Daniel and Jack had come across two very strange and odd objects in the forest section of a park that was part of a report made months ago about a UFO sighting. In the report a witness named Mary gave her evidence that she saw a UFO over the park section in a state of panic and while in the moment dropped ‘bits and pieces’ into the park by what she saw. After the discussion Daniel investigated the section to his amazement to find the ‘bits and pieces’ were where Mary had said they would be. The first object was a long missile used weapon found in the middle surrounded by trees and half covered by long branches. The second object was a unusual human skull that was found next to a tree about seven meters away from the first object. Daniel Phoenix now believed is an alien crossed with a human type of skull and that the skull itself was of a child.

“Tell me about this skull thing. I don’t have the faintest clue on what you were talking about. Your thoughts on it are the most farfetched I have heard from you yet,” Jack spoke to Daniel.

With the two of them sitting on the forest ground looking at the skull Daniel tried to explain in simple terms of the story of the first skull that was found that looks just the skull was presented to them right in the park.

“The Starchild skull was a skull that was found in the 1930’s in Mexico by a girl. Since 1998 the skull has researched and studied to a great level. In simple facts what the studies showed was that skull revealed it had a mother DNA but there was no information that could be found for a father. You know in DNA for police and murder cases this is a very odd and rare event to take place. After they discover this they tested the skull against thousands of organisms, from bacteria, animals, to primates. These research results came to the end of proofing that there was human or human like DNA in it but some part of it were not anything that was found on Earth. The discussions believes this is a cross breeding with a grey alien. You know the big eyes, short aliens that are most famous and common with the public. And so that was the basics of what the Starchild skull is,” Daniel explained the story to Jack.

“Would this skull be a deformed human like born like this is the reason why it’s like what it is,” Jack asked Daniel lightly touching the skull.

“There are a number of reasons why the skull is said to be non-human and couldn’t be a deformed one.  Reasons such as Brachycephaly, Cruzon Syndrome or Trisomy 13 etc have not been discovered in the skull.”

Jack looked up to the skies warning his body up in the cold and thinking to himself about the skull. He was trying to wrap his head around the idea of the skull, the weapon, and the sightings, “I noticed that the eye socket are not human, is that just one of the weird things about it?”

“That’s one of the most interesting discoveries about the skull Jack. See my eyes? They are apart by about two inches but this skull like the Starchild is about point seven inches. The biochemical signature is much richer in collagen than regular bone. Nothing is human about that point too. The weight of it is half the size as well,” Daniel said bringing himself to picking up the skull and handing it to Jack. Jack nervously held it in his hands and noticed the weight of the skull was indeed lighter than a normal human skull.

“Even a human child skull would be heavier than this and also one last important point is that the head is much larger than a human’s. It brings me to more farfetched thoughts,” Daniel warned Jack.

“And what’s that, the inbreeding theory?”

“Yes. That over 900 years aliens have come to Earth to cross-breed with humans. Some believe that they leave and return when the child is six years old and take them away with them. There’s been a long history of theory and discussions that the type of alien called the Greys have been trying to breed with humans to create a powerful creature to combine together the best of them and us.”

“So where does this lead us now?” Jack asked Daniel.

“We will take both objects back to NASA or maybe a more secret area to have them tested. What the account that Mary told us was true. Something did drop from the sky and came into the area. I’m amazed that the skull didn’t smash to pieces from being dropped from a high place but part of the account that Mary said was that the UFO was moving around in panic and most likely in a up and down position too. The skull might have been dropped from a low air position that allowed it not to be damaged or destroy which thankfully we have here in good condition.

We might have to crack another case while this one gives us more information. We might open a case that could be linked to this one or maybe not. I hope these findings finally prove to Doug that there are some things on Earth that can’t be explained.”

“You got a damn good case with me now Phoenix. I want to just get out of the cold here.” Jack answered shaking.

Daniel and Jack stood up and collected the bags they had and carefully put the objects into them. The first investigation was a success, a first for Daniel Phoenix and possibly one of many to come.