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It was all you


Stretching my hand out to the sun To hold on to what light I have left Inside of what is left is of me I weep in sorrow on all my past Crushed on the time I have lost   It was all you that showed me a way A sign that maybe there was still light Inside of me It was all you that showed me a vision Of what could be   Casting me out to the shadows above Looking inside myself To see what...

Capture the Stars


She lifts up the curtains And she wonders with gleam She watches the moonlight stars And smiles towards them She lifts her arms up And reaches out the window She wonders how can she Try and capture the stars She reaches far out the window And closes her eyes Her hands start to glow and the room turns white Her head shakes in fear and fright She feels the points of the star Upon her fingers Her...

Shaken and Shocked


Shaken and Shocked by the humans at this degree They’re burning down the house of morals and humanity Infested with the disease of greed and power It’s poison filling the earth Homosexual, bisexual, something of a lookablesexual Personality thrown out the window, discrimination I say Hate that look, dislike that look Give ya couple bob to snob that proof Why judge the book by the...

CT Creativity Home of Chris Ticehurst and Creative Friends

Chris Ticehurst

I'm Chris Ticehurst - a writer and Host of Nintendo Ninja News. I love to explore all aspects of creativity, meeting and discovering new people.

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My Artist – DJNY

My Artist – DJNY