Allegheri was the first step forward to the angels and Nardia the goddess of the tower. Mr Umezu stood next to Lucas and Frithdar in the background where Nardia smiled towards the old vampire. She had dark black hair with a white glow to her in a white dress.

“Allegheri it has been a long time, almost since we were young has it not?” she asked him.

“It has been. I have seen you have now living away from the world sheltered in your tower. Why has the great angels of old come to this?”

Lucas nudged Frithdar tinting his head, “He knows her?” and Frithdar turned his head back to him, “I’m not surprised. He’s full of surprises.”

“The world is not safe anymore. It has been like this for a long time but don’t you think for a moment I don’t know what is happening outside of this space. The rise of Chisoutsa and this Xtreme Squad has changed the world we live in. I can feel inside of me there is change in the near future. A dark shadow of pure terror is coming and I am protecting my fellow followers,” Nardia spoke.

“What danger is this?” Allegheri asked.

“Lucas and the two of you will need to leave. Your lives are in danger here because of the dark angels. I request that you leave at once. Take the same route that you took to come here. Take Zarmal with you. He will be useful to you. Go now,” Nardia told them.

Lucas nodded to her and waved Mr Umezu and Frithdar off away from the hall room. The doors closed leaving Allegheri alone with the angels. He had a look of concern as the other angels moved back into the shadow to give the two some private words to share.

“The danger that you speak of is greater than what your friends will encounter today. There has a storm coming for this world for a number of years. It will cost lives,” she said looking straight at Allegheri’s eyes.

“My time is coming towards an end. You have seen it? It had to come one day,” Allegheri replied.

“I had to tell you this so you know what is coming. It is a danger far greater than what you can imagine and one that will take you beyond the universes of time and space.”

Allegheri stepped forward close to Nardia, “Why are you telling me this?”

She turned her head away from him, “Because I do care for you but every life had a full circle, a time to end and even mine too. I want you and everyone to have faith in the young ones. They is their turn to become the leaders of this world. This is why I gave Zarmal away from the tower of angels. I feel he is the right leader in the future but he is young and needs help to learn. Your friend Lucas and others can do that for me and for you too.  Just remember what I told you and prepare them for what will come. This…war will change everyone and everything.”

Allegheri lowered his head and remembered much of his life,” Have I been good? Have I done everything that I was asked for in this life?” he asked her.

“You protected your home town and travelled far and wide. You know in your soul what the answer is,” Nardia smiled.


Away from the dramas in the hall room Lucas was taking the three figures towards a large statue section in the tower of angels where he moved his club up and hushed everyone to be quiet.

“What’s wrong?” Mr Umezu asked behind him.

“Too many shadows on the ground. There’s more of them than the statues in the room. A number of angels are watching us,”

A fearful look on Zarmal’s face walking back, “The black angels,” he said to the group as the shadows appeared with a number flying down from the top of the roof. Lucas swang his magic blue club around the room while Frithdar fired fire balls at the black angels wings to try to damage them. Five black angels rushed in and grabbed Lucas and pinned him to the ground. Two others knocked Frithdar into one of the tall statue leaving him dazed and tired. A tall figure appeared to have a look at the leader of the Xtreme Squad.

“You don’t know me but my name is Ezekiel I turned away from the light of the angels because our goddess has become weak. She has shielded us from society and kept us prisoners in our own homes for far too long. Our black angels used to be white but we fell from the heavens to reality and we know the only way for the angels to take back our world, the world that we built hundreds of years ago is by force. She has given us no option,” spoke the figure.

Lucas looked up from the ground being pinned like an animal, “It was for your protection wasn’t it? To save you from the demons and vampires of this world?  She did it for all of your angels, did she not?” he asked him.

“We know how to protect ourselves and we will not listen to a human who doesn’t understand our way. Knock this creature out and take the old man Umezu. We have a unfinished business plan to work on. The other two can be left here. They won’t harm us,” Ezekiel said to the black angels.

One of the stronger black angels punched Lucas out and left the dazed Frithdar on the ground. Zarmal stood in shock unable to fight and defend well enough. A while after they had gone Allegheri came into the room to catch up the group and saw Zarmal tending to Lucas and Frithdar wounds. Allegheri looked around the room and spoke to the young angel.

“Mr Umezu has been taken away has he?” he asked.

“Yes sir. The black angels came in and took him away to their sector in the tower of angels. It’s guarded very well. I don’t know how we’re going to save your friend,” he answered with not much hope in his voice.

Lucas had recovered from his bashing and noticed his wounds had healed quickly, “How did that happened,” he wondered.

“Just a bit of angel magic you can say. That’s really all the skills I have. I’m just a healer really,” Zarmal explained.

Lucas slowly climbed to his feet using his club as a walking cane, “You might be very handy for us if that is your skill,” replied Lucas.

He put his ear piece from his pocket into his ear and called for Mamoru, “Mamoru, it’s time to call in the rest of the Xtreme Squad. All of them and the jeep too. We have to get back Mr Umezu from a group of rouge angels and I predict that it won’t be easy.”

“Roger that Lucas. I’ll give a report to Prime Leader Charles Thompson. I will also report to you about our visit when you return,”

Lucas turned to Allegheri and Frithdar, “We have to wait for the others before we move. They shouldn’t take that long,” he told them wondering to himself what he should do nex