The Alien of the Phoenix 3

The Alien of the Phoenix 3 is a mystery/paranormal short story that continues to take Daniel Phoenix not only deeper into UFO’s and aliens but to the heart of it all. Originally the The Alien of the Phoenix sage was expected to go for four series but fears grew of desires to do other stories or lack of good story line. Now with the third series expanded characters and universe it’s likely it might go beyond it. Phoenix and Tazu investigate Area 51 and it surrounds the most famous site of UFO stories.    Read more

Written into Existence

Written into Existence is a short story that takes place soon after the novel “The Author’s War” featuring the myself as the ‘author in the war’ and the characters Chisa and Norwin from the “Super Bakery Sisters” and the light fantasy spin off “Super Bakery Adventures”. The story written to sum up the events of the war and what impact it had on them. It was also seen as a story to ease back in the routine after a extended break from writing.  Read more

Xtreme Squad 3

Xtreme Squad 3 is the final story of the Xtreme Squad trilogy that serves as a bridge between The Author’s War events in the VCity of Demon and the series Neo Post Human. The story discusses about the final mission that the Xtreme Squad while dealing with the people with the City of Demon unpopular view of them and how the war had destroyed much of their homes.

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The Alien of the Phoenix 2

The Alien of the Phoenix 2 is a mystery/paranormal short story sequel  that details the events and cases of a alien and UFO researcher called Daniel Phoenix. Daniel’s research leads him to  discovering a body with missing limps and strange movement of trucks along a old highway. These discoveries take towards the discovery of the alien child that Daniel and his friends had been looking for and the Men in Black close in to Daniel Phoenix’s investigations.  Read more

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