Today I went to the doctors and this will be a relaxed update based on providing more of a diary like entries I suppose on my web site and the fact I can’t be bothered to write much anymore. I came to the doctors and wanted some aid in my mental health issues however the doctor who is at a known Clinic in Canberra known for their two star quality of care said she couldn’t do anything for now because she doesn’t have my past file on me. The pin dropped on me than, I just couldn’t give a shit anymore about really improving my depression and anxiety issues anymore. There’s too much legwork and requirements, trying to shoehorn in appointments with a job and doing my Youtube Channel there’s not enough time to do it. The doctor seemed concerned about me but she was only cared about making sure she didn’t into trouble with the whole ‘Duty of care’ that doctors have.

The main thing in life is making sure you have a job so the government is off your back and you pay your bills and have food. Happiness is not a right, it’s just something that’s either there or not.As long as I’m doing these things I won’t have any real problems. I spent too many of my years dealing with depression and I refuse to get help because I have wasted too much time on it already. At first the doctor didn’t want to leave the room but as I soon as I lied and I said “I was fine” I left. The doctor can’t really do much for me. All they do is either get someone to talk to you about your problems or medication. Both options have failed me in the past. I have a high functioning depression and I’m prepared to live with it forever.