Chris glared at the sight of India in wonder. People working on the sides of the street, people staring at Chris, as he was a forenger of the country.

“ It’s a big place,” he thought to himself.

He saw all the people and walked passed the old buildings and looked at a map to find something.

“ Now where does Sushant live again,” thought Chris to himself.

He passed a few blocks until he got closer to Sushant’s house. He kept on looking at the map and asking directions with town people to get to Sushant’s house. Chris walked around the bend to see a street until he saw the house there in the distance.

“ Here’s the place,” said Chris relieved.

Chris walked up to the house door, as it was open. The door opened up by the wind and Chris let himself inside. Inside it was great looking. Pictures and plagues of poems were hanging up.

“ He’s done well for himself,” thought Chris to himself.

Chris walked up stairs to find Sushant at his computer. Sushant turned around and gave a big smile. He walked up and hugged Chris.

“ Brother. You’ll finally come to see me. I’m so happy,” he cried.

“ Yeah, it’s good to see you,” said Chris.

“ So, what is the cause of this visit Chris. Is there something you want?” asked Sushant.

Chris didn’t know where to start his plan so he was making it up as he went.

“ You know the ending of Vadey. As it’s a sad ending,” started Chris.

“ We have talked about this before. It’s the way the story goes,” reminded Sushant.

“ Well… the world doesn’t like it. They want a happy ending so I’m going to give it to them,” said Chris.

“ How?” asked Sushant

“ By changing the end of the story in real life,” said Chris.

“ This is crazy Chris. My love life is over. My heart can’t take it anymore,” cried Sushant.

“ Trust me, There is someone in this world who is a perfect match. We will find one for you Sushant,” cried Chris.

“ I hope you know what you’re doing,” said Sushant.

“ Of course I do,” lied Chris abit.


The two were in the lounge room as Sushant was thinking of someone he liked. Then an idea came to Sushant’s mind.

“ There is this girl I do like,” he said.

“ Who is it,” asked Chris.

“ This girl is called Kylie. She lives in Australia and I’ve been talking to her. She’s like my Internet girlfriend,” said Sushant.

“ You want to meet her one day?” Chris asked him.

“ Yes, I have a small poem about meeting her,” he spoke out.


I got you on my mind,

As you are the only one of a kind.

I want you to find this out,

That no one else can win this love’s bout.

There is no match to you my honey.

I promise to meet you when it’s sunny.

But there are still dark clouds which keep us apart.

And it queers that they do not depart.

But they will shed by love’s heat,

On the day when we will meet,

And walk hands in hand,

Under the blue sky,

On the green velvet…

(I am determined that we will meet one day. No mater how much far we are, I will cross all the oceans and fight all the storms to meet you.)

“Nice poem,” thought Chris to himself.


“Great, maybe this could work out for the best. We must go back to Australia then. But my plan leaves in seven days time. That’s ok, I can see what’s in India,” thought Chris.


Chris and Sushant were at the airport meeting Anthony. Sushant had the suitcases for Anthony as he looked at Chris.

“ Too weak to carry them Chris?” he asked Chris.

“ I don’t have to answer to you,” cried Chris.

Anthony grinned at Sushant and they shook hands.

“ I’ve heard about you sometimes from Chris. You’re not a bad poet,” said Anthony.

“ Thank you. Chris and I met on the Internet. He’s an nice guy,” said Sushant.

“ I heard there was some rumors on the net. That must be one,” smiled Anthony at Chris.

“ I am a nice guy. I am,” cried Chris.

“ Just kidding,” laughed his friend.

“ We better get to the Computer Company. I brought some shares in it. Did you buy those same shares too?” asked Sushant.

“ Yeah. I wanna have a look at it too. Why not? We do have two days left I think,” said Chris.


The Computer Company was a huge building in India where many workers were working at. It was dark and eerie when the three guys walked inside. As they didn’t know, it was closing time and all of the workers were gone from the building. It was just the three of them inside. Chris saw the computers and smiled.

“ There are so many of them. It’s not a bad place to be,” thought Chris.

“ No, it isn’t bad,” said Anthony.

Chris saw the lighting outside and lighting flashed in front of them all. Suddenly the lights went out. Everyone was surprised.

“ What’s happening?” asked Sushant worried.

“ Power cut guys,” said Anthony.

“ Strange,” thought Chris.

Then the computers came online with a message on the hundreds of computers.

“ Hello Ticehurst,” it read.

“ Who’s the sicko here,” complained Anthony.

“ It’s ready, ready to go,” read another message.

“ Who is this,” asked Chris.

Sushant watched the lights of the computers as he trip over one of the cords and a floppy disk fell to the ground.

“ You dropped some of your new poems Sushant,” cried Chris picking them up from the ground.

Suddenly, the volume control screen appeared on every computer in the building and the volume was increased to the top.

“ Better load them to the web site. That’s not my job you know,” said Chris handing the disk back to Sushant.

Suddenly a huge sound came from the computers.

“ Grrrrr!” screamed the computers as everyone tried hard to block the thousands of speakers.

“ That sound I have heard before,” thought Chris.

“ I’ll be back. I have my ideas on who this guy could be,” said Chris racing off.

“ Look out. Chris is here to save the world!” laughed Anthony.


Chris walked pass sectors and computers and stopped as he saw a dark figure. He walked up to the figure and the figure moved and looked at him. Suddenly the computers started to flashing on and off. Then the figure revealed his face.

“ What are you doing here?” asked Chris in shock.