Artice was prepared for the journey to see the first element. Alex had placed his ice and fire sword in his back sack and Ice had come outside of the palace and locked the tall doors.

“Everything is safe indoors and we can now set ourselves swords the home of the first element,” Ice said to Alex.

“And who is the first element we shall visit?’ asked Alex.

“The element of Fire. It’ll be interesting to see what he’s got to say about the crystal,” answered Ice with a straight face.

Ice pushed himself up on Artice and Alex puzzled about Ice’s remark about Fire. The pair was soon on their way in the air. The heat was starting to pick up and Alex commented, “It’s heating up, Ice, isn’t it?” he asked him.


“Too hot. I dislike the warmth,” Ice answered the knight.


The old volcano was soon seen and Alex remembered the day he and Celia were climbing up the hot and steamy volcano risking their lives to seek the swords of the elements. The dragonfly landed near the doors of the volcano, Ice turned to face Alex.


“Have you seen the welcome party that Firwing gives to people,” asked Ice.


“I have and it’s not very good,” moaned Alex.


Ice started to feel the heat of the volcano already affecting him. He undid his top button and leaned on a rock near the doorway and lava pathway,


“Too warm for my likening,” he complained out loud.

“It’s not too bad. It was worse when I first came here,” Alex commented.

“It is far too hot for anyone like us to live here. How does Fire cope in such a condition?” Ice said to Alex.


After battling with the heat, Ice found the time to travel through the doors of the volcano to find Fire. Alex followed him too and saw the pieces set up for a Chess game as he smiled to himself.

“Fire, where are you?” asked Ice.

“Here, blind one,” smiled Fire appearing from the corner of the room. “What do you want, silly? Of all the people in the world you wish to visit and it’s me. There must be a logical reason to your madness in choosing me,”

Ice and Fire didn’t always get on much. Both of them thought that each other was stupid. No one knew if this was for real and just a game they played.

“Where is your fire crystal Fire? You should know where it is. We are looking for all the crystals in order to minimize harm to us from Morcar and Draken,” said Ice.


“I gave it away,” said Fire.

“You did what?” snapped Ice. Alex stepped back from the pair and watched.

“You heard it Ice. Gone!” cried Fire waving his arms about.

He walked back to this throne chair and sat down and looked at Ice and Alex. He waved his arms again at Ice.

“You were always the stupid one,” said Ice.

“You see that, Alex! All the other elements have lost their crystals. But who does he see first? Me, to make me look stupid, he loves doing that,” Fire cried pointing at Ice the ‘criminal’.


“Even if I saw you, last, Fire you didn’t have the crystal with you! Besides it’s not hard to make you look stupid” cried Ice.

“Ice, such the goodie goodie with everyone. You make me sick sometimes,” snapped Fire on his throne.

“Ok ok,” Alex said trying to stop the pair from arguing, “Who did you give it to?” asked Alex.

“Some guy by the name of Gladus. He was some wild wizard. Pretty good talker too,” answered Fire.

A sudden chill came over his body at the sound of his name. Ice looked blankly and Alex changed his body language back to normal.

“Never heard of the man, where does he live?” asked Ice.


“Yeah. The desert is in the south. He likes the dry lands,” answered Fire. “Off we go then. Ice can’t keep on going to these hot places. He’ll melt!”


“Ok, then. We can go and find him then,” sighed Alex.


The young man still remembered clearly the dark memories of Gladus with Celia and Alfred and his ways of doing business.


Fire turned to Ice and gave a cunning smile. Ice didn’t like that.


“You can stay here, Ice. The desert is too hard for you. Be sure not to touch anything. You’ll most likely to melt in this volcano of mine,” laughed Fire as Ice gave a dirty look.


“I would like to put you in the cooler for a while,” thought Ice.

“Don’t start now,” interrupted Alex. “We have a job to do remember?”

Alex and Fire left the room. Ice watched the melting lava walls and looked at his hands.


“I’m going to melt at this point. I’ll get Fire someday,” he plotted to himself.


