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The halls of a university lecture room were filled and busy of students pushing their way through for the new year. There was a one excited former student who finished his classes heading into the university to see someone. He was a brown haired mid twenty’s male with slightly over sized clothes that didn’t quite fit him but of course only wore clothes for conform. “Excuse, me, excuse. Gotta got see someone I know!” he cried like a excited child. He paced around the rooms looking for someone who knew until his head sneaked into a lecture room and found the one he was looking for. He waved his arms at him with wonder, “Hey. Vincent Lamour. How are you? Been looking around for you for a while at the university,” he cried out.

Vincent Lamour looked up from the desk in the lecture room giving a puzzled but familiar look to him, “Mr Fyn Yates. My very smart but very strange student. What are you doing here? Your classes were over from last year,” he noted to him.

“Oh I know that Vincent but I wanted to invite you to my place tonight. My home is on the land I brought a few months outside of the city town. My big invention is complete but I don’t want to tell you anything because it’s a surprise. I have waited for many years to build this special thing. You know I love to explore and do science type stuff right? This is the one,” Fyn told Vincent. Vincent knew of Fyn’s excitement over small things and of his past science failings but he was curious to find out what it was. “I am free tonight Fyn so I’ll come around and see your place and what you have made. You were always a interesting student to watch over. I’ll see what you have made.” Fyn gave a beaming smile and grabbed a note pad out his pocket writing down some notes, “This is my address and come at 7pm. We can have some coco or tea if you like. It’s going to be great to see you here. I’ll see you soon!” he cried slapping the note on his desk and dashing off out of the lecture in a hurry. Vincent smiled to himself curious and wondering what could be the very thing that has his former student so excited for. He adjusted his brown jacket and pants as he settled into some exam marking, “I’ll find out sooner or later what all the fuss is about. Hmm.”


The night had come for Fyn Yates to reveal to Vincent Lamour what he had created over the past few years. Vincent’s car drove up the driveway as he viewed a small and tidy house with a fairly large shed out the back of his land. He didn’t remember seeing the last time he saw his house. The car stopped and he climbed out while locking the doors. He came to the door and the door opened with Fyn excited, “I heard you coming up my way so come in, come in!” he replied. Vincent came inside and had prepared two cups of tea at a table. Fyn rubbed his forehead and looked around the lounge room, “Right, now no one can know about this invention of mine because well no one has created anything like this before. Like your secret that you are hundreds of years old,” he explained to Vincent. Vincent nodded slowly, “Yes my secret that we shouldn’t be talking about at all. Fine Fyn but I don’t think your invention is a one of kind. Let’s go and see it.” Vincent answered. The two men came out the back of the house and Fyn walked up the large light brown shed outside. It seemed it had a recent paint job on it as Fyn pushed up the rollers by hand. Vincent’s face widen with surprise at the sight of the invention, “It’s a spaceship. What? This can’t be. This is just a model right? It doesn’t work at all. It’s like a prototype correct?” Vincent suggested looking at the spaceship. It was was white oval shaped ship with red and blue strips across the middle of it. There was a large LCD neon screen that wrapped around the the ship’s front like a pair of glasses where the pilot of the ship would see out into space.

“Wake up Nippy! Time to meet your first visitor,” Fyn said giving a small tap on the spaceship the LCD screen lit up green with two smiling faces showing on the screen. A few quirky noises came from the ship as a sort of hello speech to Vincent. Vincent looked at Nippy the spaceship and looked back at Fyn, “The spaceship has a personality? It’s alive” he asked surprised and confused. “Well yeah I wanted to make a special spaceship. Something that can be a someone. He’s pretty cool and fun to talk to. Well he doesn’t talk in words but that screen panel shows up different images to describe what he’s feeling Oh he runs on food, no fuel needed! Even food scraps he loves too. It’s easier than rocket fuel or anything else. That would be very hard to find over and over again,” Fyn explained.

