This will be my fourth year attending the cosplay and pop culture themed convention and to be honest I’m nervous. It’s my second year going as one of the media for Nintendo Ninja News as last year I was very busy filming all sorts of things for the Youtube Channel. It’s a mix of excitement and nervous times trying to make sure you get all the filming done and that the batteries don’t run out in a human body and a technology sense. I’m always happy to see everyone around enjoying themselves and mingling with video game fans and people who have the passion for cosplay and other subjects. I’ll be hoping to see people in Nintendo character cosplay and to see what retro video games they have in store for the future.  This time I will be taking photos as last year I didn’t and I still don’t know why I never did. 

I hope to see many different people there and to put some of my filming and interviewing skills to the test. Hope to see you there.