The first day at the Government Square without Charles Thompson was tough for the Prime Leader. His first meeting in the morning was with a business leader who had been working in the area for over six years. One of the Prime Leader’s assistants allowed the business man inside his office as the battled leader of the city stood up to greet him.

“Ah yes there you are, what is your name again may I ask?” the Prime Leader asked.

“Just call me Mr. Umezu, everyday does,” said the business man.

“So what is the business you have with us?” asked the Primer Leader.

“A group of my workers have recently disappeared from my company and they call themselves the Red Team. I want to find them and see what is happening. Do you know where they are?” Mr. Umezu asked.

“I know about this Red Team. An old friend of mine was talking about them a fortnight ago. That they broke away from your company because of your doings,” the Prime leader answered.

“My doings is the prime example of how well Scienceworks is going. You are the government will do as you are told. I think you know where you stand in the City of Demons. We are the most powerful company in the city,” Mr. Umezu told the Prime Leader.

“Then maybe you can tell me if you are he most powerful company about these men,” the Prime Leader handing Mr. Umezu over documents of photos.

Mr. Umezu opened them and saw the images of the Silver Machines, “These are not my works, maybe these are ganglands doing a random break in,” he answered.

“While it looked like a crazy break in from the outside, inside it was a professional job. DNA samples were removed and many other items of interest,” the Prime Leader said.

“Interesting, I would to learn more about it. I have to leave for a meeting now. Send me a e-mail on these Silver Machines,” Mr. Umezu said.

Mr. Umezu walked outside of the office and briefly looked at the photo. He was a man who didn’t like to see competition for money or for his personal profits. He came outside the main building and snapped at one of his workers waiting for him.

“Alan! Get back in the car. We are heading back to work,” he called out to him.

“Sure thing boss,” Alan answered moving back into the car.

Mr. Umezu took out one of the photos and put one into his pocket and entered the car.


The night sky fell upon a beaming black building. A new light logo was flashing on top of the building where Serti and Hew was walking up the stairs to the secret top level where the decoding room was. Hew was worried about why Censilo called for them up in the secret area.

“We are not normally allowed up in the secret sector. What is he going to show us?” Hew asked Serti.

“It beats me Hew but I’m excited about anything Censilo does,” Serti answered.

“A man of blind faith,” murmured Hew to himself.

The two arrived onto the main stage arena where Censilo was present by himself. The glass ceiling showed the thunder and clouds that was watching on to Censilo and his two senior workers.

“Tonight I will present to you my dream project, the master plan of all my workings over the many years. I learnt as the ruler of the demons that you need a powerful, ruthless and killer of a figure to have under your control and to destroy all who threatens you. With the workings of Hew here and my own personal touch, I have created the superhuman, my creation to rule the all. The person who will lead to destroy and to lead the City of Demons under my control will be special. This female body with have three connections,” Censilo boomed out with his voice showing three DNA tubs.

“Three? There’s only supposed to be a mother and father,” Hew said.

“Yeah I agree, what’s with the third one?” Serti asked.

“The third is my own personal DNA, she will be mixed with demon lord blood. She will lead with fear and death and she will bring the same to those who disobey her,” Censilo said.

“This would be dangerous for her. She will be psychologically damaged because of this. She will never know where her parents really came from and she will be damaged forever,” Hew cried out.

“I am only what she needs. She needs no love or care. She will be the core of my plan to the rule the City of Demons,” Censilo said with excitement.

Serti watched on and for the first moment thought that Censilo had gone too far with his plans. A lightening smashed the glass ceiling and the glass fell down like rain. Censilo arms rose and created a bolt of power across to the side wall to reveal a young girl naked but in chains. The noise was deafening and Hew and Serti shielded from the bold and the glass and looked up towards the girl.

“BEHOLD – My creation as I call it CHISOUTSA!” he yelled and boomed across the Hyper Camp.

“Nothing has ever been created quite like this,” Hew cried out.

“Can she learn all that we teach her?” asked Serti.

“She will learn everything that I will teach her. Chisoutsa will be the greatest warrior known to all,” Censilo said.

Chisoutsa struggled to break through the powerful chains and she gave a yell out from up high on the wall. Hew watched the young girl and wondered who she really was, “No one really knows how she will turn out. This is a freak of a test to create and mold.”

“Go now Serti and Hew and train the humans known as Jiko and Sarge. I will personally train Chisoutsa myself and we will have what it will take to lead this city into a new golden age,” Censilo told the pair.

Hew and Serti slowly walked away down the stairs watching the sight of Chisoutsa while Censilo walked down and lowered the wall where Chisoutsa hung like a wild beast. She lowered to the ground where Censilo appeared and touched her face.

“After all the years I spent in my den in the Second Life World. I worked and studied all the ways of creating the perfect creature to own and to use. The war with the vampires showed me I had to think of a new idea to have something that could overcome anything. You my dear are the result of my time in thought. Do not disappoint me,” Censilo whispered to Chisoutsa.