“What’s inside the ship. I would like to see how this operates from within. How did you work all this out from your house. This would have takes years and years by other people. A team of people would have taken ages to get this right.” Fyn waved in over where he pressed a button on the side of the ship and a door came moving down touching the ground. Vincent came inside to see a large screen TV in front of him and to the left two seats to help pilot things. He noticed two small beds on each side of the ship and a desk at the end of the ship with some a couple database machines making beeping and odd sounds. Vincent pointed at the desk section first, “What’s those computers doing down the back?” he asked.

“Oh those things, well make sure that Nippy is fine and gives you details on conditions on different planets and worlds. It helps me out when I do go out to space. Why don’t we just go out for a small spin Vincent. Just into the lower areas of space. I mean I remembered you telling me you had some strange adventures with other people in your life. Others worlds you spoke of,” Fyn said to him. Vincent nodded, “Let’s try it out,” answering smiling and laughing amazed over the invention.

Fyn and Vincent sat down at the pilot seats and Vincent lifted a eyebrow and tapped the steering wheel at the controls, “This is a spaceship, not a car Mr Yates.” “I only know how to drive a car so I thought a steering wheel would be easier to learn,” Fyn answered not knowing how silly the idea was. He pulled down a lever and the ship slowly moved up and carried them out of the shed. “All the signals are reading nicely. Nippy’s screen is green which is a good sign he’s happy and we can go!”

Nippy the spaceship and Fyn and Vincent carried off towards space to discover what the earth looked like from up above. The rocket boosters were quite effective as Vincent could heard Nippy making chipping noises, “Does he normally make funny noises like that?” he asked Fyn. “Oh yes he just loves being quick and finding new things. That’s why i called him Nippy.” Fyn turned the wheel and soon enough they entered the lowest areas of space but not outer space yet. Nippy hovered over the planet and Vincent looked out seeing the planet, “This is just amazing Fyn. What a wonder this little ship is. What are you going to do with Nippy as you call him?” “I don’t know really. Go on a adventure or two. Go and explore different places. I’m planning to go for a trip soon but his fuel amounts are funny. Nippy needs alot of food resources which is hard because I don’t eat alot by myself you know,” Fyn explained. Vincent leaned back in his seat. “Right so you need to improve on that aspect. I think you can do it. You have achieved plenty in a short amount of time. I’m proud of you. I’m sure some of my different friends would you interested in meeting you but one day that might happen,” Vincent noted patting Fyn on the shoulder.

“Thanks for coming Vincent. I don’t get many visitors around to my place. It was nice seeing someone,” Fyn replied with some sadness.

“Keep up the good work and don’t let other people get you down. Knowledge and learning are the key to understand everything around you,” Vincent said as the two just watched the planet Earth move around the universe ever so slowly.


Since the amazing invention of Nippy was revealed to Vincent Lamour it was time for Fyn Yates to return to normal life where he was working in a department store to make ends meat. He was found in his uniform of a blue shirt and black pants moving around boxes and stacking shelves of foods. He kept on rubbing his head nervous about things while he tried to stack the shelves as quickly as he could. One customer came up to him for some aid, “Do you know where the hardware section here?” asked the older woman. “Oh well umm, let me think on that one ok?” Fyn answered trying to think of where it could possibly be. “Oh it would be over there near the garden hoses and seeds things that you buy. It’s over there,” he answered. The older woman smiled and nodded and carried on her way. Fyn turned around  and bumped into the boxes he was was unpacking and they all fell onto the ground. He panicked and his heart was racing. His shaking hands tried to pick up the boxes but was unable to do so quickly. A few other co-workers noticed and just grinned and laughed at him in the distance. Fyn saw them in the corner of his eye and frowned. He placed his hands together and leaned down thinking about the mess he had made.  In the end he picked up the boxes and carried on with his work.

