It’s been over two years since CT Creativity was created. The idea was to expand fromjust having a writer’s web sitw to a creative web site which featured more into videos, photos and discussions. The design of the site has changed a couple times and wll now stay the same for years to come. CT Creativity 2.0 is about adding sections where more updates will happen to the site as writing stories takes time to complete.

New Features Coming:

  1. My Interests – Most sections or all of them really will fall into My Creative Works or the new My Interests. It’s the major second area to be added to the site. Stories, Photos, and Films will now be sub catalogues under “My Creative Works” and all the following new areas will fall under “My Interests.
  2. Reviews – Reviews have been apart of the site before but I’m adding them back in for good. It’s been a major area of creative work for years for myself and creates plenty of discussions. Most of them are Nintendo game videos however I have reviewed non video games in the past such as technlogy or even food.
  3. NNN Show – The popular segment show on Nintendo Ninja News has grown into a show about anything. While most of the content is Nintendo related – there is a number of life updates, non video game content that has appeared. You can expect the content to be more varied into the future.
  4. Contact Page – I have also had this page in the past but this time it will feature all the social media links I have and what I do with them. It will made all nice and fancy – easy to use too.