Three men stood on the highway where dozens of cars had been stopped along it. Most of the drivers were in pure shock across the City of Demons. They were the members of the Xtreme Squad, swore to protect the interests of the City of Demons. Their leader was called Lucas Walken of the famous Walken family watching the strange events unfold on them. Beams of lights were draining the city’s energy supplies like the other universes. Taking away what important assets the people needed and withdrawing it back to the mystery tower that no one knew on this world.

“Does anyone know how this is happening? There’s a giant bloody hole in the sky taking everything from us. Where is everyone else?” Lucas asked his friend to his right.

“Look, Allegheri and your father Professor Walken are coming over to help and Charles the Prime Leader has the police and the army out looking for any clues all around the City of Demons. But me personally fucks knows what’s happening,” said the other man.

“Jasper, you were always so useful in these times. What about you Cody, you know what this is?” Lucas asked.

A grown man in a white shirt, blue jeans and back to front cap watched the hole in the sky draining all the power grids in the city nodding to himself, “Yeah I know what that is and my father knows and my granddad. This is a portal to another universe. Do you remember what I told you how I came here? That’s what a portal looks like,” Cody answered him.

“Is this the portal open again for you to go home?” he asked him.

“No, and it’s not supposed to be acting like this. This portal hole has been trained to do this and in my father’s words it’s unbelievable powerful,” Cody explained.

“So boy genius, what’s your suggestion on this?” Jasper asked him.

“We can’t do anything; we don’t have the technology to fight this one off. Let’s go back to home base and see the others,” Cody suggested.

Lucas shook his head and turned around on the highway to their iconic black jeep with the machine gun shining like brand new.

“It’ll be good to see my father again and see the others too. Let’s go now,” he said to Jasper and Cody.

The three left the area while the beams were shooting down on the road while the jeep turned and dodged them with some ease.


The return back to the headquarters had a number of guests there. Lucas came into the room where Allegheri and Professor Walken were looking some television screens, “Where are the girls?” Lucas asked his father.

Professor Walken turned around with his cane to one side and black coat pants, “They have been moved away for protection and to help out the Vampire Deathlands, this issue is now worldwide so we decided to spread our skills and abilities everywhere,” the Professor answered him.

“Well great, am I still the leader of the Xtreme Squad?” Lucas complained to his father.

“You have been overruled old brother,” called a voice from behind Allegheri and Professor Walken.

Lucas walked forward as Allegheri and Professor Walken parted to see a figure in the middle appear, “Chisoutsa?” Lucas asked surprised.

“I was enjoying my retired life when this thing or whatever the hell it is happened to me. No running power, people are freaking out near the beach house and than they started to bug me into pulling on the boots to solve this case. Do you have any idea what’s happening to the city here?” she asked him.

“Yes I do and far more than you young sister. You left us and wanted to sit at a beach house drinking and smoking for the rest of your life leaving me to work my ass off for this city,” Lucas replied with a firm voice.

“Don’t you bloody tell me that? How many times have I saved The City of Demons? Who is the number one savior of this world again? Do you want me to remind you of that?”

“Chisoutsa you have been away for a while and Lucas has done an amazing task of looking after the City of Demons with the Xtreme Squad. You should be thankful,” Professor Walken reminded her.

Chisoutsa tossed her head and turned back to Lucas, “I suppose I should credit you for all the hard work you have done. Not too bad of a job. I could have done it in half the time but who’s counting on the clock.”

“That’s the best I’m going to get you from you,” Lucas replied.

Chisoutsa nodded and Lucas walked past her to Allegheri, “Seeming that Chisoutsa is past news when it comes to helping this city. How bad is this problem? As bad as Censilo or maybe the Vampire Lust?” he asked him while Chisoutsa was giving a dirty look. As Allegheri the vampire was about to answer the question someone busted into the room.

“Far worse and we are completely screwed,” called out the figure.

“Mr. Umezu, what are you doing here?” Lucas asked him concerned about his appearance.

Mr. Umezu had a drag on his cigar and walked up to the three of them, “There’s nearly no power in the City of Demons and that portal is sucking the life out of us. This is the darkest moment in the city’s history. There will be millions of deaths if you don’t stop it right now. I have a disc, let me show you,” Mr. Umezu replied.

Chisoutsa’s attention rose and walked up to the big screen where the group was found in the basement area of the Xtreme Squad headquarters. Lucas stood in the middle of Professor Walken and Allegheri the Vampire to see the data.

“This data shows where the portal energies are coming and it’s from another universe. I remembered your friend Cody talking to me about this technology a few months ago and I was interested. Now we have the real thing coming from a place called Earth. Does that ring a bell Mr. Cyber?” Mr. Umezu asked him.

Cody was silence for a moment and the word rang throughout his head, “Earth is a well known place to me, my family and the people I know called the Legomen. If there’s a major problem happening there than it’s likely my father will be there.” He answered.

