: The Vampire Convioitise Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Erroric 2007The successful squeal to "The City of Demons" it expanded the universe and new characters introduced.
You rock my world (Rough Cut Mix)Music2007The first remix of a music artist
Unbreakable (Rough Cut Mix)Music2007Written a few years after the past chapter it felt it was a due for a update chapter
Threatened (Rough Cut Mix)Music2007
Origins of ChisoutsaScience Fiction/Fantasy2008
Chisoutsa 3: Revolution of the WorldsScience Fiction/Fantasy2009Seen as the disappointing edition in the Chisoutsa Saga with the confusing First Life and Second Life Worlds.
Funny Whisk BirthdayVideo2009A funny video made exploring Youtube
Chisoutsa 4: The Undead Emperor Fantasy2010Known as the final story in the main Chisoutsa mini series. Written to close up loose strings to the series. The character Chisoutsa has appeared in "Xtreme Squad 3" and "The Author's War"
Sydney CBD and Gardens Trip 2011Photography2011
The Alien of the Phoenix Paranormal/Science Fiction/Drama2012First major new series since Chisoutsa in 2006. A desire to explore the Paranormal genre for years paved the way for the new character Daniel Phoenix
Xtreme Squad Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action2013The main spinn off from the Chisoutsa series of six story series.
Super Bakery SistersComedy/Children's/Adeventure2013The first major break from Science Fiction and Fantasy stories.
Whisk over the Years - Part 1Photography 2013
Paranormal Spirits Paranormal/Science Fiction2014Spin off story from "The Alien of The Phoenix"
Xtreme Squad 2Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action2014
The Author's WarDark Fantasy/Science Fiction/Drama/Paranormal/Horror2014A major novel that features characters from the past twenty years of writing. Featuring characters from Legend of Evermore, Seasons of the Moon, Chisoutsa, Alien of the Phoenix and Xtreme Squad.
Super Bakery Sisters 2: Norwin's Christmas QuestComedy/Children's/Adeventure2014
The Old Home - Currong ApartmentsPhotography2014Last Images of my old unit before it was destroyed for new apartments
Whisk over the Years - Part 2Photography2014

2015 – Present
Release/AchievementGenre/DescriptionYear of ReleaseNotes
The Alien of the Phoenix 2 Paranormal/Science Fiction/Drama2015
Sydney Trip (Part 1) Photography 2015
Sydney Trip (Part 2) Photography2015
Sydney Trip (Part 3) Photography2015
Super Bakery Adventures: The Magical Fruit TreeComedy/Children's/Fantasy2015
Xtreme Squad 3Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action2015Like the second story it didn't seem to have a gelled story line however the ending did tie up things nicely.
Rye Park - September 2015 Photography2015
Whisk over the Years - Part 3Photography2015
Written into Existence Drama2016Short story that takes place after "The Author's War"
It was all youPoem2016First new poem in a decade
The Alien of the Phoenix 3Story2016The third in the series that expands upon The Alien of the Phoenix saga
Whisk over the Years - Part 4Photography2016
My Gaming Story: Atari OriginsVideo2017Looking through the first video gaming console I owned - Atari 2600
Questions about my writings and life

If you ever wanted to know more about me as a writer than you ar at the right spot. If you have further questions you can contact me via the Chris Ticehurst Creativity Group or at Twitter.

How and why did you start writing?

Since I was a little child I always was into books and writing down things. It just felt very natural to me at that age. I wrote massive amount of random things and play acted some of early stories through playing with Lego.  That was at the age of nine years old in 1995 and it is just grew more over the years. I wanted to write more about different things and watch and listen around where I lived, I guess that’s where my passion to think out the box came from when I was young and lived inside a box most of my childhood.I love writing because it’s always been a part of me. I like to create new worlds, explore them and see how the characters work with other.

I’m very much hands on with that way I do things. I build my own web sites, I work with other artists to bring my characters to life through illustrations. I self promote my web site on social media and interacting with people.

What’s the process of writing a story for you?

My way of creating stories and characters vary from each story. I mainly look at what I have done and if I feel a sequel or enough story martial has appeared in my mind for one to happen.  If not I look at what genres I haven’t done yet and explore the idea of branching out. From there I think of a single strong character and start shaping the idea around a story line and that genre. Sometimes it takes from six months of planning in my head before I write it out. Normally I have six to ten story ideas in my head while I move the puzzle pieces around to create the perfect fit for the story.

