The quiet castle tower where the legendary Allegheri lived stood in the other section of the Death Lands. Inside the vampire was watching outside his window and thinking of the task that Chisoutsa was undertaking. His eyes were hollow with thoughts running through his mind. His right hand shook when he took a picture out of his pocket and stared into the image of a young woman forever. His other hand was placed on the window. There was small cry on his face and his lips bit with sorrow. The young girl was a black haired and sleek looking woman. Her lips were ghostly and charming for a figure and legend like Allegheri.

Frithdar walked into the room then stopped as he watched his friend’s heart self destruct again over the beloved image. It was his last evidence of a long gone love.   “You still wept?” Frithdar asked Allegheri.

“Have you found Chisoutsa,” Allegheri said, changing the subject and putting back the picture into his pocket.

“I have heard reports she was attacked in the Soul Mountains. Convoitise has returned to his home. What shall we do?” Frithdar replied.

“We shall go there ourselves and see him. I am tired of his existences,” Allegheri with his hand in his pocket displaying a bitter face.

Frithdar watched his friend leave the room and sighed to himself. He felt the pain in his face and wondered how long his own demons will last for.


A flash of lightening is striking in all sorts of area in the sandstorms near the Village as the Black Vixen was riding back to find Chisoutsa. Alan, Mr. Umezu and Professor Walken was in the car. The Professor was still unsure about Mr. Umezu’s new role and watched the road with Alan driving.

“It was good the repairs were quick. Those girls added some new firepower in speed so the trips will be quicker from now on. Also it’s made by a harder metal so it won’t be as easy to damage.”

“That sounds like a challenge for Chisoutsa,” Mr. Umzeu snapped back.

The Professor gave a smile and his thought process continued to mix about Allegheri and Chisoutsa.

“Where is Chisoutsa now? Where was she and this Hew character heading at this very moment?”

“The Soul Mountains, they should have past it by now. She was talking about shooting down the vampires if she saw any,” Alan replied arriving into the Village.

“That daughter of mine! She can’t shot vampires and I’m guessing she learnt the hard way. We need to go to the Mountains now,” the Professor told Alan.

The Black Vixen flipped around in the air and raced through the village as the people stayed away from them. A large dust smoke appeared around the village and a large figure was standing near the Bar where Chisoutsa and Mr. Umezu met up again. He smiled towards the car and was holding a machine gun in his side coat.

“So she has arrived at last. I want to see her,” he softly spoke to himself.


The Soul Mountains continued to make life unhappy for the two travelers. Chisoutsa and Hew were found trekking through the snow as they saw a couple castle in the near by zones. Hew stopped Chisoutsa to study them.

“The one to the right is where Convoitise resides,” Hew spoke.

“What’s the one to the left?” Chisoutsa asked.

“That’s the Ghost Tower. No one’s been there for decades and for good reason. I don’t have much knowledge about it to be honest. As you know I have few visitors to my own castle to tell of tales of long ago,” replied Hew.

“Let’s just get this problem sorted out first. I can’t deal with much more now,” Chisoutsa said looking towards her goal.

A large noise appeared from behind them and Chisoutsa raised her sword towards the sky and Hew smiled at her, “Not using your gun now?”

“Shut up,” said Chisoutsa trying to not make another mistake again.

Her eyes lit up with excitement when the Black Vixen arrived on the scene. The flying car was driving crazily in the air as it fired off a round of high powered laser beams across towards the Convoitise Castle.

“Alan must be driving again,” she frowned.

The Black Vixen landed near the side of the Mountain and the Professor quickly climbed out of the car.

“Professor, what are you doing here? Are you trying to babysit me again? I wanted to do this myself you know,” she complained at him.

“I’m not babysitting you Chisoutsa. I have my own affairs here now. I need to go to visit Allegheri,” Professor Walken explained.

“I want to go to the Convoitise Castle first!” she cried.

“We can go there now if you wish,” the Professor replied.

Chisoutsa pushed past him and climbed into the car as Hew and the Professor followed, “This is the first I’ve met a ghost you know,” the Professor spoke to Hew.

“That’s not the first or last time I will hear that,” Hew answered him.

The Black Vixen rose from the ground again and took off into the clouds as the darkness started to circle the Chisoutsa gang.


Convoitise the Lust Vampire eyed the sky for trouble and turned to watch his vampire slaves working around the castle. The red suit he was wearing proudly glowed when he felt something coming his way.

“What’s that comet coming my way!” he cried and he tried to shield himself.

The long high power beams hit at Convoitise’s arms and hands and he tripped into the wall and his hands were damaged. A number of vampires arrived at the scene where unknowingly to the lustful creature. The ring of ghosts had fallen from his finger and dropped into the snow.

“Sir, we hope you are fine but we have a problem inside the castle,” one of the vampires cried.

“I am fine but I swear I dropped something,” cried a distracted Convoitise settling himself.

“The two of them came inside without a invite our lord,” the other vampire replied.

Convoitise took a moment to pause and studied his hands. Before noticing the ring was missing his eyes changed tune of his visitors, “Allegheri is here at last. He comes bearing arms and blood to taste,” he grinned to himself closing his eyes.

He walked away from the vampires and came inside his castle where the blood flowed down like waterfalls around his lair. His lady vampires greeted him and to each of them he gave a kiss. Allegheri was waiting in the hall room for his fellow vampire. Convoitise entered the room and watched Allegheri like a hawk.

“At least we have the honor to witness such a high class of vampire taste here in the mighty halls of the Lust Vampire! I’m sure you’re not here to expose yourself deep inside one of my lustful women vampires, dare I say?” he boomed out in a loud voice.

