Sonia was on the highway driving by herself  watching the road as she was making her way towards another lead she was given early this morning by one of the ‘Phoenix Connectors’ in London. As Daniel described the group of UFO researchers who banded a team to help each other to pool large money amounts together in case of a ‘rainy day’. She was told of two truck drivers who drove along certain towns that they noticed strange movements and sightings around they had worked at and thought it was an interesting lead to go on. She drove on and in a flash she noticed a couple cars back a black car behind her. She didn’t notice or worry too much of it until thirty minutes later she noticed they had moved up and was still behind her.  She started to watch them as she looked down at her phone. Bang! The back of her car was hit by the black car.

“Fuck it’s the men in black,” she shouted as she tried to dodge the car and moved to the right lane. The car moved along side Sonia’s car and bashed into her making her jump. She pushed the pedal down to try to out run them but their car despite being decades old was easily able to catch up and repeated bashing her car to try to knock off the side. Sonia grew angry looking at who the driver was but the windows was tinted and couldn’t see who was doing the driving. She looked down at her phone ringing, it was Daniel and while she looked up again she noticed the car turning into her but the window view was the thing that shook her. She noticed large black eyes from the driver flashing like a snake. Like a true reptilian would have done and sent the car off the road into the bank smashing the car into the fence. Sonia hit her head on the side causing her to bleed and pass out from the heavy knock. The black car took off along the highway to disappear from her sight. Sonia lay in her car bleeding and in serious danger.


Meanwhile Daniel and Jack were sitting together for coffee when Daniel returned his phone to his pocket and sipped his drink, “No words from Sonia. I hope those truck drivers she speaks to is interesting. Sightings and strange men they have seen. I hope they don’t get bad visits of their own,” he said to Jack.

“Yeah I have nearly had enough of everything lately. The poor wife is still half in the dark about this. She just lets go to my business but she’s always with her own business. I never thought that running a food store could be that busy. She’s doing stock pricing and every item in that store has to be marked and checked. Lucky it’s her doing it and her staff!” Jack smiled jokingly.

“I remembered working in a retail store when I came out of high school. I’m not sure what Hayden did when he left. I think he went straight to University and than I did while getting work at NASA through that sponsorship deal. I still remember how we met. I was arrested by you for trying to break into a library late at night,” Daniel said remembering the old days.

“You were still very impatience in your case works back then. You just couldn’t wait the six hours it opened couldn’t you?” Jack replied.

“Well it was important and yes as you will say next to me that every case is important to me. That was in the days when every case I did was a dead end. In a way I long for some of those days again. It wasn’t too bad without the dramas and the death threats of late,” Daniel answered.

Jack got a call from his phone and picked it up, “Yes hello Jack speaking. What’s happening? Shit, we’ll be right down there quickly,” Jack said putting down the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Daniel asked.

“Sonia’s been in a car crash and it’s serious. She was run off the road by someone,” Jack replied getting out of his seat fast.

“They got to her,” Daniel said staring into space for a moment but bolting out of his seat too and running after Jack to their car to the hospital.


The night has fallen at the NASA building where Doug was once again working hard into the dark. He was talking to his wife Susan on the phone, “Yes Susan, I think your idea of a holiday might be the best thing you have thought of all year apart from the idea of yours to visit that museum. You know I like my history,” Doug smiled on the phone.

“The dinner is in the oven and the milk is there for your coco. Did you talk to Geoff about that photo project you two were working,” Susan answered him.

“No he was off work today sick according to Maris. We’ll get onto it when he comes back. Thanks love. I’ll be home soon,” Doug answered.

As he put down the phone Maris came into the office in a brown coat and jeans waving hello to him. Doug greeted him as the phone went off again, “Sorry the phone’s ringing, this won’t take long,” he told him.

“Hello, is that you Jill? How’s Geoff, is he feeling better?”

“Feeling better? He left for work this morning but hasn’t come back home. Is he still working with you still?” Jill asked him nervously.

Dough paused for a moment while Maris was watching on, “No he didn’t turn up to work today. Let me make some calls and see what’s happened to him. I’m sure he’s ok Jill. I’ve known him for half my life. I’ll let you go I have someone in my office. Talk to you soon,” he answered hanging up the phone and now looking up at Maris.

“That was strange Geoff left for work today but he never made it in here. Didn’t you say that was sick early in the morning?” Doug asked him.

“That’s why I’m here to talk to you about,” Maris said locking Doug’s office door. Doug leaned back in his chair puzzled by Maris. The lights around the building were switched off only leaving his office open in light. Maris sat down in his seat and watched him for a moment.

“What’s happened to Geoff?” he asked with a firm voice.

Maris brought out a pair of sunglasses and put them on the table. Dough didn’t think much of the action and then Maris brought out a black rounded old hat and put it on the table next to it. Doug went silence and eyed Maris with concern.

“You know Doug all things happen in threes. One was murdered, one was driven off the road and now another has gone for a walk to nowhere. I never thought I would have to speak to a non-believer,” Maris softly spoke in a calm but powerful voice.

“You are a man in black? Do you know what happened to my former boss?” he questioned.

“I thought he was doing the investigating until I found out it was you. You took the usb key from us when we were looking for the Witness,” Maris said.

“How do you know all this? What are you doing here and what do you want?” Doug shouted at him. He moved his chair grabbing his mobile phone by his side and making a txt message. He noticed a reflective light appearing behind Maris which he watched for a moment.

“Oh you found one of my partners. He did a good job of running off the woman off the road. Such a nosy personality she was,” Maris grinned to Doug.

The light color appeared in full to appear to be a reptilian alien in full glory in front of Doug. His mind had been blow in an instant by the reveal. He fell off his chair and his heart was racing.

“I believe now,” he said to himself in horror. He was trapped in his office by the men in black.


Daniel and Jack were at hospital by Sonia’s bed as she had awakened from her car crash. She was speaking much but the doctor was checking on her condition.

“The good news is that condition isn’t as bad as what we thought it would be. She will need a few days here before we will let her go,” said the doctor to Daniel.

“Thank you.” Daniel said watching over her.

“You still care for her in your own Phoenix way,” Jack replied to Daniel.

“She is important like all of our friends,” Daniel replied with sorrow.

“Daniel, if this has happened to her, I’m worried about us and what they might do to others. We might have to check on the others. Maybe go underground for a while until they get sick of chasing us,” Jack said.

Daniel turned to him and turned back to Sonia in the hospital bed when he received a txt message on his phone. Daniel picked it out of his jeans and checked the message. For a number of seconds he froze in his spot with the phone. Jack noticed and walked over, “What’s wrong?” he said grabbing the phone. It read ‘I believe you’ from Doug.

Jack turned to Daniel, “What does this mean Daniel? What does this mean?” he repeated his question to him.

“All these years he never believed me. I believe you. My god there’s something wrong with Doug!” Daniel said snapping out of frozen state and running for the door. Jack caught up with him and turned him, “What did he see?”

“He saw the men in black in their true form. He has seen a reptilian alien in the flesh. We must save him!” Daniel cried.

Jack’s face grew in horror and the two rushed out of the hospital and onto the path to the quest they had been waiting for all their lives.