Throughout the universe there are many unanswered questions. There are ones that people believe in and others who don’t. To take a journey to answer these questions would take lifetimes but for one it will take a single lifetime. The mysteries of space are indeed exciting but for our own planet Earth, the mystery always starts at home.

NASA the home central of space for the world has been quiet over the past few years. One of the chief managers who worked for NASA was reading the morning paper with a cup of warm coca. He was middle aged man with a grey beard and short small glasses. He was known as a man of logic and a person who could get the job done. He turned over his newspaper when one of his co-workers came inside his office with some papers that he handed over to him.

“What’s this may I ask?”

“These are some reports that have been in the past few months about some different cases you know,” he answered nodding.

“Geoff if these reports are not that important than you can file them yourself. This nice coca needs its alone time if you get the picture.”

“Well Doug these reports are quite strange as in the type of thing we dismiss very quickly,” Geoff answered.

Doug looked over the reports and saw paragraphs on UFO’s and he grinned to himself about the matter, “Your right and so I shouldn’t bother with this matter.”

“I know that both of us don’t believe in this type of thing but these reports are getting louder and there’s a part of me that thinks that maybe something is up. I know in the past there’s always a UFO sighting but these activities are getting interesting in details and there seems to be a link in some of them, even from country to country. I was thinking that maybe your friend Daniel Phoenix could look into this? Geoff explained.

Doug leaned back in his chair with his coca in his hand and slipped some of it. He picked up one of the reports and glared over it remembering his friend who used to work at NASA with him a couple years ago. How things change are time.

“I had to fire him because he was using our budget to go UFO hunting. While he carried a special charm about him and had a talent of tracking down hard information. This is just going to get him excited about these things again. Do you want me to rehire him, let him spent our budget again and then I fire him for a second time?” Dough asked.

“He could work undercover you know. Umm no one would need to know about this. One report talks about a UFO sighting in Los Angeles of recent times and the rumor is that there were two sighting that it dropped bits and pieces over the air into a park somewhere. No one has been able to find it and even the military hasn’t bothered to investigate it.”

“What are these bits and pieces that this report speaks about?”

“They could be anything really if you think about it.”

Doug turned around in his seat and pulled out a case file and sat it on the table. There was a photo of a man with brown hair and brown eyes. He looked half odd but a charming face, a face you could trust.

“You want this man, Daniel Phoenix who is a beloved nutcase with UFO’s to search for bits and pieces of a possible UFO?” Doug asked him one more time.

“Yes, if he finds nothing than no harm done. If he does what do we do?”

“I do not think we would need to think that far ahead,” smirked Doug.

Geoff picked up Daniel’s case file and started reading it, interested to know the man who was known as a UFO hunter, “Where is he now?”

“Unemployed at the moment by the last time I checked. He lives in New York and possibly finding work as a science teacher. Straight A student in his time and has a habit of getting himself into odd situations with the law. He’s known for breaking into different libraries and places of interest to study things. I would think it’s to do with his eternal research on the matter of what are we talking about. “

Geoff became worried about him breaking the law. Surely this Daniel Phoenix character wasn’t someone who would harm others in the name of research. He looked over his accounts and surprised to see he had some wealth to his name. He didn’t appear to be a person who was a UFO hunter and wealthy at the same time.

“He has a massive saving account over 200 000 dollars here. Where would he have saved all that from?”

“He saved most of it from working here and other jobs. He told me one time he would save it for a rainy day but didn’t get any clues on what this rainy day was about. I will contact him about this report and will get you in here soon enough. My coca is now lightly warm,” Doug responded to Geoff.

Geoff left the office room and the door closed. Doug looked at his desk with Daniel’s case file and the UFO reports to the right of the UFO hunter and tossed his head about the whole idea. He was the one who always pulled him back on these matters. NASA was meant to be the place of fact and exploring other worlds, not for stories about aliens and UFO’s, the strange and the plain odd. But this time he set to push Daniel into an investigation. Geoff had served at NASA for 15 years and had the same working model that he did. However he was surprised to see Geoff appear in his office with these reports, maybe he might be on to something with these reports but the chances are very slim. Doug decided to play along with the game and see what Daniel thought of these reports. It was also a good excuse to catch up with him to see how life after NASA was fairing for him.


A number of days past and Doug had pulled up in his car to the NASA headquarters where he saw a figure at the front doors with a baseball cap and a phone that the male figure was playing on. Doug knew straight away who it was, locked his car and walked up to him.

“Mr. Daniel Phoenix. It’s been a while since we have both seen each other in person. How are you and I’m guessing you received my message where you lived?” Dough said starting the discussion.

Daniel looked up to him in the baseball cap and put his phone back in his pocket for now. The cap was mainly for Daniel about hiding himself when he needed to and if he was in the mood to be abit shady if the moment needed it. His short brown hair he messed up and a teenager styled shirt he worn showed off the oddness of the UFO hunter. Underneath it all there was a smart investigator somewhere.

“Yes I received your message. I was confused because I was fired for this type of thing Doug. Fired and now you want me to investigate these reports you spoke about. Is this some joke or just a way to fire me a second time? Every time I tried to go down this path there you would be blocking my way at every turn. It’s very hard to have a friend who does this to you all the time,” Daniel answered unhappy with Doug.

Doug put his hand on Daniel’s shoulder and smiled at him, “Geoff wants me to look at this one and the fact that you have next to no chance of finding anything. I’m going to entertain this idea and see how far you can run with it. This time, no pulling back and you can go for your life on this one. No road blocks from me,” Dough explained to him.

Daniel looked around the NASA building and how early in the morning it was for the two of them to be where they are, “I guess you already had the thought I always turn up early to these things. The thing I don’t understand is that why now after four years of working with you?”

“Daniel, you may be young but you are very talented and this is a second chance you could say. Geoff might have gotten through to me on that fact while I was thinking over your time here over the past couple days.”

“What about NASA? Do they know what you are allowing me to do?”

“No they don’t but we have a secret budget to help you on your way with investigations.”

“You mean the black budget, the one that every government on the planet has?”

Dough smiled to himself and looked up at the sun beginning to crack in for the new day. It was the same old Daniel Phoenix already investigating and questioning his old boss. Daniel popped out his phone and looked at his messages.

“Jack’s wondering if I made it here safely. You know at least he is a half-believer and actually listens to me with some faith. Can I start looking into these reports now?” he asked.

“Sure thing Daniel, that’s why you’re here for. You wouldn’t be here looking at moon rocks or anything fact based,” Doug answered digging into him.

The two of them came to the front doors and Doug scanned his card across the security scanner and the doors opened and so did the doors of investigating for Daniel Phoenix again.