The writing of the story can be quick or take a few months depending on the length of the tale. Other characters in the story are part of puzzle pieces and are naturally added when I’m writing the story down.  While this can be confusing keeping ideas away from papers by the time it’s all written down it all comes together neatly. I’m more of dialog writer than most people because I guess I replay scenes in my head more like a theater play with the characters holding their scripts. Sometimes I like to explore new genres or a type of storyline I haven’t done before. In recent years some of my characters are doing more cross overs and I enjoy this because I felt my stories have always been connected to each other. Some past major characters can help give a lift to a new series character or story.

What’s with the Manga artwork?

Since 2003 I became a bigger fan of manga and anime despite not been a hardcore reader or watcher of the art. I find that the posters, banners and other artworks tends to stand my stories out from the other book covers and artwork done by other writers. They tend to look very much the same. I have worked with artists from Seasons of the Moon to Chisoutsa. The past couple years have seen a large increase of artwork due to my stable manga artist and my web site designs has become much stronger and matured. I would love to do more but it’s hard with costs and time.

What’s with Chris Ticehurst Creativity – Photos, Videos, Discussions?

I do other creative works because of the nature of how my mind works. I don’t just get story ideas. I get ideas from all sorts of creative ideas. I may see something online or in real life and wish to do something like that and find a idea that changes it up. Photos and travelling allows me to see different thing in life and it gives the reader to see what areas inspire me as a writer and how I view things.This isn’t just a writing site and stories has and will be be the major area of being a ceative person but the enjoyment of videos and photos are there too. Chatting and interviewing other creative people is a future goal. One of the pros and cons of this site is that it features kind of everything and that’s hard to fill into a box like most expect with web sites. It could a video game piece and than a politic article the next. That’s a challenge with this web site and finding people who enjoy many different traits that I do.

What made you break away from being a pure writer only? 

I’ve been writing for over 20 years and over the years it’s harder to write about areas you haven’t done before. There’s also other exciting creative things to explore in life too and that only writing that limits myself. Because writing takes a long time to complete there’s other things like photos and videos that are much quicker and easier to complete. It gives people more content to see and allows me to not worry about coming up with stories all the time to get done to keep things fresh here. However I’ve been always playing with other areas. Mucking around in music in 2004 and trying out videos in 2008. That gives the idea that I’ve always wanted to do other things part from writing but writing was the cheapest option back in the day and no real technology I had. Writing is still a strong passion however there are many exciting things to produce.

What are your inspirations?

What inspires is the little ideas and things that pop into my head. It might be seeing people in public or reading something interesting in the papers. Watching UFO videos, anime, and fantasy films that gives certain ideas to follow or take a genre into a different direction  I’ve never read as many books as a writer should and maybe that does affect the way that I write. I tend to gather from more life events, movies, lyrics in music and visual effects gives me more of a impression.

Chris Ticehurst Creativity wouldn’t be in the position of planning and structure that is now if it wasn’t for learning lesson along the way. The first few years from 1995 to 2002 was about story writing and learning the basic crafts of that. The real exciting areas started to appear when I started using the internet and created Writersmuster in 2002 as a way of promoting other writers and helping each other out. I wanted to pinpoint and show off what areas I learnt during each major project and what brought Chris Ticehurst Creativity together. There’s been some good ideas I found out along the way and some hard lessons and poor decisions that also showed up however I have learnt plenty towards Chris Ticehurst Creativity’s debut.

Writersmuster Group: The group started in 2002 as a way to promote myself as a writer and bringing together writers worldwide. This was my first main project online.

  • Brought together different writers and other creative people around the world.
  • Membership came to 430 at it’s peak and produced over 3000 messages.
  • The group helped to create CJT Productions and build support for the “Seasons of the Moon” novel release
  • Yahoo Groups were fading due to the rise of Forum Boards.
  • Was limited to just Writers in terms of creative people.

CJT Productions: The web site was about promoting creative people including myself during 2002 to 2005.

