The war had heated up on the streets of The City of Demons as Lucas, Jasper, Chisoutsa and Roger had started their fight against the soul breakers. Lucas and Jasper had found the hidden location where Valentine and Wararth had been basing themselves and had uncloaked the area. Lucas spoke into the ear piece to Jasper who was in the outside section fighting the soul breakers with Chisoutsa and Roger.

“I’m entering the area now to see where Valentine and Wararth are now. