The darkness covered the land where a Village was. It was quiet and tender. The village people were peaceful humans who farmed and practice in health and minor spells. Children played outside with bows and arrows. There was a small lake on the left hand side of the Village. The sign post of the Village moved in the wind with the name “Huwette” on it. A figure was walking towards the village for a meeting with a friend of his. He stopped just outside when he saw a machine of some sort badly damaged. It seemed it had been there for weeks. The figure moved his hand over it. A name appeared over the machine called “Black Vixen”.

“Strange name, I wonder how it got here,” he said to himself.

The young man walked onwards. He played with his hands and small balls of magic and fire appeared from them. He was a wizard and known around the Huwette Village. He entered a quiet bar where his friend was in the corner. He came up to him and sat down at the table.

“Good to see you again Irasil. You know some places in the world never change. Such as the Death Lands here. Still the cold, strange and ancient area it is. Don’t you think?” he asked him.

“While it is true that the Death Lands rarely change, it is the Convoitise Vampire that still seeks terror and death from his people Frithdar,” Irasil said.

“Don’t tell me that the legendary Irasil Allegheri is going to go something about it. That’s about 300 years late for that,” Frithdar said.

“I’m sure someone will be willing to do the job for a good price,” Allegheri said.

Frithdar was served a drink by the bartender and sipped on it for a while thinking, “Do you know what a Black Vixen?” he asked Allegheri.

“No. Show me it first and maybe I can tell you,” Allegheri answered standing up. He was dressed in a black and red cape and gown. He wore a black rounded hat to shield himself from the sun and the night.

The pair stepped outside the bar and wandered down the main street of Huwette Village. Frithdar appeared in a blue gown and black pants. He looked middle aged like Allegheri but were far older then they looked. Frithdar pointed out the Black Vixen to Allegheri and he walked over with him and inspected the machine.

“This is the first time I have seen a vehicle car in the Death Lands, whoever drove here no idea where they were traveling,” Allegheri spoke.

“So where did it come from. It’s a long distance from anywhere here,” Frithdar said.

Allegheri opened the side door and climbed inside. The keys were still in the car and he turned it on, “No fuel left.” He looked at a tracker map to see where the car was driving from. “City of Demons, that’s a name I haven’t heard of in a while,” he said.

“That’s where the Demon Lord Censilo lived in his first life. I’m going to keep the keys. See if the owner turns up later on,” Allegheri said.

“So we watch the car or not?” Frithdar asked.

“We don’t have the time for that. We need to keep moving. I need to find my killer for Convoitise. Free the people of the mess that he is,” Allegheri said.

“Are you nuts or something? He’s like Censilo or worse. Very powerful, doesn’t give in easily. Why won’t we just battle him ourselves?” Frithdar replied.

“We don’t have the power for that. Besides, this is not the easy City of Demons where there’s one big bad guy and you win the game. There is more then one evil in this land,” Allegheri explained to his old friend Frithdar.

“I can help with tracking the owner. I have a little magical camera here. Now if I stick it to the tree here next to this car. Then we can see who owns it,” Frithdar said.

Allegheri looked beyond the Village and towards the deserted castles in the east. He had memories of living in some of them in his earlier days.

“We shall visit some of the old castles Frithdar. Rediscover the good old days,” Allegheri said.

“Relive the legendary days. Which part is more famous, the fact that daylight doesn’t hurt you or that wooden stakes doesn’t hurt you?” Frithdar asked.

“Both I say. I still can get hurt Frithdar. I’m not perfect, just different from the other vampires. Let’s go now,” Allegheri said. The pair walked away from the Black Vixen. The cold night went on for a few more hours.

It was early in the warm morning; children were helping their parents getting water from the lake where another two figures were walking towards the Black Vixen. One strong female character and one thin male with a white cloth over his arm.

“So do you really have a missing family connection or not?” the female asked.

“Well Chisoutsa, Charles showed me the pictures and the information. I’m sure he was right. My past family lived in the Death Lands. Thou I wished they lived in Lake Pure. Much nicer and not so scary looking,” he answered.

“Alan, we have been looking for a while and there’s nothing great in this area. When we get the Black Vixen fixed then we can go back to the City,” Chisoutsa said.

“The damages are not that easy to fix up. I don’t have the tools I had in the City,” Alan said.

Chisoutsa and Alan came up to the Black Vixen and saw the car door opened and the keys missing. She walked up to the car and kicked in the door.

“Who the fucked took the keys!” she shouted out.

“I don’t know! Stop shouting, the car doesn’t work at the moment so no point in getting upset,” Alan snapped back.

“We have been driving for a month and this is the dump we have come to. So much for finding new adventures,” Chisoutsa said.

The pair check around the door and closed it. Then they carried on into the Huwette Village. Alan pointed at the bar where Allegheri and Frithdar were before.

“Let’s have a drink in there. It’s like a wild western this place,” he said to Chisoutsa.

“Expect westerns don’t have castles nearby,” Chisoutsa replied.

“Yeah well you know what I mean,” Alan said.

The pair entered the bar and Chisoutsa ordered some drinks. Alan played with a notebook and pen and made notes on the damages of the Black Vixen.

“The sandstorms really made a mess of things. Also the long driving didn’t do it well. It was a shame that the flying panel was destroyed near the start of the trek to the Death Lands,” Alan said to Chisoutsa.

“Can we fix everything?” she asked him.

“We can get it to drive again but there’s no fuel here. We can only fix the flying panel when we return back to the City,” Alan answered.

Chisoutsa stood up from her seat and a dark figure entered the room. Dressed in a brown suit and disguising himself he walked up to Chisoutsa and Alan and pulled a pistol on them.

“Get up and walk over to corner room way from the bar.” He said.

Chisoutsa paused and nodded at Alan. They walked over into the room and they sat on the chairs and table there was in the room. The hidden hood was revealed when they turned around.

“Mr. Umzeu?” Chisoutsa cried surprised.

“Why is it when I try to escape from you? I always find you near me? Come on, tell me why you are here in the Death Lands,” Mr. Umzeu asked…