Akuryou’s control of Chinatown was spreading to other parts of The City of Demons. Smaller time criminals were seeing him as a leader of sorts and others saw him as the biggest figure since Censilo to help bring back the darkness and sorrow. He knew he could use this to drive his plan against the Xtreme Squad but he also knew that the rise of Lucas Walken was coming. The public eye away from the criminals saw Lucas and his team as the best chance apart from Chisoutsa to keep the city safe. It was part of Chisoutsa’s plan to replace a Walken with another to make sure that the city felt safe and secure while she was gone with a new life.

Akuryou had arrived at a underground train station with his ally Ben to read the discussion papers that he took from the bombing of the government building. With passengers all them on the train he opened up the papers and looked through them. Ben kept an eye out for any trouble or the Xtreme Squad.

“Have we sorted out all the technology pieces I told you to build?” Akuryou asked Ben.

“We have boss, specially the designs you made when you worked with Censilo,” he answered him.

“Good, you must be always prepared for any outcome. That was one area Censilo was good at. What he failed in was taking action at the right time. That my friend will not happen with us,” Akuryou replied.

Akuryou studied some of the government papers. Most of them were very formal, nothing new in terms of what he didn’t know until there were some details on something that surprised him.

“Now that is a messy outcome, especially for her the poor hero of our world.”

The train stopped at a station with a herd of people coming in as Ben moved for a few of them to sit down next to them. The train started moving again, “What did you find there?” he asked.

“Something very important but something I won’t say for now. The energy locator device that I told you to make with the others. Is that working now?”  Akuryou questioned Ben.

“Yes I remember that device was working, a few days’ back they had one up and running well enough,”

“I believe it’s time to have some play time in the city. Spread the police line thin and shake everything that there is in the city. That will be our plan for now. Garth would be the best man for the job. Strong and powerful and he will also keep Xtreme Squad busy. It’s getting late, we’ll get off at the next station and return home. These papers were very good to me. Our planning might be slow but when we attack we go with a bang to everyone,” Akuryou smiled at Ben.

The two of them stepped off the train and Akuryou paused for a moment and looked at Ben with a feeling over him, “Do you get the feeling that someone is watching us?”

“No boss I’m not getting that. Are you?” Ben replied

“Yeah it’s an odd feeling. Not dangerous but someone just watching the pages turning for now. It must be nothing,” Akuryou said back to Ben.


It was another late night at the Xtreme Squad Headquarters where Lucas and Jasper was in the backyard having drinks and had a swim in the river. Lucas wrapped a towel around him and expanding the team was on his mind.

“You know I have this person coming tomorrow who used to work for Mr. Umezu. He suggested to me that we need someone who stays at here and watches the base and gives us direction when we are on the road. He says she’s a tough woman to be with but worth it,” Lucas explained to Jasper.

Jasper took a beer from the outside fridge and thought about it for a moment, “Sounds good but you’re already fucking Kuzuki and Yuri, can we handle a third girl?” he answered cocky wise.

“No Jasper. This is an off limits girl and besides I’ve known Kuzuki and Yuri for years now. You know The City of Demons, you are fighting for justice or drinking, gambling, going to the Washu Spring, and having sex to pass the time in these parts,” Lucas answered.

“Yeah, yeah I think we do someone who can direct us on the road too. We could have had the help the other day I suppose. I mean fuck this Akuryou covers his tracks really well man. He’s not the standard criminal that leaves footprints all around Chinatown. The only time we see him is when he is causing shit,” Jasper said sitting down on a seat looking out at the river.

“There are always footprints, some are harder to find while others are clear but not where you would expect it. If he wants to make this mark on the city to gain control than track we will see,” Lucas replied to him.

Jasper nodded and took a couple beers from the fridge, “I’m gonna figure this computer system we have set up for this woman who’s coming over tomorrow.” He said walking back into the house. Kuzuki and Yuri came out to do some skinny dipping in the river.

“Oi, what about me?” Lucas asked them.

Both girls turned around in the water and they skipped through it back up to Lucas. They lay down on both sides to him on the sand that broke away the grass and the backyard to the river. Yuri pulled the towel off and started to massage him with Kuzuki lying next to him. Lucas relaxed watching out to the river.


It was in the morning at nine o’clock sharp when the newest member of the Squad and she was already inspecting the warehouse. She was a shorter woman than the rest of the crew but had a strong feeling to her.  She looked over the computers to gain an idea what the Squad was up to.

“You surely need someone to help you here. You obviously failed to catch Akuryou because you were ill prepared,” she noted to them.

“Well Mamoru we are just starting to feel our feet on the ground so to speak,” Lucas explained to her. Mamoru had short black hair and sighed to them looking around the warehouse and seeing two frozen wheels in a corner of the area.

“I’ll join your squad and make sure you know what you are doing on the roads.  This is a gift from Mr. Umezu before I came here and this will help with contact from here to wherever you may go in this world,” Mamoru replied.

She gave them earpieces to put them on, “Tap them,” she said. Yuri tapped hers and a laser energy microphone appeared up to her mouth.

“Is how we connect with you back here?” Kuzuki asked.

“Yes. They are waterproof too and you can contact me at anytime when they are problems and I will inform you of any issues in the city. I will also make sure you are on time with missions and make sure you are goofing off,” Mamoru explained eyeing Jasper.

“Oh I’m the misfit of the Squad. Alright you think that way,” Jasper replied with a tint of his head.

“I have also attached some extra features to the computers and around the computers so when something…” Mamoru was interrupted by a massive noise of red alarms and the computers flashing red on the screen.

Jasper and Yuri turned around to see a red dots circling on a map on the main screen near the computer section. Mamoru rushed to the computer and read the details, “There’s dozens of men and guards breaking into the Government Square and a number of bombings around the city. The Prime Leader is under attack! You must go!” she shouted.

“Shit Charles is under attack. We need to go,” Lucas replied in a panic. The four of them rushed out to the jeeps and Mamoru opened up the doors to the warehouse. Lucas grabbed his club weapon and drove fast straight out of the headquarters to save the Government Square.