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[dc]C[/dc]hris Ticehurst Creativity is a entertainment and arts web site that showcases my stories, poetry, article, videos and more. My aim is to help other creative people on our creative journey through Creative Friends Updates and Creative Conversations. This creative web site is a product that builds on the success of past Yahoo Groups, Forum Boards, and blogs and learning from the mistakes just as much and more. My web site has a number of projects that I like to call them. They are the main focus points of my creative journey that either explores my creative side, discusses my personal thoughts or promoting and help other creative and good people I know. My projects I have settled on eight key areas that are very broad and pulls in from all sorts of creative areas.

[quote align=”left”]CT Creativity showcases my creative works and promotes and talks to other creative people on their journey. People are the best kind of stories.[/quote]

My Projects Include: Stories, Poetry, Music, Photography, Nintendo Ninja News,  and My Life and Thoughts. These ares can be seen on the sidebar of the web site to easily access all the information that you need. All of them are always ongoing and ideas are drummed up for each one of them. Some are used more often than others, I put that down to what creative ideas and my mood and feelings are to create something.

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Our Creativity Team: The Chris Ticehurst Creativity Team are made up of people who advise myself on different areas such as Nintendo, writing, direction of CT Creativity as a whole etc. Our other roles are Community Directors who help build up our Facebook Group and growth of Nintendo Ninja News – our large Youtube Channel. The Team helps myself out from time to time or to a everyday role working on the Facebook Group or maybe other social media such as YouNow Live Streaming shows I do.

The Bottom Line: Chris Ticehurst Creativity is purely a web site of creative works of myself and promoting and talking to other people I find interesting. It’s a organized mix of creative works that will interest most people on something. The exciting part is what project or idea I will think of next and putting it into CT Creativity.


Chris Ticehurst

I'm Chris Ticehurst - a writer and Host of Nintendo Ninja News. I love to explore all aspects of creativity, meeting and discovering new people.

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My Artist – DJNY

My Artist – DJNY