When it came to his work shift ending he was near the staff room when he heard his co-workers talking about him, “The guy is so weird. I mean Fyn think he’s some sort of inventor but what I heard is nothing he makes works well at all. His clothes never fit him well and he talks so strange. No wonder no one wants to be friends with him”. Fyn overheard the conversation and quickly grabbed his coat and headed for home in his car. Later in the night when he got home. He walked slowly into the large shed where Nippy the Spaceship was resting. He walked in and Nippy’s screen opened awake with a warm and welcoming humming sounds. Nippy noticed Fyn was hunched over with his coat in his hands in tears. Nippy’s screen changed to the tears symbols when he saw him. “It always happens at this work place I go to Nippy. They tease me and make me feel sad Nippy. I try so hard to do the right thing but I get nervous around people and I make mistakes too often  I can’t seem to find the right job for me Nippy. I’m good at studies and working with my head but it’s people Nippy,” he explained to his spaceship. He found some food from the store he brought home and went to the front of Nippy where a food fuel tray where the shutter to open it was in the shape of a smile. He opened it up himself and placed some of the food inside Nippy. Nippy’s screen symbols changed to smiling faces enjoying the fuel and the food treats.

Fyn stood in front of him and rubbed his spaceship with a wry smile, “Maybe I don’t belong anywhere here or in any universe. It’s just me and you Nippy. Mum and Dad live far away and I know that they care about me but I’m by myself now and I have to live with that. You’re the only invention that I made that actually works and I can’t really show you to everyone. People might try to tale you away from me and do all sorts of funny tests on you. That’s why you have to stay with me and in the shed. Your fuel tank is still too small and ineffective to travel into space yet. I’m not sure if I can fix you. I mean that was why I made you. To be a real spaceship and come and have adventures with me,” Fyn explained.

He saw Nippy’s screen symbols changed to rockets off blasting off and Fyn smiled tapping Nippy on the side, “We can’t go into space yet Nippy. I know your food tank is full but it would be too hard on you.” Nippy’s side door dropped to the ground to give the hint he wanted to go and see if he could go into space or not. “Oh Nippy I don’t want to push you or hurt you. I mean it is getting abit late don’t you think?” he noted to his spaceship. Nippy opened and shut his food shutter door repeatedly and his symbol eyes showed love hearts to give the impression of a smiling face. Fyn turned around, “Alright, we can try to circle the globe tonight is that ok?” he answered. Nippy’s small wings gave small flaps as he headed around and entered inside his spaceship.

Nippy started up his engines with excitement and flew out of the large shed and started his climb up into the skies. Fyn was steering Nippy along the path into space, “Your speed is looking good as always and all the signs on the control deck is looking great! Let’s go into space!” he cried as the pair shot off away from Earth to explore what might be out there.


Out in the open of the space, time and the universe Fyn and Nippy was exploring outside and around the globe that was called Earth. Fyn slowly moved his steering wheel to the right while he watched a smaller version of Nippy’s screen eyes so to speak to check on how his condition was. Fyn smiled cheerily and it seemed he was in his own little world with Nippy.  This is where he felt the most conformable – out of his own world and with his spaceship friend. The stars and space were bright, beautiful and all there to be seen. Fyn smiled watching down looking at Earth. “We could do and see so many wonderful things Nippy. We just have to careful make sure you are safe from all of these adventures Nippy. You are just a small spaceship compared to some of really big spaceships that you see. You can’t take on really big trips Nippy but I wouldn’t change you for the world or the whole universe!” he said. Nippy’s smiling face symbols appeared and the steering wheel moved by itself. Fyn grabbed hold of the wheel with his hands, “Don’t wander off now Nippy. We can’t move away from Earth too much,” Fyn reminded his spaceship. Nippy’s screen color flashed to Yellow and Fyn turned some buttons around on the control panel. He moved back the steeling wheel slowly, “Hmm abit stressed your engines for some reason.” he said to himself.

