The battle cries of war was felt as well in Chisoutsa and the Walken’s universe  as the alien race was attacking the heart of the city while Allegheri and Jasper were fighting them off near the Scienceworks main building which was owned by Mr. Umezu. The old vampire and the young one was pushing into the building holding off the aliens.

“Man, I hate the look of those things and they are strong as,” Jasper said to Allegheri said.

“The army is in the city which will help keep them, at bay. We have enough experience from Censilo’s period as the Demon Lord here.

The two of them rushed into the meeting room where they supposed to catch up with Frithdar, Charles Thompson the Prime Leader and government leader of the City of Demons, and Alan Richard the head assistant to Mr. Umezu’s company.

“What’s going on boys?” Jasper said coming in reloading his shotgun he wearing beforehand.

“About sixty percent of the city has been overtaken by this alien race. My suggestions are that this is the main attacks from Valentine Blackburn after he removed most of the power sources in the city we have been grounded to a halt in terms of getting control of the city back. Like I told you on a radio the portal has opened on the rooftop of the building. Who do you want to take with you to fight the war where Chisoutsa and Lucas are?” Charles asked Allegheri.

“I would take Jasper, and you Charles. I think we need someone like you to help lead the numbers in the war. You were always in the cold fire when Chisoutsa needed a team and once again I think you will be useful,” Allegheri replied.

“What will Frithdar do and me?” Alan Richard asked them.

“Frithdar will aiding support to the Xtreme Squad as he done in the past and for you Richards you will be in control of running the wole city,” he said with a smile.

“Me? But I’m just a scientist. I don’t know much about war and battles,” he answered shocked at his promotion.

“ Mate, you’re the best scientist I know of. You created all the gadgets and evices for Chisoutsa and the Xtreme Squad and hell even Mr. Umezu left you Scienceworks to look after too. We all believe in you. Make it a day for the nerds in this world!” Jasper said messing up Alan’s hair with a wink.

“And Jasper lovingly put it, your position in this war is highly important. You’re re-positioning of the portal to the rooftop from the high sky is borderline magic on what you did. You are a great service and so is Frithdar too. The two of you will defend the city at all costs. Chisoutsa, the Professor and Lucas is counting on you as well as us,” Allegheri noted.

“It’s time to say our goodbyes and I hope it’s not the last we see of this world and of our friends and family. We need to make a run for portal as it’s not safe from the air battles. The alien ships will be watching our move towards the portal entrance into the central universe we need to get to,” Charles told the group.

The last goodbyes were made and Allegheri, Jasper, and Charles made their way up the lift to the rooftop area. Jasper readied his shotgun and Allegheri watched for any ground troop aliens on the rooftop.

“The area is clean for now but the ships are circling around the portal. It was clever that Alan hide the machine aspects that the Aliens couldn’t destroy the portal at all but the time is limited and this is rooftop is a long run to the end,” Allegheri commented on their run.

“Mr. Umezu had to make the rooftop bloody large didn’t he,” Jasper remarked on it too.

The three of them bolted out from the safe area of the lift with Jasper firing bullets at the ships. Dark blue laser beams fired at the rooftop creating massive holes in the rooftop that blew a hole deep enough to show the building level below them.

“If we miss our jumps we will fall down to the lower level and the whole rooftop was will destroyed to prevent to jump to the portal. We are about half way there and we gotta time this right or we won’t make it!” Charles shouted to the two other below the heavy noises of the space craft’s watching over them.

“Let’s go now!” Jasper shouted out.

They jumped near the portal as one of the ships fired a beam and destroyed the ground between them and portal. Allegheri skipped over it and crossed into the portal but Charles slipped over and nearly falling over the edge of the building if it wasn’t for Jasper grabbing his hand just in time.

“Fucking hell,” Jasper grunted trying to push Charles back up the side of the Scienceworks building. The space ships circled around again for a better position to launch another attack directly at them.

“Push up Charles, just push up the side one more time. I got ya man!” Japer shouted at him.

Charles gave a final pull up the side of the building and together the two rolled along the ground as the laser beam missing them by a meter or two.

“Let’s make a jump for it man. Let’s go now, you ready?” Jasper asked a injured Charles.

“Yes, let’s do it while I can keep on my legs,” he cried back in pain.

The space ship charged straight towards the two as they made the final dash and jumped over the hole damage of the building and into the portal. The portal started to close up and the three were safe and secure through the portal into the central universe away from the harm of the alien ships. The portal opened up again in the desert sending the three of them onto the desert ground next to the two universe group travelers with a heavy bang. Jasper stood up slowly with Allegheri as Charles sat on the ground looking over at Bill who was doing the same.

“Are we all here for the same reason? Portal hole, gonna fight a massive war. It just saves all the guesswork,” Duncan said to the City of Demons group.

“Yeah man, that’s about right. You know where we are?” Jasper asked Duncan.

“In the middle of nowhere but I think we want to go in that direction with the large warehouse looking thing there,” as Duncan pointed it out the time cruiser was driving out from it towards their way.

“That looks like Percy in the driving seat,” King Lion called out. ‘The time cruiser soon appeared in their area and the car stopped with Percy coming out the door.

“Bill, nice of you to join us. Got injured I see,” Percy grinned at Bill.

“Oh please don’t start with me already and yes I can treat myself because I’m a doctor I know I know. Why is this whole area turning black in the sky? There’s a few odd things about this universe,” Bill replied back.

“Things are not good. The control of the weather is turning the skies black and because of the trees disappearing there is a lack of air around us. Our time is slipping quickly,” Percy told the group.

“We have around twenty or so people here now and I hope these numbers will you and the rest. How is the entire whole working on this?” King Lion asked Percy.

“They are working well but there are doubts in the back of their minds. The Professor guy is unhappy with the slow process of movement and Roger the Barbarian is concerned by the lack of planning in the battling aspects. Chris and Wizard are trying their best to rope them all together,” Percy explained.

Allegheri stepped forward to King Lion and Percy with his own concerns too, “Our movement must begin now. I feel like this Blackburn we have all heard of is working on a quick kill method upon us all.”

“What does that mean exactly?” Levi asked Allegheri the Vampire.

“He doesn’t want us to be thinking too much about how to defeat him. He’s made us dance the whole way through this war so far. This is why he opened the portals open and had a game with us. He removed us from the nature worlds we come from, by removing us from the sources of strength of our homes he has weakened us all by doing so. We are all nearly broke in this world and we only our wits and experience. He wants us to fight and carry on while he rolls straight through all in the end,” Allegheri explained to everyone about the dangers of Blackburn.

“We have to move as Allegheri says. We do have a plan but it requires us to be put into groups to tackle the problems. Some of you can fit in the time cruisers and the others can walk. There will be plenty walking in the future,” Percy warned them.

The group members from their portal dash adventures started the walk over to the home base to learn about the new plan that they all hoped would give some ground in the war.