Chisoutsa 3 – The Vampire Convoitise

Chisoutsa 3 – The Vampire Convoitise is the third story to Chisoutsa series. It is a short story that is about Chisoutsa’s encounter with the Vampire lust and working with Allegheri the old vampire in order to free the Deathlands from his rule. The popularity of the Chisoutsa novel had led to the idea of expanding upon her universe and digging deeper into other characters and new lands in her world.

New Beginnings – Ch 1

The Convoitise Death Lands – Ch 2

Meeting Old and New Friends – Ch 3

The Vampire awakens – Ch 4

The Danger sets in – Ch 5

The Soul Mountains – Ch 6

Beloved with Sadness – Ch 7

Ghost Confusion – Ch 8

Tekkonro’s Rampage – Ch 9

Evil United – Ch 10

How lust rules the land – Ch 11

Concerning the Heart – Ch 12

The Midnight Ball – Ch 13

Lust becomes her – Ch 14

Fate meets Death – Ch 15

Written by Chris Ticehurst
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