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Universe Guardian


Universe Guardian is the story of a man who dreams of traveling the stars. Plagued by social problems of his own and a dead end job he decides to take his own course.  With his special spaceship by his side he gets more he bargains for when he sets off on his own adventure.

Neon Post Human


Neon Post Human is the spin off story of Mr Umezu becoming trapped inside another universe after the events of the 2014 novel The Author’s War. Mr Umezu enters a world of biotech, half humans and machines and begins a quest to return back home while navigating the broken world of Trans humanists. 

The Alien of the Phoenix 3


The Alien of the Phoenix 3 is a mystery/paranormal short story that continues to take Daniel Phoenix not only deeper into UFO’s and aliens but to the heart of it all. Originally the The Alien of the Phoenix sage was expected to go for four series but fears grew of desires to do other stories or lack of good story line. Now with the third series expanded characters and universe it’s...

Written into Existence


Written into Existence is a short story that takes place soon after the novel “The Author’s War” featuring the myself as the ‘author in the war’ and the characters Chisa and Norwin from the “Super Bakery Sisters” and the light fantasy spin off “Super Bakery Adventures”. The story written to sum up the events of the war and what impact it had...

CT Creativity Home of Chris Ticehurst and Creative Friends

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