As true to Censilo’s word, the Hyper Camp was quickly set up in order for Hew and Serti to work within the area to build his perfect bodies. Inside it was like a white hospital, laced with training rooms and bedrooms where the bodies slept. Apart from the main rooms there was energy rooms and a large hallway room that lead up to a massive decoding machine that only Censilo had access to. Many men of science were hired to created humans who were perfect, powerful in the inside and outside, controlled by their master demon and to serve his every command.

Hew was found one late night working on two unique humans. One was a male and the other a female. He was studying with the two bodies when Serti walked inside.

“I see you are busy at work here. Two very strong bodies you have created here,” Serti noted.

“Yes the female one is fine, she is going very well. However this male body has some personality issues. It’s quite varied with the rate bar here on the screen here you can see,” Hew explained to Serti.

“I have seen this problem. I think after some time after he is born and released from his coma will his real personality take place. Hopefully for his training and fighting skills he will not be too angry or bloody,” Serti replied.

Hew placed his notebook of papers down on a table next to the male human lowered his head towards Serti.

“Do you believe we are right to play God?” he asked him.

“I have always believed in demons and I believe Censilo will be a good ruler. You must have faith in Censilo,” Serti answered him.

“The problem is Serti, I know how the minds of vampires and demons work,” Hew replied.


Meanwhile away from the Hyper Camp, large black vans were driving around dangerously on the roads while a couple vans stopped outside of some buildings. The Silver Machines appeared and sledged through the windows of a building and entered inside. A couple bystanders watched from across as a young girl looked to the older man next to her.

“What are they doing to the DNA Clinic Tyrell?” she asked him.

“I don’t know my dear niece. It looks weird doesn’t it? We better get home to the Grill house then stand here and get in trouble. This government doesn’t care about the people anymore,” answered the older man.

Inside the building and the Silver Machines had large bags and started stashing tubs of DNA and eggs for donors to form children. Four bags were collected when they ran back outside and jumped into the vans. The black vans took off again and charged down the streets of the City of Demons. A couple vans past the Government Square where everything was not bright in the land.  Charles watched the vans and walked back inside the building where he was heading straight for the Prime Leader office. He entered when the Prime Leader popped his head up from his desk.

“Charles, what is it that you want?” he asked.

“Our issues with the businesses are not right. We cannot let them control the government anymore,” Charles complained.

“Do you expect me to stand up to these businesses that have the money and power to rule the city?” the Prime Leader asked Charles.

“Yes. You’re not even a leader if you continue to act like this. We must push them back and work with the people in the city in order to gain trust and build an army for us!” Charles snapped back.

“I am the Prime Leader and I am leading this city for the sake of our people. We must obey the businesses we have nothing on them. Do you understand that Charles? Our budgets are low because of them and the gangs rule the streets. They keep it safe,” the Prime Leader shouted.

“The gangs keep it safe? You are stupid, are you? If anyone crosses the line they get killed. No one wonder why no one visits or wants to live in the city anymore.”

“You will never understand my position on this,” the Prime Leader said quietly.

“You know, I never will. Fuck this job and fuck this government. I will not stand and play as a puppet where I know the people we support are killing the public on the streets,” Charles shouted and stormed out of the building and shut the door hard. He walked over and kicked a chair over on the ground had a dirty face on him.

“Will anyone come to this city and save us from this mess,” Charles said.

He sat on the stairs of the Government Square and looked at the dark skies of the City of Demons. He looked unknowingly towards a new tall black building where the hidden Censilo was planning and creating his perfect humans.

“It’s like a new building is made everyday,” Charles said.


It was night time, Hew and Serti were watching in the background as Censilo switched on the final stages for the two humans. Censilo was pleased with Hew’s work and grabbed hold of the DNA and science papers Hew had worked on.

“So what are the names you shall call them?” Censilo asked Hew.

“You want me to give them names?” Hew asked surprised.

“Why not Hew, you created them and it will add a touch of class. These names will strike fear into others,” Censilo said.

Hew walked over to the female body and looked for a moment, “I will call this one Sarge.” He turned around to see the male body and smiled for a while. He saw something good in this person.

“I will call this person Jiko. I have a feeling he will turn out fine despite the issues we may have.”

Censilo watched from the background and whispered into Serti ear, “I hope this Jiko will quickly change into the force I want him to be. I dislike the word waiting.”

“Yes I understand my lord,” Serti answered worried.

There was smile on Censilo’s face with the papers that he was holding. He was planning something much larger than the current project he was viewing. He felt his plan was finally within reach of success. After the years of planning and the escape back to the First Life World, he could now foresee his master plan. The birth of something very evil was in motion.