Out of the corner of the universe  was a white beam traveling across space and Fyn pushed his body forward to see what it was, “That must be a moving shooting star Nippy. Ins’t it beautiful Nippy?” Fyn smiled watching. Fyn and Nippy’s flapping small wings were watching the shooting star when they didn’t notice that that a blue wave of dust was appearing around space and the stars. Nippy’s screen turned red and started to shake. Fyn woke up from dazing and dreaming over watching the shooting star and looked at the control panel, “Oh no your food tank is draining quickly but you haven’t traveled far at all. What’s all this blue stuff? Is it dust or a universe portal maybe. No, that never happens. I mean well Vincent Lamour saw a few portals in his time but it’s such a rare thing to see.” Fyn lost control of the steering wheel as Nippy started to panic. Nippy turned around and saw a dark image appearing in space in a shape of a dragon, “What is that and why is it here?” he cried. He quickly tried to turn the wheel around trying to get Nippy out of the sight of the dragon. The dragon’s eyes widen it’s mouth as a silver and black color shined over it’s body shooting a massive black beam towards Nippy. Fyn’s hands started to shake as the beam hit Nippy with it’s full force. Nippy started flipping around in space. “Nippy, no! What do I do?!” he shouted to himself. The space dragon started to open up it’s mouth again until the shooting star in the distance turned a sudden corner shot two beams in two different direction. Nippy’s ship was glowing red and his screen symbols was showing a heart beep in full red damage. In a moment of time it felt like forever for Fyn he watch he saw a powerful white beam pushing the space dragon out of Nippy and Fyn’s direction and the other beam was a blue one that shot in front of Nippy’s spinning direction heading forward. The blue beam opened up as a universe portal and Nippy fell into the portal and the hole closed up on them . The space dragon flew off with a sense of anger away from the shooting star in the far reaches of the universe.

Nippy was flying and flipping over onto a planet crashing through trees and eventually stopped stuck into the ground on a cold and windy world that looked lifeless and dull. Nippy’s legs didn’t work or pull out as he sat on the ground damaged and his screen blinking on and off. Fyn’s anxiety was high as he lay on the ground of the spaceship. He found some strength to push himself up and came outside into the gloomy unknown universe. He turned his head around to see where he was. There was five black moons that circled the planet and a strange whistling sound could be heard around the area. The shooting star came over the head of Nippy and Fyn but they didn’t notice it. Fyn came up to the front of Nippy and touched Nippy as his front screen was blinking on and off in pain and damage, “Oh no what’s happened to you! This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have taken out into space. Please don’t leave me now. I don’t care what happens to myself. I don’t where we are but please don’t die now. You’re my only friend I have,” he begged Nippy. His screen symbols showed tears flowing and sparks of electricity flew out of the damaged spaceship. They were all alone in a different and lost universe – so far away from home and with nothing to save them. Nippy showed a quick love heart symbols on his screen before the screen were blank and he went cold. Fyn quickly let go of Nippy as he felt the cold touch and he start shaking. He placed his hand on the ground losing his mind and tearing streaming from his face.

“Don’t leave me now Nippy! I can’t make anything work. I can’t make any friends. I can’t make anything right. I don’t belong anywhere. I loved you Nippy because you were the only one who loved me for who I was – even if I was much at all.” Fyn cried to himself. He stood up to see Nippy had died and he knew his own end was coming too. “All we wanted was to travel the stars and to help others. To explore and see the wonders with our eyes. To feel the rush and excitement that only the few would dream of. I don’t want to say goodbye. I can’t!” he cried looking at his friend gone. A glowing white light came from behind Fyn and he stumbled and shook while turning to see what it was. On the ground he saw the strangest thing to find on a chilly planet in a lost universe. “A music box. That couldn’t be the shooting star but how is that even…” he said before a blinding light shone out from the music box as it opened. He didn’t cover his eyes and he fell to the ground – not caring about himself now that he was alone forever away from a time and space where he knew. Two figures appeared – a male  in a white gown and female in a a white and silver patterned gown dress. She walked over and leaned down on a leg to Fyn and stroked his forehead and kissed it, “Come back to us Fyn for your time is not over,” she whispered to him. Fyn woke up to see the woman giving a small smile to her. “Who are you and how are you here?” Fyn asked dazed, confused and in tears.

