The Author’s War is a novel that contains many characters from the different stories written over the past twenty years from 1995 to 2015. An author who happens to be a original Soul breaker searches out and challenges a another author called Chris to a war where he must gather his own characters in order to fight for him. Characters such as Chisoutsa, Ling Lion, Roger the Barbarian, Lucas Walken and a host of others are dragged into the war when they own universes are attacked brought to the knees by the rival author called Valentine Blackburn.

While there are mult universes battles happening during the war it also gives a detailed insight into Chris’s struggles with depression where Valentine the Soul breaker and the Author’s War book combined plays the psychical figure of his mental illness. Valentine uses his unique abilities to increase his depression and prefers to break him from the inside in the hopes of suicide which is always the true desire of a soul breaker. His characters are somewhat connected to the author and have threads of their own fears, desires and despair as they explore their own demons and must protect their author while he is slowly being pushed towards the edge.


The Calm before the War – Ch 1

Reforming the Legomen – Ch 2

The City of Demon’s Darkest Moment – Ch 3

The Author in the War – Ch 4

Seasons of the Future – Ch 5

The War Begins – Ch 6

The Story of Valentine Blackburn – Ch 7

When your world starts to burn – Ch 8

The Joys and Pains of Characters within you – Ch 9

The Battles of LegoLand and Evermore – Ch 10

The Battle of The City of Demons – Ch 11

Divide and Conquer – Ch 12

The Breaking of the Soul – Ch 13

War to the Tower – Ch 14

Images of War – Ch 15

The Resurrection and Haunting of the Past – Ch 16

The Bleak World – Ch 17

The Discovery of the Gift – Ch 18

Stories and Mysteries – Ch 19

The Protection of Evermore Kingdom – Ch 20

The Deadly Truth – Ch 21

Sailing through one’s past – Ch 22

The War of the Authors – Ch 23

The Uniting of the Heroes – Ch 24

The Suicidal Mind – Ch 25

The New Day – Ch 26