Attending the Canberra Brick Expo 2017

After the busy sessions of filming at GAMMA.CON it seems the video camera and myself will be out and about again but this time at the Canberra Brick Expo 2017 this weekend. As everyone on this site knows I have a passion for Lego since I was nine years old and it sparked the LegoLand series and my time as a writer. This is a chance to showcase of the great Lego creations that have been built by people in Canberra and to film something exciting and close to me personally. Ticket sales have not been as healthy as past years and the profits goes to children at the Canberra Hospital so the cause is very worthy. 

I hope to see local Canberra people headed out to see the Brick Expo and support the Lego fans who have built some great creations. I know I will be enjoying my time there.

Written by Chris Ticehurst
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