Fyn sat in the driver’s seat inside Nippy on the lost universe as he stared out wondering what had just happened to him. He blinked a few things and he looked at his hands. Some faint white dust was still glowing from his past event. “Well I hope this stuff doesn’t always appear Nippy. Oh it is so good to see you alive again Nippy. I just can’t believe our luck or maybe it wasn’t luck at all. It was all meant to be in the end,”  he thought to himself. He clicked on a few buttons on the control panel and Nippy flew up high turning around. “Right Nippy, there’s a new blue button here so I think it’s just a click of this…” he called out to him. The light blue engine cannons lighted up and was only flashing it’s power. There was a moment of pause where Fyn wasn’t sure what to do next. He tapped his hand on the control panel and and when he hovered over the button again the white dust glow appeared over his hand again. “The hand, it’s the key to open the portals. Oh that’s how it all works!” he cried excited. He pressed the button and the engine cannon flashed a beam towards the high skies and a portal opened up. He looked down at a panel displaying “Earth” and a rather long code to it. “That must be the way home” Fyn replied and Nippy flew straight into the portal with sparks coming out of the portal. They had returned back to Earth with their new powers. They had arrived and was in the middle of the morning when Nippy was flying towards his house and shed. “Wow Nippy your food fuel tank is still quite full. Whatever Ises and Heva did was magic!” Nippy flew just around the shed and then reversed his way back under the shed. Fyn climbed out of his seat and came outside of the spaceship and noticed a car driving up his driveway.

The car parked near the shed and two people came out. Vincent Lamour appeared adjusting his brown long coat and he had brought a friend along. “Hi Vincent! Fancy seeing you here again. I was going to talk to you again what had just happened to me. Who’s this person you brought along?” Fyn asked Vincent. “Hello Mr Yates. I was remembering our conversation about the problem with the food fuel tank and I remembered that I know a friend who worked at NASA and he is professional a long time ago in engineering. His name is Doug and he’s here to possibly help you out there.”

“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard about your interesting story about your alive spaceship. A few years ago I wouldn’t have believed the story at all but in recent time I have opened my mind to the unbelievable stories that’s out there. That is your spaceship in there ins’t it? He looks marvelous. I’m keen to understand how the food fuel tank works and how you put together the complex nature of the spaceship’s personality,” Dough spoke introducing himself. Fyn waved his hands smiling, “Why yes the personality of Nippy came along with the computer system and tweaking of chips and parts over the years. Come inside the ship and I’ll tell you what happened to me,” Fyn said.

They all climbed inside Nippy and Doug went to looking at the computer systems next to Fyn’s desk at the back of the spaceship. He checked over the numbers and coding nodding raised a eyebrow, “Nippy seems to be very self aware of many things and has a good emotional IQ however the way he acts is almost like a 2 to 5 year old at times. Why doesn’t he speak?” Doug asked Fyn. “I wasn’t able to figure out that part so I built the symbols system. He can flash up all sorts of symbols to describe his feelings. Green is good, yellow is average, and red means means anger or danger to himself. It’s a simple but effective working system Doug. Did you noticed the two blue large engines under his wings Vincent?” Fyn asked him.

“I did noticed something new under that. You wouldn’t had the time to make that. Where did that come from?” Vincent wondered leaning against Nippy’s inside wall. “We were hit by some creature in the shape of a dragon and then I met two people called Spiritual Guardians and they are like some gods or multi universe beings or something like that! They brought Nippy back to life. Apparently I’m now called The Universe Guardian to like help and protect people. I’m still not sure what the full job description is. This sounds much hard than my night packing job I have in the city,” Fyn explained to the pair.

Both Vincent and Doug looked at each other, “Fyn, I’ve seen a alien in real life but this starting to push my belief systems in your language,” Doug replied going back to checking the coding on the spaceship.  “It’s true. They talked about the Author’s War and things they did long long ago. The funniest thing was that I thought they were a shooting star but they traveled in a music box of all things! Does that sound crazy or what!” Fyn tossing and tapping the desk in a comically way. Vincent’s face changed and Doug stopped and turned his head, “You said a music box with magically beings in it. Just like what was told happened at the end of The Author’s War. They appeared right at the moment where else had failed and it happened again with you. You were chosen for something very special. Yet we have no idea about anything who knows these Spiritual Guardians. This past few days has been quite a amazing tale you have so far,” Vincent noted.

“It’s sad that no one knows what I’m expected to do in this new job of mine. Maybe if I just people around town and the world that could be a start,” Fyn wondered half dazing out into thinking.

“No, I think your job description is more travel into different universes. That engine allows you to do the traveling  does it. That’s your power that no one has. You see universe portals are only meant to be grounded on land. The dust and martial used in it needed to be very stable in order for them to be made. Some are naturally made but are very very rare. You have a ability that not even science could hope to create. There’s a firm reason why you have power. I might know someone who might know something about this?” Doug thought. “Do you mean your good friend Daniel Phoenix?” Vincent replied.

“Daniel is on a long holiday and he doesn’t know of this area very well. He does know a friend called The Witness. He’s been around for a long time but he’s like a mystery man. He knows plenty of other universe and alien stories. If it’s anyone around here it’s him who would know more.” Doug said grabbing a notepad on Fyn’s desk and pulling out a pen from his side pocket jacket. He wrote down The Witness’s address, ripping a page out of the notepad and handed it to Fyn, “Go and see him. Vincent and I can water the plants here while you’re gone.” Fyn smiled and Vincent and Doug made their way out of the spaceship. Fyn stood at the entry side door holding door, “Well thanks for your help. I’ll find out if he knows anything.” The door closed up and Nippy’s engine turned on and the ship made it’s way out of the shed with Vincent and Doug giving a small wave goodbye for now.

“He doesn’t seem like the type of person I would pick to be defending this planet or universes Vincent,” Doug told him. “But what would we know? We are only mere humans after all,” Vincent replied giving a warm smile at the sky having faith in Fyn’s ability.