The Black Vixen slowly parked itself by the side of the castle. The car was turned off and Chisoutsa could hear the large voices inside, ‘Let’s quietly go inside and see what the problem is,” she told the group.

“Gone are the days of running in and destroying everything,” her mentor asked her.

“Very funny dear father,” she answered while they entered the castle walls.

The vampire army was called off as they were told Convoitise wanted to see Allegheri in private. Chisoutsa entered the room with the Professor, Alan, Hew and Mr. Umzeu. Convoitise turned around to see Chisoutsa and opened his arms towards her.

“I must credit you for your escape in the mountains and here I thought the little bitch was dead. I will make account they someone will die before they leave this hall room tonight,” Convoitise said.

“Stay back Chisoutsa. I will have my words with Convoitise. You are to leave the Death Lands. I have warned you many times to not to kill the villagers. You will not disobey me again,” Allegheri said.

Convoitise turned around and smiled at Chisoutsa and eyed off Professor Walken. He nodded towards the Professor and turned his face back to Allegheri.

“If Shentile was here we would have the three great mentors in all of the two life worlds. Not to be my dear visitors. Allegheri, you are a vampire of no action. You seek for no blood from the humans. On what grounds do you dare speak to me like this?”

“I protect the weak and the good. My life was born to be this way,” Allegheri told Convoitise.

Frithdar crossed the floor towards the Professor and Mr. Umezu and stood next to them, “So you’re the Walken fighter. Nice to meet you at last,” he spoke.

“I am sorry this wasn’t in happier times,” the Professor answered watching Allegheri.

Convoitise withdrew his sword and slide it around Allegheri and danced around him in the hall room. He walked up to his right side and whispered in his ear.

“Does her death still haunt you?” he spoke with a wild smile.

The sheer bitterness in his face growled again from today and he turned to face him. Frithdar stepped back away from the group, “He has not battled for sixty years,” he said to the group.

“What does that mean?” asked Chisoutsa.

“He is due for a blood letting,” Frithdar spoke eyeing his friend’s eyes and heart.

Allegheri slowly stood back and withdrew his golden sword from his side. Convoitise circled around them.

“You do not speak about her like that,” Allegheri cried loudly.

A large gust of wind blew around Allegheri and Convoitise. Chisoutsa pulled the others back as the Professor walked himself around the group. Convoitise threw himself future into Allegheri as the wind flew around them. The swords smashed each others and the two vampires flew into the air. Allegheri was pushed into the ceiling where Convoitise grew with strength with his sword. He tried hard to keep hi sword still. There was sweat and pain in his face.

“Your love with her was forbidden! To love a human, it is the deep rooted evil that you are. You were to kill her in the end but you never did,” he cried at the vampire.

“But you did the job for me. You took a young life!” Allegheri yelled unleashing a fire ball of energy.

Convoitise fell to the ground and the group was blown into the wall. Professor Walken was watching the pair closely.  Allegheri flew down to look at Convoitise and he noticed the missing ring. He stabbed the Lust Vampire’s leg as he looked at the hand.

“How dare you injure me like that?” Convoitise cried in pain.

“Where is your ring?” Allegheri demanded.

Convoitise looked at his hand and saw the ring missing. He grew angry and pulled the sword out from inside his leg, “It’s gone! That attack I received just before you came must have taken the ring off. Unbelievable,” he complained.

The two vampires moved out of the room while Chisoutsa turned to Hew, “What is that ring about?”

“It’s called the ring of ghosts. That’s all I know of it Chisoutsa. It has the power to fight ghosts. It’s a rare object,” Hew answered her.

Frithdar walked up to Chisoutsa explained his version of the ring of ghosts.

“I wasn’t there when the creation of the ring happened but I do know it has something to do with the nearby tower near the Convoitise Castle.”

“The Ghost Tower that Hew told me not to go near,” Chisoutsa said.

Mr. Umezu’s wide eyes searched the room and he cried out, “Where’s Walken. He’s disappeared outside with the vampires.”

Suddenly the vampire army swamped the hall room as Chisoutsa pulled Alan and Frithdar close to her. They surrounded them like animals and there was nearly two hundred vampires pilling into the room. Some were moving around on the ceiling and the walls. A senior vampire appeared to speak to Chisoutsa.

“You are to be a prisoner in the Castle until Convoitise returns. You have no escape,” he spoke.

Chisoutsa kicked the ground and gave a loud grunt to herself, “This is shithouse. Where is the Professor?” she screamed out.


Outside Professor Walken was listening to Convoitise and Allegheri discussing about the missing ring. The Lust Vampire was now nursing a damaged leg with his hands.

“You need to find the ring if you really want to. Beside I can put the crack pot away like I did last time. The fact of the matter was that you lacked the balls to do it Allegheri. You go and travel to the Ghost Tower and seek out the ring,” Convoitise spoke.

“I will find it and I will keep it for myself. A brainless fool like you cannot be trusted with it. This is also not the end of our battle. Either I or Chisoutsa finish you off. You will not run from this war,” Allegheri.

The Professor was hiding behind the Black Vixen and slowly opened the door and climbed inside. The car was turned on and it moved itself on to the side of the castle with wheels on the wall. Jonathan Walken watched the blood flowing from inside the castle and remembered Chisoutsa.

“If you don’t need babysitting then you got it,” he spoke to himself.

Irasil Allegheri disappeared towards his horse that was found near the edge of the Soul Mountains and jumped on it The Professor watched Allegheri leave by horse and started to follow him.