Frithdar and Lucas stood back as Allegheri was not able to see the Tower for himself. He reached out his arm to see if he could touch it and he pressed against the doors.
“I can touch it but i can’t see it.” he noted to the pair.
Frithdar studied the walls of the tower and he touched the doors with his hand and a grey light glowed on his hand and he nodded to himself.
“What did you notice from the doors?” Lucas asked Frithdar.
“Because the Angels dislike the Vampires and the Demons they made the power that the Tower cannot be seen by their eyes. It protects them from attacks. However now the two big threats in Censilo and the Lust Vampire is gone, it’s really not needed anymore” he answered.
“Would he be able to see inside the Tower?”
“Yes he should be able to but there might be things he can’t see as extra protection by the angels. Mostly they would think they don’t need it if they can’t find the doorway inside the place” Frithdar replied.

The tower guided Allegheri him inside the Tower as they saw a lit up white hall room in the centre and a spinning stairs leading upstairs. Lucas moved across to the stairs raised an eyebrow,” There’s like fifty levels in this Tower. It’s bigger on the inside then it is on the outside.”
“Another trick by the Angels” Allegheri commented.
The trio looked up the stairs as Frithdar noticed something flying in the air. He turned around and yelled “Get away!”
A group of angels flew down to the hall room and pulled a set of cross bows and started firing at them. Frithdar and Lucas let off some shield attacks on them to defect the crossbows. The angels were white but had black wings with green eyes lifting up the rooms. The lights in the room switched off as the trio hid behind a table in the corner.
“As I remember, Angels were pure white with some silver in their wings. Why are these angels have black?” Allegheri asked.
I have no clue to be honest. I have never seen those before but we have to take them down if we like it or not. ” Frithdar cried out.

Allegheri moved out of the table corner and deflected a number of bows. He rushed up to ne of them and knocked him down to the ground. Frithdar and Lucas came out after Allegheri. Lucas out a slender pistol from his side and fired a few shot at the Black Angels. The glowing of the night came through the windows but gave little light to everyone inside. Frithdar noticed a door up the stairs started to rush up the stairs. Allegheri and Lucas followed him as the Black Angels gave chase. The trio smashed the door open and shut it tight. Frithdar and Lucas pressed on the door as the Black Angels pushed on the other side. With their backs against the door, Allegheri dropped his sword and grabbed a large piece of wood and placed it over the door so no one could come in.
“We’re safe for now. We will stay here for the time being” Lucas said.
Allegheri turned away in the room and saw a bed with a body covered in a blanket. He slowly moved towards the body and pulled down the cover.
“This is Mr. Umezu and I don’t know what state he’s in” he replied.
Frithdar came in and watched from behind his shoulder, “You are right. Is he dead or he’s alive? The three of them watched Mr. Umezu wondering what to do now…