Elisabeth had walked far into the castle and was pacing through a narrow walkway towards another room. Patterns of two dragons fighting glowed a blue light from the girl. She wandered into the next too see a single light upon a figure. The windows slowly opened and the wind blew in. Her dark black hair blew in the wind and her green dress shined in the night.

“Who are you stranger?” she asked the figure.

“A ghost, just a ghost in the house,” it answered.

“You were following us since we viewed your characters in your stories. Is that true Mr. Ghost Writer?” she asked him.

“I wander around a lot in my house. Yes I saw you two breaking into my house,” the Ghost Writer answered.

“We didn’t break into your house. A group of ghosts chased us into your castle. We had to hide from them. They were evil,” she cried.

“So you run into the most haunted castle in the land. Your night is not going very well I see. Tell me what your name is?” he asked.

“Elisabeth,” she quietly answered.

“Beautiful. I’ve always loved that name,” he said smiling.

He removed a glove off his hand to reveal his skeleton hand and reached out to her. She moved closer to him without thought and places her hand on his bare bone. The moonlight shone on the two of them and the Ghost Writer saw a disappointed face on Elisabeth.

“Sadness I see in your eyes. Tears of pain and wonder outshines the moment we have here. What has come over your heart tonight?” he asked her.

“It is Joel. He doesn’t treat me as an equal. I don’t love him,” she said without though.

“You don’t love him but you stay with him? Why?”

“He’s all I have for now. There’s nothing else in my life.”

The Ghost Writer was quiet and walked over to the end of the room leaving her in the light and him in the darkness.

“What about you? How come you became a ghost?” Elisabeth asked him.

“I don’t know. I was human long ago and lived as a writer. But death came to me as all do to others. But yet I never left this world. I was trapped all by myself. The angels came for the others but not for me,” he explained to her.

“Maybe ghosts are just people who didn’t fulfill their mortal life. Maybe there’s something you didn’t do or find?” Elisabeth suggested.

“I have done everything. There is no more to do. Your boyfriend is looking for you. Go and find him,” he said coldly to her.

Elisabeth lowered her head and the Ghost Writer put his glove on again. He walked over to her and pointed to the narrow hallway.

“He should be coming here soon and I wish not to see him. He is angry being.”

“Ghost Writer, you are a beautiful creature. Hasn’t anyone told you that?” the girl asked him.

“Your heart is telling lies. You must learn to hate me. Like everyone else does in this world. Go now!” he shouted at her.

She quickly moved back and the Ghost Writer’s eyes glowed green and she disappeared into the narrow hallway again. The creature was alone in the night again.




A third visitor came into the castle not too long after the party ended. He called two names in the darkness and wandered lost and alone.

“Where are you guys. I knew you might find this place yourselves. And hide it from me!” cried Mark.

Watchful eyes saw Mark moving towards the party hall room and he found the doors open. He noticed there was drink bottles everywhere and empty feeling inside it.

“I wish I was invited to the haunted party,” he muttered to himself.

A skeleton hand reached out to Mark and he screamed and ran around the corner of the hall room near some paintings of old. He slowly turned the corner to see the Ghost Writer looking around for him. He shook himself and kept out of sight.

Don’t be shy. Come out and play. Don’t be shy I won’t bite. I only hunt down my prey and play with them a little. Torture them a little and let them go dead,” he cried out in the room.

Mark swallowed with difficulty and moved to another location of the room away from the Ghost Writer.

So don’t be shy. Come out and play. Don’t be shy. I won’t bite. I’ll run my teeth across your neck and moan over your fresh blood,” he kept on calling out.

“I am shy. I don’t like bloody ghosts or anything undead,” whisper Mark to himself.

So please don’t be shy. Do come and play. Don’t be shy I won’t bite. I’ll drain all your blood. All before your last breathe.”

Mark crossed over to the another location where the ground started to shake and the Ghost Writer rose his hand, “Don’t be shy, come out and play!” he screamed and growled.

An electric spark blew the room apart and Mark fell out of his hiding and rolled in front of the beast. The Ghost Writer put his foot on his chest and growled at him.

“Another visitor to my castle. Who is it this time?” he asked him.

“I’m Mark and I’m looking for my friends. Ellen and Joel,” answered the frightened human.

“Elisabeth and Joel. They were still alive the last I saw them. You should come with me and we will find them,” the ghost writer said.

He let me go and Mark dusted himself off and had a better look at the ghost.

“Lead the way ghost,” he said to him and the pair went off to find the others.


