Chris looked at the figure as it spoke out.

“ I have your web site updated. I’m on time too I believe,” he said smiling.

“ And I guess scaring Anthony and Sushant was just a game for you?” asked Chris.

“ Yeah, a fun game” chuckle the man.

“ Well Tim, you can met Anthony now. Come and follow me,” smiled Chris.

Chris and Tim got to where Anthony and Sushant was and they saw the two of them.

“ Who the hell are you?” cried Anthony. He wasn’t so happy about the mystery man.

“ Tim, you are?” he asked in return.

“ Anthony. You’re the web designer aren’t you,” he asked him.

“ Yes,” answered Tim.

“ Good. Everyone knows each other now. Now Sushant, was there something you wanted to do here?” asked Chris.

“ Yes. I need to chat to Kylie tonight,” he answered back.


Tom logged on to the Internet for Sushant as he logged on to his messager. He clicked on Kylie’s name and they started chatting. Tim, Chris and Anthony sat down on chairs to watch Sushant chat to Kylie.

“ It’s going well,” said Chris.

“ Shhh,” said Tim to Chris.

“ I don’t have to be quiet Tim,” snapped Chris.

Then Anthony grabbed Chris’s neck and squeezed it.

“ That…hurts,” said Chris.

“ I don’t go for the physical attack on Chris,” noted Tim.

“ After five, six years knowing him. You feel like snapping knowing him so long,” grinned Anthony.

The two laughed about Chris as Sushant turned around.

“ I must go to Australia, if I have any chance to make Vadey a happy ending,” said Sushant.

“ Sure, why not,” said Chris.

“ Great, but we got to make this happy ending snappy. It’s release date is in a few days Chris,” warned Anthony.

“ Yes Chris,” warned Tim too.

“ You two quit bugging me,” cried Chris as Anthony and Tim gave smirked at each other.


The two started to walk out of the building when Sushant was done chatting.

“ So how the hell do you find me Tim? In India, in a computer company building, on the same floor?” asked Chris to Tim.

“ I have my ways,” he smiled as the four walked out.


Days passed and the four of them had returned to Australia where Sushant was planning to meet Kylie for the first time. Chris was getting Sushant prepare for the big day.

“ You are going to make this ending the best you can Sushant. Vadey can do it,” said Chris to Sushant.

“ Do you really think I can do this?” asked Sushant.

“ Of course. You’ll hit it off big time,” said Chris.

Sushant walked over to his poem collection, he opened up one to read.


Don’t ever tell me to wipe my tears,

As they are only who bear

Your memories…

And bring them out of this body of clay,

With which, everyone of you have played.

When the tears shed,

My eyes turned red,

Showing the love of mine,

Which always lagged behind,

In the race of love….

Now, my eyes have dried,

Left with no more tears to cry.

But they haven’t seen any hand yet,

To take my hand and place me ahead,

I the race of love….

(There are many participants in a race; more than one runner ups; but only one winner.)


Sushant walked outside to go to Kylie’s place and Chris leaned back with Sushant’s poems.

“ I hope he can do it, for Vadey and himself,” thought Chris to himself.

“ I hope this is the end of the race for love for me,” said Sushant looking at Chris.

“ I’m tired of running for love,” he said weakly to Chris.


Kylie was reading a special poem that she wrote about Sushant. Sushant was going to a new town to study, which meant he couldn’t talk to her at all. Which was sad for them. She studied the poem and read it to herself.


There used to be

Someone in my life that

Made me smile when things were bad,

And helped me wipe the tears out of my eyes when I was sad.

That someone would always listen to me when no – one else would,

And help me find the answers when no – else could.

If I ever had a problem I’d know just where to go,

But now I have nowhere and no – one who will know.

For some reason that someone would make me feel like I could fly,

I’ve been through some really bad stuff but

The worst thing was saying goodbye.


Then a knock at the door was heard and Kylie walked downstairs and opened the door. There stood Sushant. They hugged and Sushant walked inside.

“ What are you doing inside?” she asked shocked.

“ I want to Vadey happy, the story,” he answered.

“ Vadey’s your imagination, what’s going on Sushant,” she asked him.

“ Chris is making a novellas, he wants a happy ending,” explained Sushant.

“ Does he just want book sales,” she asked back.

“ No, he wants me to find a true love,” said Sushant.

“ I don’t know what to do or say,” she cried.

Sushant held her arms and held her close to him.

“ I think we can do it,” he pleaded.

I always wept with concealed tears,

To keep your precious smile alive.

I always acted as the stairs,

To keep you raising high and high.

+I never even blinked my eyes,

Until you were out sight.

On knowing the fact,

That you have left,

And no one is standing beside,

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath,

And then came the flood of tears,

Drowning my soul every moment passing by.

Now, the echoes of my groans rule,

In the valley of my heart.


As Sushant said the words, Kylie sat down and thought about things.

“ What can we do,” she thought to herself.

“ Can we start. Even try,” he asked her.

“ I don’t know,” she cried out.

“ It’s just I need time to think over this ok,” explained Kylie.

“ Ok. I understand,” said Sushant lowering his head.


Everyone was at Jerny’s house while waiting for Sushant to come back. Anthony was chatting to Jerny and Chris was chatting to Tim.

“ I hope things go well for Sushant,” said Chris.

“ He’ll do it,” answered a hopeful Tim.

The door opened and Sushant walked in with the sad face.

“ Didn’t do it?” asked Anthony.

“ No. She needs time to think. Think things over I believe,” he answered back.

“ That’s still good. She’ll come around,” said Chris to Sushant.

“ There’s a media meeting tomorrow, they want more about Vadey’s process,” reminded Anthony to Chris.

“ Yes, and blasted Nicky and Tom will be there to make trouble,” said Chris.

“ Just tell them the truth, the novel will have a good ending,” replied Tim.

“ I know, Sushant will do well with Kylie,” said Chris uneasily.