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Pauline Hanson’s suggestion of removing Autistic Children from Mainstream Classes is Damaging


The suggestion from One Nation’s leader Pauline Hanson that Autistic Children should be removed from mainstream classes and put into special classes because it disrupts the other students is incorrect and that integrated classrooms work better when tackles the issues of Autistic children and their learning.  My own personal experiences of having Autistic children in the same class as me in...

Monash University trigger warning policy is a step too far


Monash University has become the first in Australia to implement a policy of “trigger warnings”. What has happened is that the University has added in a trigger warning in 15 of  of their university’s coruses outlines. This pilot involves the university asking its academics to review course content looking for “emotionally confronting material” in the discussion of...

Liberals and One Nation Preference Deal is last ditch hope for Election in Western Australia.


The Western Australia election is set to see the Liberal to put One Nation ahead of the National party in a preference deal. Premier Colin Barnett appears to be desperate to remain power in the state by enlisting the election deal with One Nation. this move could give them the election and also the balance of power to One Nation. Arthur Sinodinos has suggested that One Nation has...

CT Creativity Home of Chris Ticehurst and Creative Friends

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