Fire skipped outside and laughed at Alex about Ice and the head.

“Silly old Ice, he always gets the last laugh on me. Not this time,” he joked around. He called out to Firwing.


“I don’t see why you two don’t get on. He seems to be a good person,” Alex said to Fire.


“He’s so boring. His life is spent staying in that bloody palace and preaching about the meanings of life to young kids. He needs to get out more often and see the world. He only does this through his work,” Fire answered Alex.


Alex quickly turned his head to see Firwing appearing and standing next to Artice. Even the two dragonflies seemed to dislike each other like their masters.


“Come on Alex. We must head off to see this guy now,” Fire reminded him and the two used Firwing to make their way.

As the two travellers took off, the crystal which Gladus had possessed had already been given away to someone. Inside a hot desert cave stood Gladus the wizard and the dark Morcar. Morcar looked at the fire crystal as he spoke.


“Thank you for your kind service, Gladus. We seem to have met a lot in the last couple weeks.”


“This should help us. If you still see there is one within these crystals,” said Gladus.


“Indeed, and if you think I don’t have what it takes to control the power then you’re wrong. I do know what I’m doing, Gladus. Just watch me. I will show you that I have more power and control than you will ever have in your life,” said Morcar.

“Don’t worry about that part Morcar. I’ll be watching alright. My eyes will spark at the smallest mistake you make,” explained Gladus.

“Good doing business with you then. You’ll see I won’t make any mistakes,” smiled Morcar.


As Morcar was leaving the area, he wanted to ask the experienced wizard something.


“What are my chances of winning?” he asked.

“I really don’t know. But the elements and the ThunderDragon are not pushovers. Keep trying Morcar, you might surprise yourself and get there one day,” smiled Gladus giving Morcar a worried feeling.

He wanted a good answer, not a doubtful one. But that wasn’t going to stop him. He walked outside to Draken as Gladus watched them.

“It’s not how I would play the game. I just don’t believe the Book of Trunks, dear old Morcar,” thought the wizard to himself as he disappeared into his own shadows.


Firwing was now nearing the desert home of Gladus. Alex was thinking about Gladus and what the shadow would do when they meet again.

“So this where Gladus lives,” Alex said to Fire.

“Not really. He says he’s in the middle of a camp out for now. He said I live in a much darker land but who knows what he meant. The guy talks in riddles,” Fire responded to him.

“I thought he lived here. He hasn’t told Morcar and me everything,” Alex said to himself in wonder.

The dragonfly landed in a blowing and windy desert area near a cave. The two hopped off and covered their faces in the wind.

“Hold on tight, it’s a bit windy here for some reason. It’s just inside that cave towards your left,” Fire pointed out to Alex.

They soon entered the cave and it was found to be dark and dry. Fire started to glow and he grinned at Alex, “Don’t need a torch when you have me,” he said.

Alex suddenly felt the shadows around him and his eyes widen. “He’s here somewhere,” he called out to Fire.

The shadow appeared at the end of the lane in the cave and greeted his visitors.

“It’s so nice to see people. So long it has been and of all people it would be you two,” the figure spoke.


“Hello there, Gladus, haven’t seen you in centuries,” Fire cried out. “He’s older than many would think,” Alex said to himself in wonder, “Another mistake he’s created on Morcar.”

“What does a knight from Richardson Castle and an element of the weather come here to the desert for? Also more surprising, why would these two odd bods be together? What a strange but yet interesting pairing,” Gladus stated.

His faced seemed to have frightened the pair into silence when Alex broke the silence by saying,

“We’re here to look for the crystal of Fire. Do you have it here? We need it back. Gladus, you should know where some of the crystals, are seeing you have lived a long time,” said Alex staring at Gladus.

“I’m so sorry to inform you that the little rock is no longer here with me. It is now carried in the hands of Morcar, the former Richardson wizard. Even at my age Alex. It couldn’t track the events of six little crystals. Why do you need it?” asked the wizard.