  • Seen as the first truly owned web site when it came to promoting writers, poets, musicians, and other creative people.
  • Featured stories, poems, music and images for the first time.
  • Designed via HTML/CSS and than Dreamweaver.
  • Promotion of other people became harder when artists disappeared online.
  • Coding and updating the web site pulled too much time away from writing.
  • Focus was needed on my own stories to carry the web site.

Chris Ticehurst.com: Featured most of my stories from 2008 to 2012 including other creative works.

  • Focus moved to my own self published stories and poetry etc.
  • Featured more non writing creative projects.
  • First site to start using WordPress.
  • Not all my stories were featured – missing two major novels.
  • The running of forum boards meant the web site was offered not used very well and suffered because of it.

Writersmuster the Forum Board: The first real forum board that I run between 2006 to 2010

  • Forum board design helped build a number of writers and deep discussions.
  • A large operation and more active membership than the Yahoo Group version
  •  Pushing members into posting more content was seen as a terrible move. Mental health issues added to the fear of failure.
  • The rise of social media and a losing of focus of the writers didn’t help the forum’s long term future.
  • Forums Board were fading into a niche area like Yahoo Groups before.

Brisbane Lions United: The football forum board that I ran between 2008 to 2012.

  • The second forum board made was more successful than Writersmuster overall in posts, membership and views.
  • Regular releases and martial content were made making it a success.
  • The rise of social media and other big forum boards didn’t help Brisbane Lions United.
  • A lack of rules in place caused membership problems and some people left because of it.
  • Forum’s closing and opening a blog was a shocking discussion to resurrect the web site.
  • Poor Admin decisions from myself meant two forums closed because of poor decisions and shifting market of traffic. Poor balance of rules also happened again.

Chris Ticehurst.me: The WordPress web site that ran from 2013 to 2017 before transforming into Chris Ticehurst Creativity

  • A rethink on being organised with features like “Story Profiles” pushing into music and photography style pictures.
  • WordPress Paid theme brought a vibe of a professional touch. The branding image and thumbnails was a jor improvement on past projects.
  • Flirting with going to different directions that wasn’t about writing.
  • Using social media more and promoting as a writer.
  • Chris Ticehurst Creative Writer was a confusing name due to the non writing aspects of the web site.
  • The balance of attention between the web site and Nintendo Ninja News was very imbalanced.
  • The structure of the site was well done but but not everything was in place well enough and needed a reinvention that was needed years ago.

Nintendo Ninja News: The Current Youtube Show that has been very successful from 2015 to present day.

  • Major success with views and membership with over 135 000 views and over 430 members in two years. Beating both forum boards and Yahoo Group in the past.
  • Regular content and pre planning before it’s releases was the key in it’s early success with views and people
  • Won the Stir Grant in Canberra worth $1000 which supercharged and fast tracked the success of the YouTube Channel.
  • The famous 1-2 mins news bulletin style videos was another key in making it stand out from other gaming type channels.
  • Good use of social media including Facebook Group and Twitter accounts.
  • Game streaming and Live Videos on Youtube haven’t work out so well.
  • Artwork design has been been the same over the years and no artist available in Nintendo characters has not helped the Channel to grow.

Chris Ticehurst Creativity: What I have learnt and put into this web site from 2017 to present.

  •  Releasing every story, poem, photo collection, re-releasing old news articles from past web sites helped build a large collection for readers to look over from the past.
  • The logo and thumbnail highlights what Chris Ticehurst Creativity is about clearly. 
  • The web site expanded beyond just writing to photos, music, Nintendo Ninja News, Creative Conversations, audio and videos too.
  • A good balance between Chris Ticehurst Creativity and Nintendo Ninja News the other major web site. 
  • Creative Conversations and Creative Friends Network is a modern version of CJT Productions/Writersmuster in terms of helping out other creative people.
  • My interests and projects are clearer to understand and the term Creativity is a broad area to explore which is exciting for future ideas and projects. 
  • Live Streaming on Facebook has been successful due to knowing social media better and staying ahead of the curve unlike in the era of Writersmuster Forum Board and Brisbane Lions United.  
  • Creative works are made by myself so there was no pressures or worries that other creative people can’t produce enough content for the web site. 
  • Better decision making and long term groundwork made the launch easier instead of stop and start projects that made Chris Ticehurst.me blog suffer. 
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