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The New Era for CT Creativity has Arrived


It’s taken a while for me to get back on the horse and rebuild this web site to what I truly wanted after many years. I had to put my time into the Youtube channel Nintendo Ninja News and work on myself personally. Now after what you can clearly see is a major revamp of CT Creativity and a number of new features the site now has.

  • New Revamped Web Design is more text based. I’m a writer at heart and having to produce new images all the time to keep the site fresh wasn’t ideal in the end. Something had to change so I decided to change the design itself.
  • The new web site works better on your smartphone, tablet and PC with a rich and easy to use design.
  • Special Interests have been added with old friends: Nintendo Ninja News will be housed under the banner as it should have a long time ago. The return of the name ‘Brisbane Lion United’ a old forum I ran between 2008 to 2012 has been reborn. Politics is a area of interest for me and that too is being added to the site.
  • Creative Friends is the modern version of Writersmuster – a Yahoo Group that promoted Writers from 2002 to 2004 and a forum board version was created from 2006 to 2010. It will allow me to promote other creative friends with a range of possibilities to explore down the track.
  • A New Facebook Group will be made and be called CT Creativity – a place to promote myself but also you too. I want to get back into knowing other creative people more as I did so long ago.

It’s taken really nearly ten years to truly expand beyond the idea of just a writer and do what I wanted to do. I had this idea in my head that I was only allowed to do writing on my site but with the success of Nintendo Ninja News, doing other things like running a football forum in the past, doing photos and covering events I found out I could achieve more.

I hope you enjoy the new design and features and join me on the quest to be creative!

Nintendo Ninja News comes to Anchor.FM


Nintendo Ninja News has arrived on Anchor.FM as part of the plan to expand the Youtube Channel and promote it better. Nintendo Ninja News used to be a podcast show before it started on Youtube. The NNN Show will the podcast show itself and quick news updates will upload on the platform itself. The site can be found here:

What’s happening for 2018


This year for 2018 will be expanding more into short films and long length videos with Nintendo Ninja News and non video game content. Last year saw a number of videos made which I enjoyed doing. In terms of writing there will be sequels to Universe Guardian and Neo Post Human¬† – two stories which has more to say and continuing on those two series. There are stories in my head at the moment however I’m going to keep working on before I reveal anything. It’s going to a fun year working on both stories and videos to come.

Nintendo Ninja News Web Site Transformed for 2018


Nintendo Ninja News my other ongoing project has launched a web site that allows you to view over 1100 videos with photos, screenshots, and written updates. It is likely Nintendo Ninja News content will be hidden away or removed to freshen up this web site for the new year as well. The new web site is about increasing views for the Youtube Show which launched in 2015 and to build a bigger profile online. In the coming days there will be goals outlined for 2018 and to see where Nintendo Ninja News will go from there.

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My Artist – DJNY