Chisoutsa: The Virgin War is a sequel  novel that was released in 2007. The story surrounds a young girl and her journey to discover her past and who is she is.  Her journey is web locked into the criminal and growing terrorist of The City of Demon where she lives. She is aided and mentored by a man called Professor Jonathan Walken who knows a few friends that can help her too. It is a fantasy with science fiction based elements attached to it.

The second novel details Chisoutsa’s struggles inside her and her battles across the City of Demons against the demon lord Censilo.

Dust settles in a City of Sorrows – Ch 1

Hidden Agendas – Ch 2

Flexing the Might and Muscle – Ch 3

Journey to the Center of the Demons  – Ch 4

The Robot Boy – Ch 5

Dealings – Ch 6

Steamy Night at Washu Springs – Ch 7

Cold – Ch 8

When everything fails – Ch 9

The Inside Talent – Ch 10

The Story of Two worlds apart – Ch 11

Graveyard Terror – Ch 12

The Truth is your tears – Ch 13

Bloody Hearts – Ch 14

For the City of Demons – Ch 15