CJT Productions have rounded up its first full year as a official web site and the results of the web stats show mixed feelings by viewers and readers worldwide. A very strong beginning for 2004 showed promotion of other artists worked well but suffered in time when artists didn’t promote themselves. The other results saw Ticehurst as a provider for stat hits with his stories, novels and now some poetry thrown in the mix. For the last three months the web site and Official Fan Forum has proven in a short time that the two are quite popular with members and viewers on the internet.

Some problems did come out of the report of the web stats. The web site seems to be unstable at times. May and June 2004 were the poorest months in it’s 17 month history. Ticehurst and his Production crew couldn’t keep a normal flow of hits and failed to pitch the message in the first half of the year with the artist promotions idea. Since September 2004 in a massive shake up for the Seasons Trilogy promotion Ticehurst reinvented himself and CJT Prtoductions in order to gain hits and a clear understanding in his members of what he stood for as a writer and where his future was.

The postives in the report showed that when promotions was made during the year the web site quickly bounced back and scored highly in hits for the month. October 2004 just missed out on 10 000 hits for the Seasons of the Moon Book release but still was the best result in six months and officialy took Production out of the black hole of May/June period. November 2004 showed without promotions the web site can reached 4300 hits which is a strong sign that it haves loyal visitors to the site.

For 2005, CJT Productions will contiune to keep a normal flow of hits for each month and try to break the 10 000 hits more often than twice this year. “What we have achieved in the last three month is amazing but I believe we can keep this trend and become even better for 2005. This is the feeling that’s coming from all sections of the Productions and members of ‘Official Fan Forum’.” Chris Ticehurst commented on the outlook of the web site report for 2004.