“ There must be a good ending. It can’t end up in tears,” cried Tom.

“ I can’t, Vadey doesn’t have love to give anymore, sorry. Not this story,” frowned Chris.

“ Make a good ending then. Get someone for Vadey,” cried out Nicky.

“ I’m sorry,” said Chris walking off the stage.

Cameras started to flash again and Chris got out to the backstage.

Chris rested on a chair away from the media as his friend Anthony walked up with a frown.

“ You don’t know the meaning of a preview. Don’t you? You gave a viewing of your new novel. Not a preview,” he frowned at Chris.

Anthony had come up from the force for the holidays, and deicded to see how Chris was and too see if Chris could handle a whole production empire.

“ Well sorry, you go and try to stop those media people. They look at you and they always want more out of you,” explained Chris.

“I bet you like the attention too?” asked Anthony.

“Yeah, I guess I did too,” grinned Chris.

Chris walked over to a corner to pick up a briefcase and was holding a CD case.

Chris looked at the CD “ I have to give this to Jerny. I’ll see you tomorrow,”.

“ I wonder about that guy,” said Anthony to himself.


Chris parked the car up Jerny’s driveway and Jerny came outside to greet.

“ How was your media thing,” he asked.

“ Don’t ask. I practically told the whole novel at the press meeting,” frowned Chris.

“ Gee, that’s not good Chris. You have that new CD?” asked Jerny.

“ Here it is,” said Chris handing it over to him.

The two sat down to watch some T.V as Chris was talking.

“ Well I believe the novel will do well. That I tell you,” he chatted on.

“ It needs a new ending. Like a happy one Chris,” said Jerny to Chris.

“ It can still be a success without a happy ending,” snapped back Chris.

The newsreader on the T.V moved on to a new report and that the two listened in.

“ Blockbuster author Chris Ticehurst was in a poll today about his new hit novel Vadey. And… looking at the results, 93% say that they won’t buy the new novel if it doesn’t have a happy ending,” spoke the newsreader.

“ Shit,” snapped Chris and he banged the T.V with a rolled up newspaper.

Jerny only smirked at Chris and Chris just looked at him.

“ Oh shut up you. It won’t have a happy ending. It can’t, and that’s final!” cried Chris.

“ Well why don’t you get Vadey a chick?” asked Jerny.

“ Well, I never thought of that, and besides he lives in India, I live in Australia,” said Chris thinking about it.

“ I’ll think it over tomorrow,” said Chris.

Chris walked out of Jerny’s house and drove off.

“ Happy ending. It could happen,” he thought to himself in his car.


Papers were stacked then given to Chris as he started another day at his CJT Productions building. He was at a meeting about Vadey when he asked about the news poll last night.

“ Do you think that poll is telling the truth?” he asked them all.

“ I don’t know,” replied one worker.

“ It could be true,” thought Anthony.

“ Well do you think the idea of going to India to make it a happy ending would work?” asked Chris.

“ Maybe, if you’re that stupid,” said a worker

“ Don’t worry about that, Chris is that…” Anthony started.

“ Enough now. I know what you were going to say,” stepped in Chris after Anthony.

“ So the plan is I going to India. Good,” said Chris.

Chris gave blank faces at Anthony as he tossed his head.

“You have no idea what to do now?” asked Anthony.

Chris gave a child-like look at Anthony and played with his work pen.

“Umm… no. Not really,” tossed and turned Chris.

“I’ll get you a passport form,” said Anthony getting up and walking out of the room.

“At lest someone knows what to do in this company,” smiled Chris as the other workers tossed their heads.


Anthony handed over two large briefcases as Chris struggled to carry them.

“These are heavy things,” cried Chris.

“No they’re not. You’re just weak,” smiled Anthony.

Chris gave a frown at him and walked off, step… by… step. Anthony just grinned to himself.

“ I’ll see you in India in about four days. I have to fix some things here, ok,” said Anthony as Chris nodded.

“ Poor old me in big India,” said Chris as he walked off to the plane.

“ Poor old India with Chris,” corrected Anthony watching.