Over the past couple years it has been quite hard to keep the balance of producing videos for Nintendo Ninja News and writing for my own web site. Because after writing for twenty two years doing stories I feel like it came to a time where I wanted to try new ideas out and that’s why my site expanded into videos and audio at times. There were tough times thinking of stories where your main excitement was now making new videos. To counter these issues I now add the videos to the web site for cross promotion and for people to have a direct line to me about any Nintendo videos. They can also learn about what I did beforehand with writing. for all those years. In the recent five years or so I started to really believe I was a creative person and not just a writer when it comes to doing new ideas. I have some passionate topics that I talk about from time to time that viewers can read. They add a different taste to the site compared to fiction works.

I have also thought of doing more long length videos seeming the two movies done last year with Nintendo Ninja News did well. When the chance arises I will travel interstate to do that again. I’m learning to balance these things again and they tend to link to each often which helps me. Writing has been slow but I know in the next few days I will have the chance to start up again.