Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

Chisoutsa: The City of Demons is a novel that was released in 2005. The story surrounds a young girl and her journey to discover her past and who is she is.  Her journey is web locked into the criminal and growing terrorist of The City of Demon where she lives. She is aided and mentored by a man called Professor Jonathan Walken who knows a few friends that can help her too. It is a fantasy with science fiction based elements attached to it.

The series surrounds the Walken family and other important characters including Allegheri the Vampire, Mr. Umezu the company owner of Scienceworks and the history of the world that led to these current events. The first story shows Chisoutsa discovering the city around her and towards the end who she really is.

The City of Demons – Ch 1

The Real Girl – Ch 2

Dark Lies and Lie – Ch 3

Blown Away – Ch 4

Finding the One – Ch 5

Next Station, Saint Death – Ch 6

The Drug Lords – Ch 7

Escape – Ch  8

The Black Vixen – Ch 9

The Storm has gathered – Ch 10

The Search for the Truth – Ch 11

The Shadow of the Master – Ch 12

Written by Chris Ticehurst
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