The doors opened up to the house and three figure walked in with large suitcases. The first figure was a friend of theirs, his name Mark. He had short brown hair and was a short man. He carried the suitcases of his friends onto the room while they entered the lounge room.

“I like the house Joel. Don’t you like it?” the young girl asked her boyfriend.

“No I hate it,” answered Joel.

The young girl frowned at Joel and walked past him. Joel walked along the lounge room and saw some coffee.

“Hey babe you can make us some coffee to keep yourself busy,” Joel cried out.

The girl wasn’t too impressed with Joel’s remarks and made her way to make some coffee. She made the coffee for the men as Joel expected her of and Mark joggled down the stairs to the rent house and smiled at the pair. Rubbing his hands and thinking of something.

“We should hit down to the pub tonight. See what fun is there. Hey Joel, Ellen?” he suggested to them.

“Maybe why not hey babe,” Mark said to Ellen.

“Up to you guys really. I don’t care,” she answered them.

“Let’s go then Mark. Let’s get changed and get moving then hey!”

The three of them quickly changed into new clothes and left their house to the nearby pub down the road. They had stopped at this old town for a couple nights as they had been traveling around the countryside.


Joel entered the pub with his black suit and green shirt underneath. Ellen walked in by his side in a green silk dress and her black hair pulled back. They sat at the pub while they ordered their drinks. Mark overheard a conversation with some old pub drinkers about something interesting. He pulled his head closer to hear more of it.

“Ah mate that’s not fucking true. That castle hasn’t been touched for years. I mean fucking hundreds of years. You didn’t see nothing!” he said on of them.

“I did see it. There were glowing green lights mate in it. Like something was living in there. A freak of nature I tell you,” his friend told him.

It’s just a legend that’s all. Stories of a ghost master living in the castle. I mean nothing has ever happened there. The man died hundreds of years ago. You know that,” the man complained.

“Forget it. You don’t believe me!” he snapped and his friend sat up and moved away from him.

Mark saw his chance and nudged Joel and Ellen, “Hey come with me and listen to this,” he said to them.

“Hey mate I believe you. What did you see at that castle?” Mark cried out to him.

Joel and Ellen looked at each other and then listened in to Mark and the drinker.

“Well I saw this flashing green lights coming out of the castle. Legend says the man died about two hundred years and still lives there as a ghost master. However no one believes in that. It’s a myth,” the drinker said to the trio.

“Does it happen often?” asked Joel.

“Well only on random days. There are no special patterns. What are ya names people?” asked the drinker.

“I’m Joel and this is Mark,” answered Joel.

“I’m Elisabeth but people call me Ellen,” answered the girl.

“Nice to meet ya all. Are you all traveling or something?” he asked them.

“Yeah we are. Back to home,” Mark smiled.

Mark and the drinker kept on piling up the drinks and soon become the best of lads during the night. Joel and Elisabeth become bored with Joel and the drinker and went outside. The pair had walked far from the pub down the road towards an old graveyard. Joel turned to Elisabeth and kissed her. She smiled and leaned the tree as he niggled into her neck.


The skies grew darker and the graveyard wind picked up and the air became very cold. Joel and Ellen stopped and saw the graveyards lighting up in green shadows. Joel took her hand and walked over to the graves. While the pair was walking about, ghastly green eyed ghosts appeared and disappeared behind them. The coldness grew stronger again and Joel turned to Ellen and smiled.

There are mysterious thoughts and moments running through our heads. The grounds are shaking Elisabeth and you can’t stop the rush!” Joel sung to her.

The ghosts circled the pair and followed them around the graveyard.

The winds are blowing the wrong way and your heart tells the truth.

The ghosts flashed in a ball of green fire and the pair screamed in fear and bolted deeper into the darkness. Joel bolted away from the young girl and left her alone with the ghosts. She saw the ghosts gaining on her and saw Joel at a gateway with a line of ghosts behind him. The gateway was blue and cold looking with a large shadow in the background. A greenly looking castle skies maybe.

Watch out! The ghosts are coming. Look out! The ghosts are moving. Scream all you can, cause the ghosts are coming for you!” Joel cried out.

He quickly turned around to see the line as a ghost crossed into his body. He screamed in fright and started to throw up purple and green fluids from his mouth. He spins around on the spot as the young girl was frozen in her place. Joel’s eyes lighted up in a purple, he was taken by the ghost.

Some wicked spells are in play baby and you know from the shadows that follow. That there is evil in the mix! And the leaves that die without a winter. They are cursed by the ghosts in play and you run from the shadows that hunt you!” the ghost screams at the girl.

She quickly bolts from her spot and the ghosts turned their heads in an inhuman way and followed her.

Come run through these graveyards. Maybe you will be safe or maybe you’re entered into a horror of a time. The hairs are rising on your back and you see in my eyes the ground is shaking. Cause baby the ghosts are coming!” cried the cursed Joel.

Elisabeth ran from the ghosts and came to a dark and scary clearing where an old gate was left open. And from her eyes she saw the castle that the drinker told in his story. The green glowing castle! She turned around the ghosts were forcing her into the castle entrance.

Watch out! The ghosts are coming. Look out! The ghosts are moving. Scream all you can, cause the ghosts are coming for you!” the ghost cried out.

The ghost crossed out from Joel and he fell to the ground in loss. The girl saw the group and they were chanting.

Watch out! The ghosts are coming. Look out! The ghosts are moving. Scream all you can, cause the ghosts are coming for you!” the group screamed at the pair.

Suddenly a stuck of lightening shook the ground and the castle lit up in all it’s glory. The ghosts disappeared in an instant in fear of the castle and the young pair was left alone in the darkness of hell.