CT Creativity has changed it’s web design theme since the last change in March this year which is only five months and I will explain why. I was happy with the last design but I went too far from including plenty of art space to going to zero and a text only web site. Over the months I grew tired of the look and concerned about the home page. The Home Page didn’t highlight all the features of the site very well. It mainly didn’t show photos and art work itself.

Now the new design has three nice looking images that highlights the big sections of the site and a link to the Youtube Channel which is important for promotion. I might change the link to the section on the site that shows the videos. It depends on how I feel about it. I also made Instragam appear too which means I’ll be using that more in the future. The sidebar is back too with a better design than before and it’s clean and easy to use.

The next stage is working on yet another Facebook Page as I feel a mailing list ins’t wuite going to be as successful as I hope and keeping to the routine will make it hard for me running a Youtube channel and doing my full time studies.  Now the design is done there’s going to be more interesting times ahead video and writing wise.