Gladus looked at Alex then at Fire for an answer. His looks made you feel a dagger straight into one’s heart.


“He is a danger to us all Gladus. Aren’t you the strange wizard of the north? Who likes to work by himself?” asked Fire.

Gladus leaned towards the element of Fire and gave a smile at him.

“Yes, that is true. He’s not a danger to me. That’s a long shot you made there, element of Fire. You should remember when you gave the crystal to me,” answered Gladus.


He turned to face the young knight and frowned at him. Gladus shot a look back at Fire and smiled.


“Don’t you remember a face like mine?”

“Yes but only in shadows did I see your face. Not in the light,” answered Fire.

Gladus leaned back into his chair and thought about it.

“The light and I don’t get on very well, let’s say. It’s always been a love hate relationship,” replied the wizard.


“Too bad, young knight, you’ll think of how to get the three crystals from Morcar,” Gladus grinned to Alex.


“Three? How can that be?” asked Fire amazed.


“Have I said too much? It seems I have too,” smiled Gladus. “Well, Fire. We must get them back then. As for you, Gladus, you were of no help giving the crystal to Morcar. That wizard is a fool of a thing,” said Alex.

“Ok, Ice can stay in my fire pit for a few more days,” joked Fire. “Don’t worry Alex, you’ll find a way, you’ve gone through caves,


dungeons and mountains an your quest,’ smiled Gladus.


Alex walked outside the desert cave and Gladus eyed the element of Fire. Suddenly without Alex hearing, the cave door shut tight, trapping Fire inside with Gladus.

Fire’s eyes started to lose their heat. Gladus lifted an eyebrow. It seemed his power was drained by Gladus, somehow. How could that be, a element losing its power like that? He stood up from his chair and walked down next to Fire and whispered in his ear, “I wish to know you better, element of Fire, as well as your brothers of the weather. There are some questions I wish to know the answers to. I think you are the best person for the role.”


“What do you want? What do you know?” Fire asked.

He paced around the element and held his arm up showing his hand rubbing together. The cave started to look like a mist and Fire’s mind was getting sleepy and tired.


“It is a question about your ancient books. The ones I was looking at on the Season Island.”


“You were there with Morcar? You can’t go there Gladus. It’s only a place for the elements to go to when we need to understand what to do.” “Of course, I was there for the very same reason. To understand how you worked. How the whole system works, the chain of the elements,” Gladus told him.


“I know about that Gladus. You can’t break that chain unless you suck the powers out of us,” Fire protested.


“I don’t think that’s the way to do it. I think there’s another way. A better way to torture you and your brothers,” Gladus smiled.


He stepped around the element and stopped in front of him. Fire started to shake when he saw Gladus, he started to see the inside of him.

“The missing pages of your books, the ones I was reading on the Island where are they, Fire? You must know, Fire. Do tell now, where did you hide them?” Gladus asked him.


“There is a story to why the pages are missing, it is not my fault Gladus, you must understand that now, let me go,” Fire answered. Gladus sat down on his small throne; his eyes were brightening up by his answer.


“You have no power Gladus. You just live here in this cave and bug people like myself, Alex and Morcar,”


Suddenly the room quickly changed and the room was flashing green and Fire was thrown to the ground by a unbelievable strong force. Fire cried in pain as Gladus stood up and leaned over him.


“I am far more powerful than meets the eye, Fire. I have started my own war against this world but when I do you will feel my power shake the very foundations of the earth’s soul. Tell me the walls and this wizard what happened to those pages so long ago?” he asked with excitement and curiosity.


Fire looked around the deserted cave. He started to tell the story of the missing pages in the ancient books.

“It started when time was a baby and when the earth was conceived. The ThunderDragon has received the books on how to control the weather in a large bag he could carry in his hands.


“There was a problem with the bag as there were too many books to hold for one bag. The bag broke into pieces and the books fell down to the ground from the Sky castle.”

The Soul Breaker smiled at the story and rubbed his fingers thinking about it. He wore a black robe and a hood which was off by this time.

