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Open Letter to the Brisbane Lions Board


To the Board of the Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy Football Club,   I am a former member of the Brisbane Lions based on the following reasons I will explain in my letter. I want to also explain why I am a supporter of the Brisbane Lions and my understanding of it’s history.  Ten years ago I become a Brisbane Lions supporter in Canberra of all places because I was in a group of AFL fans and...

Time for Voss to leave Lions


I’ve been a strong defender of Michael Voss Senior Coach of the Brisbane Lions for a long time. I gave him a number of years to prove himself and to others that he could turn into a good coach for us and during the years it has been painful to watch a man who knows little about coaching. I have stood by him and made to be seen as a fool by other Lions supporters for sticking by a club...

Caroline Wilson causing Extreme and Dangerous Journalism


In the world of AFL we have a number of journalists who in the eyes of the public could and should be doing a better job. It’s something that’s been around for a while much like every government Australia’s ever had. However every now and again there’s someone who really irks most of the AFL crowd and that would have to be Caroline Wilson. She has a habit of calling for...

Percentage counts for Round 1


Season 2013 of the AFL is about to begin and the Brisbane Lions in the best form since 2004. Winning the NAB Cup will give the club, the players, and supporters a much needed boost of hope that this season will see some Finals action. The first rounds presents a perfect change for the Lions against the struggling Western Bulldogs. They are expected to be near the bottom of the ladder and are in...

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