The jeep drove over different roads and streets rushing to the Government Square as bombs were thrown by random cars driving madly along the city. People were screaming and running into buildings. They ran across the streets as the jeep dodged around them. They noticed that Akuryou had employed a large number of criminals to bomb buildings, murder the public and cause maximum disorder in the city. The jeep was nearing the Government Square where Lucas stood up in the Jeep and let Yuri take over from the driving.

“Jasper, we are gonna jump from the jeep and the girls here are going to race around the city shooting down any criminal they see. We have to reach Charles as soon as possible,” Lucas explained to the other.

They drove on the highway seeing the Government Square next to them and Lucas and Jasper jumped off the jeep and over the highway bridge landing on the ground. They started running along the streets towards the building where a mass gathering had been.


While Lucas and Jasper were fighting the criminals outside of the building, Charles the Prime Leader watched his office doors blow open by Akuryou and Garth one of his top henchmen storming into the office. Garth was a shaved headed large male with a army jacket on and a machine gun by his side. Garth came towards Charles and he bolted towards the door until Akuryou punched him in the face sending him to the ground.

“You’re not going anywhere Mr. Thompson because you are important to our cause,” Akuryou replied.

“And your cause is?” Charles asked him from the ground bleeding.

“We are here to have some fun and to give Xtreme Squad something to do for the time being. I do love the fact that you thought you could clean up the city but you forget with such a history that can never happen. With your dear friend the Professor gone and his daughter, Lucas and his so called Squad is just a weak version of protection. Go with Garth and I will restore the city back to its former glory,” Akuryou explained.

Garth picked up Charles and tied him up. Akuryou walked outside of the Government Square through a side exit watching Lucas and Jasper making their way inside the building. He saw Ben in a four wheel drive as he climbed into and turned to him, “Garth’s past mission for me was to collect a special object that was found in the deserts of the Deathlands. He has delivered the object to the Halls of Destiny where the first government was made. I want you to go now so we can complete the task at hand,” he told Ben. He nodded and the four wheel drive sped off in a flash away from the Government Square.


Lucas and Jasper fired shots at the criminals attacking them. Jasper unleashed his sword skills stabbing two henchmen in the neck. Lucas waved his club weapon around with fire magic burning criminals everywhere around him and smashing the office doors in to see where Charles was.

“Fuck, where is he!” he shouted.

He tapped his earpiece and the laser microphone appeared, “Mamoru can you locate where Charles is at all?” he asked her.

Mamoru was back at the headquarters putting scans on all the security cameras in the city looking for him, “He is moving with someone else who isn’t Akuryou two blocks away from Government Square in the west direction,”

“Give me a profile on the person who has him, “Lucas said jogging out of the office and hand signaling Jasper to come follow him outside of the building.

“Garth Trents, is a former worker for the drug lord Kanto West. He has recently been off the radar until now. I suspect he has been an ally for Akuryou for a while,” she answered him.

“Kanto West rings a bell, profile him too. Jasper come with me bro let’s go!” he shouted as the two headed outside of the building.

“Kanto West is a deceased drug lord who had a mixed relationship with other criminals and who kept his business activities away from Censilo. He has had early dealings from many years ago from Mr. Umezu for weapons and protection guards. He was killed by Chisoutsa,” she said profiling him.

“Sweet, that’s why I remembered him. Contact Kuzuki and Yuri and tell them to meet us two blocks to the west. We have to catch up to Garth and Charles,” Lucas told Mamoru.

“Message received and will follow,” Mamoru answered as Lucas’s microphone disappeared from sight.

The two men took off running across the streets as more criminals and gunmen appeared from nowhere. Lucas waved the club weapon towards them a bolt of lightning shot straight at them knocking them down.

“Now that’s the fucking magic show I wanna see!” Jasper shouted out to Lucas.

They crossed a final set of roads with incoming traffic when Garth was seen in the distance with Charles hands tied up. He ran with Charles into a crowded market full of people rising his gun up in the air. The two squad members pushed their way through the crowd as Garth came out onto a street. The Jeep suddenly appeared around the corner with Yuri driving and Kuzuki firing from the machine at the back of it. Lucas and Jasper pushed through the market crowd as Jasper turned around to the crowd for a moment.

“Man I swear there’s something or someone following us or watching us. Fucking weird,” he said to himself.

Jasper ran up to Lucas as Garth was trapped by the jeep and Yuri and Kuzuki jumped down blocking him and Charles from escaping. Lucas walked up to Garth gave a smash to his stomach by the club weapon.

“You ok dude?” Jasper asked Charles as he untied him.

“Yes I’m fine just pretty tired. Where is Akuryou?” he replied.

Lucas gave another smash at Garth as he dropped to his knees in pain, “Where is he Garth. We know you know where he is.”

“I don’t know where he is. He’s going somewhere but he wouldn’t tell me so you wouldn’t follow him,” Garth answered.

Lucas tapped his earpiece, “Mamoru can you give a location on where Akuryou could be,” he asked.

“Checking the cameras and the only major place he might be visiting is the Halls of Destiny. Three people are heading there,” Mamoru answered.

“What…three people?” Garth murmured on the ground.

“Why are you surprised about that?” Jasper asked him.

“Only Akuryou and Ben are going that’s why. Don’t know who the third person is,” Garth answered. Lucas walked around and told Kuzuki and Yuri to handle Garth while the police came to arrest him.

“Mamoru, can you indentify the third person you have seen on the cameras?” Lucas asked back to headquarters.

“I have been able to do so but it’s not making sense, the image was hard to clear up for some reason or another. This person is listed as deceased,” she answered confused.

Lucas and the rest of the squad looked worried as they wondered who it was and how that person was still alive.