Photographs of Chisoutsa’s group were gathered over the Lust Vampire’s table where Kayi studied the pictures with his lord. Convoitise watched and watched his beauty vampire girls wandering around the room. One came up to him and rubbed his back.

“You feel very stressed my lord,” she quietly said to him.

“Indeed I am. There must be something that I can do to remove Chisoutsa from my problems for good,” Convoitise answered.

Sarge came into the rooms and noticed the photos on the tables and looked at the vampire. She picked up the photo of Chisoutsa and Jiko together and held it up for Convoitise.

“You know they are not what they seem to look,” she said to him.

Convoitise walked around her back and put his head on her shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Really, do tell me more?’ he smiled.

“They are co-created from the hands of Censilo like me. They are both powerful figures like me,” she said.

“That is very interesting. Could you get that other photo that was next to them?”

Sarge saw the image of Alan and Hew together, ‘The Richards group?”

“Yes, you see I have a idea to remove the playful group that Chisoutsa has. I wonder how she will react when she has to do things for herself. No father, no friends, and no Jiko to try and save her despite she doesn’t really desiring him at times,” Convoitise explained.

“I would like to see that too Convoitise,” Sarge answered.

The vampire grabbed the photo and gave it too Sarge, “Take a small army of vampires with you and hunt them down. They shouldn’t be too hard for you,” Convoitise said.

Sarge walked out of the room and Kayi spoke to the vampire, “Chisoutsa is by far the powerful of the three. Trying to beat her now will become more challenging,” he said.

“I know but I could turn her into the most powerful servant for me. With human, demon and vampire inside of her, I could become a true god of this world. Challenge even Shentile and Censilo in both life worlds,” Convoitise smiled with power in his eyes.

“You do know that any form of seducing could kill the both of you. Demon and vampire blood rarely mix, with good results.”

“I can still try Kayi. I know I can do it. Maybe I can invite her for some play time,” Convoitise thought.

Kayi remained concerned about his lord and handed him over a invite card, “The vampire army has a number of them. They can drop one in the mail when the Richards have been taken.”

Convoitise looked at the card and looked at Kayi leaving the room. He played with the card and placed it in his pocket. He had his concerns about his chances with Chisoutsa but fear won’t stop him.

The castle of Allegheri was quiet where Chisoutsa and Jiko were away searching for answers on defeating the Lust Vampire. Alan and Hew Richards had travelled to the village to buy some food for the others while the Professor was staying with Allegheri.

Professor Walken walked into the room and saw Allegheri holding a photo of a young woman. He noticed that the vampire was hurt by it. There was a strong sense of pain on his face when he closed the door and it clicked. Allegheri turned around saw Walken.

“Your heart bleeds for the lost too. I have a lost child and yet it seems you carry a similar sorrow,” he said.

“I have lost. You are mistaken,” Allegheri said trying to block the subject.

Professor Walken swing his cane around him and walked up to him. Their eyes watched each other, “You maybe older but I know when someone is hurting,”

He viewed on the photo on the table he dropped, and saw the young woman, “She must have been a great lost for you. You have always been the loner Allegheri. What happened to her?”

“She was once here in the Death Lands when I met her. She understood on many levels and could relate to my long life. The she was killed one night and I couldn’t do a thing. You are lucky Professor Walken to still have your wife. These days are dark and always will be when there is evil in our world,” Allegheri said.

“My wife and I still have problems in our marriage. The fact that Chisoutsa is our daughter is a blessing yet it makes life hard,” Walken explained.

“How is it so Walken?”

“She doesn’t want Chisoutsa to fight. I think she wants us to stay at home and lead a quiet life.”

“By the sound of your thoughts you don’t want that. The lady in the photo wanted the same for me. That is why I refuse to fight until today. With Convoitise it’s becoming harder and harder,” Allegheri said.

“We have to stay strong through this, once Convoitise is gone we move on with our lives. You can try to repair your life in peace,” Walken said to Allegheri.

“Only when the wind is peaceful and quiet Jonathan we will be set free. We are damaged souls who fight for injustices. Yet we lost everything at the end of the day for everyone else,” Allegheri said.

“Hold on to the ones you love the most. You never know when you could lose them.”

Professor Walken thought about that for a moment.

“So all things are not well with you and your wife. Chisoutsa Doesn’t know this?”

“No she will not know for now. I’m hoping that we can work things out in the end,” Professor Walken said.

“All secret come out in the end. Despite how hard we try Professor,” Allegheri said.

Professor Walken looked out of the window and look towards the Soul Mountains, “Is there a way to defeat Convoisite. Without Chisoutsa trying to endangering herself?”

“No. You must strike him when he’s weak. At dawn he has shown to be weaker then in other times of the day. Maybe she can use that however I doubt he will slow down with her and others here,” Allegheri answered.

“She has done well with herself along the way. We can only hope,” Professor Walken said.


Away from the secret hideaway of Allegheri the old vampire was the village. Peaceful as it was there was alaway danger from outside forces. Hew and Alan Richards headed towards the outside of the village when they had been shopping from the store. Alan noticed the sky where Sarge and the other vampires were flying towards them. He leaped back and Hew stood in fear. The vampire surronded them and Alan tried to push them back.

“Get away from us. We don’t want any trouble here!” Alan cried at them.

The vampires shoved him to the ground and Sarge came down and looked at the Richards.

“You two will be coming with us. The Lust Vampire wants us to take you to him,” she said to the pair.

“Why is that?” Hew asked.

“He doesn’t want Chisoutsa receiving to much help from her friends. Taking you two first will be only be the beginning,” Sarge said smiling.

There wasn’t much of a fight from the Richards and they knew they couldn’t do a thing. The vampires grabbed them and they took off into the air. A villagerer appeared onto the scene and saw a floating note falling down towards him and it landed by his shoes. He picked it up and saw it was a invite to one of Convotisie’s parties. He put it in his pockets and walked away towards the bar.


A couple hours later and Chisoutsa had received word that the Richards had gone missing. She was told by Frithdar and Allegheri to search the village. She arrived inside and loaded her gun and looked around the area. She wandered into the bar to check out the people and se if anyone saw anything. She came inside and the barperson slid a drink towards her.

“We don’ want any trouble young girl. Have a drink and relax,” he said.

She walked up and took the drink. She noticed the villagerer man who was reading a red card.

“What you got there,’ she asked slipping her drink.

“It’s a card I found. It’s a invite to the Midnight Ball by the vampire of the north. All the bad sorts go there and whatever happens, happens there,” he said.

She came up to him with her dink and took the card, “It’s from Convoistie. He must have taken the Richards. I think it’s time to pay a visit to Conovisite and see what his world is all about,” she said viewing the card.