“What happened to the books? They were damaged I suggest?” “Yes, most of them, the elements were called upon to help put the


pages back into the books. It appeared when we put all the pages back together, that some pages would be lost forever in this world. Never to be seen again,”


Fire faced Gladus, dropped a fire ball to the ground and disappeared into it.


“That is the story. Plain and simple. The pages are lost forever. Neither you nor I can find them ever again,” Fire finished.


“So your stupid leader lost pages on how to control your powers. What a fool the dragon is. I know why Draken would have been a better leader,” Gladus thought.


His eyes flashed upon Fire with another question. He smiled at him when he spoke. Fire was still on the ground in pain. Gladus stood near the end of the cave and watched the element. The element knew that Gladus was the third player in the war but yet he didn’t say he was, but he knew it. In the end Gladus would want the power of the world to himself, and himself only.

“Draken, the forgotten dragon, what was his role in the creation of the weather? Or if he had one at all?”

“He was never going to be the ruler. Yet he is quite old in age, the ThunderDragon was always the better dragon. He was kinder than Draken was,”

A laugh came from Gladus’s mouth about the comment of the ThunderDragon.

“He is a stubborn and uncaring monster you have as a leader. Where is the kindness in that dragon? A shirt button in the ocean is the ratio of his kindness to the crude image he plays so well,” Gladus criticized.



“He doesn’t show it much, but there is a light in his heart. That was the reason he was picked to rule the weather and not Draken. It’s through his caring towards the weather and rough caring he gives to us that we know he has a heart,” Fire answered Gladus.

“You do not know that, Fire. You’re a lying immature element,” cried Gladus.

“If he didn’t really care about us then he wouldn’t have chosen us as assistants to the weather, would he?” asked Fire to Gladus.

Gladus’s eyes were like daggers at Fire and he pulled a face at the element to ignore him. The Soul-Breaker sighed and his eyes looked bored now. He looked again at Fire. It was tiring to hear the goodness of the ThunderDragon.

“He sounds like a real good guy doesn’t he? I still don’t see the goodness in a stubborn dragon. I wonder what he plans to do about Morcar and Draken?” asked Gladus.

“Whatever plan he comes up with, we, the elements will support it and him on it. We have to protect the weather from people who wish to abuse it,”

“He doesn’t need to earn your approved. You are forced to support it if you like it or not. The ThunderDragon won’t like it if his own little army of elements disagree with him. Would he now?’ Gladus asked him.


Fire was silent and Gladus smiled at him. He had him in the corner now.


“It’s such a pity that you play as pawns in the chain of elements. You don’t get a say in anything. Is that caring? Is that the true meaning of love and care? I don’t think so, it doesn’t exist in this world, Fire” beamed Gladus.


Fire tossed his head and looked angrily at Gladus. Gladus waved his arm over him and the door to his desert cave opened again. Fire climbed slowly to his feet and looked at Gladus for the last time.


“You can go as you wish. Tell me how you go in your little quest. I would like to hear all of your adventures, element of Fire,” Gladus called. Fire walked out in a huff and Gladus closed the door again and alone he was again.


“The ThunderDragon’s careless mistakes could be my advantage over him and the elements,” Gladus thought to himself in the cold darkness.


Fire was outside and Alex was waiting for him with Firwing. Alex walked up to him and put his hand on his shoulder. Fire was tired and shaking and Alex noticed it.


“You look tired. What did you talk to Gladus about? What did he do to you?” asked the young knight.


“Nothing special, we’d better head off now. Let’s take Firwing with us back to the volcano home,” Fire answered uneasily.

“Good, let’s go then. If there’s nothing to do here,” Alex said and he turned toward Firwing.

Fire looked towards Gladus’s desert cave and shook his head. There was more to Gladus than just a shadow in the dark. He was one to be watched but, Morcar and Draken had to be dealt with first.

“What does he want with us elements and the world?” he said to himself in wonder.

Firwing was ready and the two jumped on. The dragonfly took off into the sky.