“For I am Heva the Spiritual Guardian of Love and my partner Ises  the Spiritual Guardian of Courage – we have been watching your universe for a long time Fyn and specially you for quite some time,” she whispered to him.  Fyn was silence, unsure what of make of this meeting, “What happened with that dragon in space? Why did it attack me and why to me and Nippy?” Ises stepped forward smiling down at Fyn, “We have lived inside a music box for a long time helping others throughout your history of your world and planet. We helped over a thousand years ago when the elements of your weather was under threat from a dark focus called the Spiritual Guardian of  Despair. He was one of the most powerful spirits of all the universes combined and we fought him off twice. The second was the events that your teacher was involved in called The Author’s War. We might have showed a vision and helped nudged events in favor of love and courage but it was the people that fought that war that saw these two things over despair and pain and the true darkness of mental illness.” Fyn whispered to himself, “Vincent was in that war.” thinking to himself. Heva helped Fyn to stand up and he was still shaking filled of anxiety.

Heva rapped her hands over Fyn’s shaking hands and looked into his eyes, “I see a innocence of a pure heart inside you Fyn and a soul that could help change the lives of many universes across the the whole brand of existences. We have been looking for someone to become The Universe Guardian – someone who is not a warrior of heart but a soul that can see joy and wonder of seeking adventure and love. We don’t want to see war but sometimes even our best efforts cannot prevent this. We wanted to give this gift to someone who has worthy heart. Fyn you are The Universe Guardian” “What if I’m not good at solving problems. I’m not very good at talking to new people. I just wanted to travel and see the stars with my friend Nippy but that’s not going happen anymore,” he cried. Fyn’s body started to glow white as Heva moved her hands away from his. Fyn held up his hands glowing white. “What is this? What is happening Heva?” he asked in wonder.

“You are the Universe Guardian – a person who gives hope and guidance to those who are lost in war, fear, and despair. Go to your friend and give him one last touch,” Ises called out. “I don’t want to. He’s cold and lifeless. I don’t know if I can do it,” Fyn said breaking down in tears again. Heva turned to Ises with a sorrowed face, she and him knew the pain he was feeling and knew how much Nippy meant to him, “We have chosen the right person,” Ises whispered in his partner’s ear. Together they placed a hand on side of Fyn’s shoulders, “Your friend needs you more than ever,” Their presence and touch calmed Fyn down from his anxiety and he placed his hands on Nippy the spaceship. The white dust of power started to cover over Nippy’s body. “Close your eyes and give him the love you want to. Never be afraid to be yourself and give the love you desire to receive in return.” Heva spoke out. Nippy’s screen flashed back in a instance – a white powerful glow was flashing from him. Two special blue cannons appeared under his wings and Fyn opened his eyes to Nippy was brought back to life, “This is all impossible. This is a dream,” Fyn spoke.

“The touch of your hands on the improved spaceship friend of yours will create universe portals to different places. There is a control deck just like  universe portal machines that others use but you are special. You are the key to open these portal in flight and at will. No one else has this power – the power of the Universe Guardian. This is the gift from the gods that want good to spread across everything. Do not worry if you feel you are not the one. We know your heart and when you look inside yourself without anxiety or doubt you will see you are the one to help others.” Ises spoke. The two of them stepped back and Heva smiled “We do not normally resurrect objects or people but we felt your friend Nippy will serve the universes well with you. It was nice to be in a human form for once in a while. Goodbye for now Fyn – The Universe Guardian. Over time you will learn the secret of your powers. We love you,” Heva smiled. A blinding light appeared once again and the shooting star flashed and disappeared again leaving Fyn and Nippy alone in the lost universe.

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