The mystery ghost studied Alan Richards for a few moments before Chisoutsa awoke from the ground. The ghost looked at Chisoutsa then back at Alan. There was a fireplace where the group was. It was well kept for a castle looked after by a ghost.

“My name is Hew. The village is named after me and our family Alan. The Richards moved to the City of Demons a while ago to get away from our past,” Hew explained.

“So my family did live here. Where is everyone else?” Alan asked while stood up and looked at the ghost with a dirty face.

“They’re all dead by now but I remain here. I must be lucky. Well you’re awake aren’t you,” Hew said looking towards Chisoutsa.

“You didn’t need to hit me. Besides shouldn’t you be in the next life world now?”

“That’s true but with people like me. Who are let’s say half good and evil, we get trapped in here as ghosts. My good deeds were at the end of my life,” Hew said.

“Sounds like me,” joked Mr. Umezu.

Hew floated around the room and saw the map that Alan was holding and questioned him, “Looking for someone Alan?”

“I am looking for the Vampire Convoitise,” Chisoutsa answered.

“Why you would be looking for him. He’s all the powerful in the Death Lands, Hew said.

“I’ve had an offer from Allegheri to kill him for a nice sum.”

“So he’s getting a human to do it for him. So your name is?”

“Chisoutsa, I’m the one who took care of Censilo,” she answered.

“I’m impressed. Censilo was by what I heard a powerful and smart thinking leader. The Death Lands are a large and challenging area unlike the City of Demons. Mountains, castles, ghosts like me but with evil intent, you can’t drive around in a car and shoot at things,” Hew said.

“I told you before with the Black Vixen,” Alan reminded Chisoutsa.

Chisoutsa nodded her head and Hew grabbed the map from Alan and read it, “Your travels will only get worse from here. There’s the Soul Mountains that surround the Convoitise Castle. Hard to breathe and there’s vampires on the lookout. Your target will no doubt pay you a visit there. I can help take you there. These two can stay and eat all my food,” Hew said.

“There’s food here. About time too!” Mr.Umezu said.

“You can make yourself home here people. Chisoutsa and I can go on to see the Vampire. I haven’t had a adventure since my death,” Hew said.

“Who killed you?” Alan asked his great uncle.

“Convoitise killed me a long time ago. He didn’t know me well and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like thousands of villagers were,” Hew sighted.

Chisoutsa sorted herself out adding weapons to her with her sword and gun she still had on her from the Black Vixen. Hew turned to Alan and Mr. Umezu, “That car, the Black Vixen I saw on the map. How are you going to repair it?” Hew asked.

“There’s nothing we can do. No fuel for it,” Alan answered back.

“I have some fuel left in the storage room from past bad deeds. Only enough to get you back to the city. Alan and Mr. Umezu can do this while we go traveling. I’ve been waiting to get back at that vampire for years and I hope you can do it for me Chisoutsa,” Hew said.

“I hope so for my sake. Alan, be quick with the repairs. Get the flying device working on the Black Vixen,” Chisoutsa said.

“I will. We should go now Mr. Umezu,” Alan said.

The two of them headed out of the castle with the fuel bottle and Hew floated in front of the fire camp. He was thinking of the lust vampire, the monster who killed him.

“Do you like being a ghost Hew?” Chisoutsa asked him.

“Sometimes it has its good moments. But to live with no family and unable to feel anything anymore is painful. It almost seems to me that no good deeds can save you from this life. The gods are cruel and the powerful evil across the entire are bent on ruling over each other. That’s the world we live in Chisoutsa. You’re just another strong figure against them,” Hew answered sadly.

Hew turned around and looked at the young woman, “Time to go. I can’t change my life but I can change the lives of the Villagers.”

Chisoutsa followed him out of the fire place room watching her new friend and wondering what deeds he did in his life.


The wind in the Village had picked up as Mr. Umezu and Alan were shaking as they neared the Black Vixen. There weren’t any children out to play that night and the people were very quiet when Mr. Umezu noticed it. The villagers were shielding their faces from each other and at him.

“It’s very quiet around here. Something wrong you think?” he asked Alan.

“Maybe, I can’t tell,” Alan answered.

They reached the Black Vixen when they saw a figure with a torch of fire. It was Frithdar camping out waiting for Chisoutsa an the group to return.

“What are you doing here?” Alan asked him.

“I do hope our Chisoutsa isn’t dead yet,” Frithdar replied.

“No, she’s with a friend heading to the Soul Mountains,” Mr. Umezu said.

“It’s a dangerous place to be at for vampire hunting,” Frithdar said.

“Why are the villagers all quiet tonight?” Mr. Umezu asked.

“The vampire has awoken and that’s why I’m here to give the warning. He is strong and ready to battle anyone in the world. Chisoutsa will be facing a difficult battle to control him. His vampire army will test her out first,” Frithdar told them.

“She’s facing another guy called Censilo. Real bad looking demon, nearly took over two worlds. She’ll be fine,” Mr. Umezu snapped back.

“You are leaving the area back to the city?” Frithdar asked.

“Yes to get this car repaired,” Alan replied.

“Good luck on the trip home. This machine looking car might help her out.”

“It should. I made it,” Alan smiled.

The Black Vixen finally had some fuel back in her and the car took off slowly with the damages. Frithdar watched in the background and he worried about how Chisoutsa could deal with the Lust Vampire. He knew she had good skill but he also knew that these parts of the world had challenges she hadn’t been through before.

“The Death Lands is not kind to any creature who walks it,” Frithdar spoke to himself.

The car traveled out of the Death Lands and into the sandstorm area at full speed. Alan was riving and Mr. Umzeu in the back seat reading.

“This car better not blow up by the time we get back home. The damages you guys made were terrible. Those garage girls will be needed on this pile of rubbish we are driving in.” Mr. Umezu complained.

“It’s not that bad! We’ll be fine. If Chisoutsa will be fine, is the real question. Going alone with a ghost isn’t safe too. I can’t believe my family is all gone, just a shadow ghost that weeps in front of a fireplace. Being sinned for his life deeds,” Alan sighted looking into the long distance desert of sand and dirt.