Elisabeth ran through the halls and different rooms and soon found Joel heading her way. Joel was still angry with the Ghost Writer when he arrived with him.

“What did he do to you?” he cried out to her.

She ran up to him and stopped in front of him, “Nothing. He’s a good person. He’s just doesn’t like many visitors to his castle,” she answered him.

“He is a freak. He is something you can’t trust,” he snapped at her.

“He’s like us Joel. Can’t you understand?” she cried back at him.

“You listen to me. He has poisoned your mind and you are stupid enough to believe him.”

“I hate you Joel. You are always like this. Telling me what to do. This is the end,” she shouted at him.

Joel pushed her to the wall and pulled back her hair. He was enraged by the Ghost Writer and now by Elisabeth.

“You listen to me bitch. You are mine and you can’t escape me! You will never get away from me. Do you understand!” he shouted at her.

He threw her to the ground and headed for the doors into the party room.

“Come with me now!”

He walked into the room when he saw Mark with the Ghost Writer. Mark saw he wasn’t happy and was upset.

“What’s going on?” he asked him.

“Get away from him. He’s a freak, a shadow of a beast!” shouted Joel at him.

“Well he hasn’t run his teeth across my neck yet so he hasn’t done anything wrong,” Mark joked to Joel.

Joel walked out and confronted the Ghost Writer and tried to push him.

“You want to fight now hmm? Come on you beast. Don’t twist Elisabeth’s mind.”


Elisabeth came out and ran to Mark and they hugged, “What’s going on Ellen?”

“Joel doesn’t care about us. He just wants to finish of the Ghost Writer. He was a human like us once!” she shouted.

“No he wasn’t. Look at him, this old cowardly writer who lives in a castle until the end of his days. It’s time to send you to hell!”

“No you can’t Joel. There’s a hidden heart in him. He is human. I believe in him,” Elisabeth cried out to him.

The Ghost Writer grew angry towards his visitors and watched Joel from the corner of his eye. Blood started to run down the walls and he struck Joel to the ground. Mark and Elisabeth watched in horror as the ghost picked up Joel and smashed him into wall over and over. Blood poured from his head and he become unconscious. He ran into the ground and looked at the group. He walked away towards the stairs and Elisabeth ran up to him.

“Where is your heart Ghost Writer? Listen to me please!” she begged him.

“I am not what you think I am!” he screamed at her.

He walked up to the top level and Elisabeth walked from below. Mark stood next to the injured Joel in fear.

The green lightening flashed wildly and the window smashed into pieces and the rains fell into the castle. The Ghost Writer looked straight at Elisabeth.

The terror inside your heart, it screams because of me and the blood that runs down those walls. Is it scary my little dear? Or is it the intruders who are skinned and buried alive. It is the life of the undead…of my kind,” he sung from above.

He slowly wandered down the stairs towards Elisabeth and the blood hardens on the walls to create a new paint.

For so long these castle walls have kept me safe from your kind. For they all intrude my lair and none come out alive. But you had your chances and you spied inside my study. Looking for a hidden human in vain.”

Mark saw shadows of ghosts appearing from the top sides of the main room where they sung as a choir, “Wow,” he whispered to himself.

And do you see me in the darkness. Your ideas of a hidden heart trapped inside this twisted soul. Can’t you understand now, this is all I am. A shadow of what you really want me to be. I’m just a shadow of your dreams.

The choir started to click their fingers and Elisabeth walked over to see them. The Ghost Writer made his way on to the floor again and watched the girl.

A sweeten taste of blood and haunting magic and ghastly stories is really what I love. These candles turn red to green. This is not normal you see my dear. I live a life as an eccentric ghost writer.”

He wandered up to the choir and stretched his arm to wave over them, “Come around my demons, my ghosts and zombies and rejoice within the chamber walls. And we shall write of many screams,” he cried before turning to face Elisabeth.

And for you my dear, I thank you. To have at least the heart and strength to try to get inside of me,” he slowly sung to her.

He walked up to the end of the room and the choir started to hum and the noise began louder. The ground suddenly shook and the lightening flashed again in terror.

And do you see me in the darkness. Your ideas of a hidden heart trapped inside this twisted soul. Can’t you understand now, this is all I am. A shadow of what you really want me to be. I’m just a shadow of your dreams.

The room started to go black as hell and Mark and Elisabeth could see a thing. Only a shadow of eye greens glowed in the night.

Can’t you see now in the darkness! There is no hidden heart! A shadow of what you really want me to be. I’m just a shadow of your dreams…”

The room reappeared in the light and the Ghost Writer was gone. The choir was gone. All was silent in the castle.