“That’s wonderful, we can all go to this universe and stop this mess and you can have the wonderful family reunion since you have been stuck here for so long. There are people out there getting attacked by this portal explosion and my business is going to go bust with everything else in this world,” Mr. Umezu replied.

Chisoutsa turned to Lucas and Professor Walken and held up her old gun that she had used long ago, “We have to all go together to make this work. Me, father, and the Xtreme Squad to make this a success. We leave no stone unturned,” she told them.

“My grave concern Chisoutsa and Lucas is how quickly and vast damaging this has been on the city so far. I have this feeling we are dealing with something more powerful than we are,” the Professor replied.

“And I’m going to die wondering what could have been. I’m going to fight this the same way I have all my life. Let’s go into this portal and do this,” she told the group.


Together Chisoutsa, Lucas Walken, Professor Walken, Cody Cyber, and Mr. Umezu moved outside to see the portal in the sky beaming out its amazing power and sucking the life and power out of the city. Lucas turned to Allegheri and Jasper for a moment.

“You are the two best hands I know to defend this world. If anything happens to us please do it in our honor,” Lucas asked the pair.

“I will help with everything I can,” Allegheri replied.

“The Xtreme Squad is safe with me Lucas. You can count on that with your life,” Jasper replied too.

The group turned around to see that the portal was starting to act strangely. The blue light portal hole stopped draining electricity and turned and fixed itself on the ground. A massive blue beam shot out from it and grabbed hold of the group and disappeared in thin air. Allegheri and Jasper watched in horror and surprise not knowing what to do. The portal quickly closed up and disappeared from the City of Demons without a trace.

“What just happened? Did they go to Earth or not” asked Jasper to Allegheri.

“Whoever did this knew what they wanted and they got everything in the end. We have to move and find what damage there is,” he replied. The two headed off to find what little power the city had and how they could defend it.


Central Universe


The group was transported right outside of Daniel Phoenix’s house with a thundering bang where anyone could hear them. Chisoutsa looked around the area and saw that the others were fine.  They seemed all very confused by the quick transport into Earth as the door to Daniel Phoenix opened with Daniel and Percy Cyber walking outside. Percy Cyber noticed Cody and rushed up to him quickly. He stood back for a moment in disbelief that this could be his son who had been missing for over a year.

“Cody, how did you come here? It’s wonderful to see you again!” he cried giving him the biggest hug they had in a long time.

“Dad! It’s amazing to see you again. The world I live in now had this portal sucking out everything. It’s crazy, I have to tell you everything.”

“Grandson, it’s happening here and in LegoLand. It’s happening everywhere,” Dr. Cyber said coming outside of the house.

The rest of the group from inside Daniel Phoenix’s house came outside to see what was going on. All together they were very confused about what was happening to them all.

“I’m expecting that everyone here is here for the same reason. Massive power cuts and dumb founded looks?” Mr. Umezu asked the group.

“Some of that is true but we know more than you and can you be trusted. Who are you anyway?” King Lion asked from behind Dr. Cyber and Wizard.

“Everyone. These people can be trusted, I have known them for a year and they are good people. Come on, we all here for a reason are we not?” Cody asked.

Professor Walken stood in silence and walked around the group and noticed that Vincent Lamour had a similar cane to his. He gave a smirk to him, “Leg issues too I suppose?” he asked him.

“Old age you can say. My name is Vincent Lamour and I’m pleased to meet. Sadly these are not good times we are in at the moment,” he answered introducing himself and shaking his hand.

Wizard stood in the middle of the entire group and tried to think of what was really happening, “This is not strange. This is all planned by the man in the tower. He wanted these people here to meet us and that we would do something but I don’t know what that is,” he told the group.

“So we have a target to attack now?” Chisoutsa replied standing forward to Wizard.

“A target is that is boarder line invincible. We tried to get inside a couple times. One was successful but he threw us out.  There’s no way inside.” Daniel responded to Chisoutsa.

While the group was talking in the streets two figures was standing at the end of the street watching them. Mr. Umezu noticed the person and pointed at it, “Who’s that person. Everyone has been wiped out here by the looks of it.”

The two figures walked down the street coming closer to the entire group. It was huge muscled man who was eyeing off the entire group one by one.  As this figure was revealed he was large muscled bounded man holding a broadsword wearing only long brown pants and brown boots. He had long black hair and stopped in front of the entire group.

“I am here to talk to the people in search of the author in the war. I come from another world and I will tell you the rest of the story. You must all listen or you will not live,” said the muscled bonded man.

“Who gives you the right to threaten us like that,” Chisoutsa snapped back at the man.

“I’m not threatening you young girl. It is the man in the tower. Come with me and listen carefully,” the man told her.

King Lion and Professor Walken stepped forward and waved Chisoutsa down and nodded to the mystery man, “We will listen if you will tell,” King Lion replied.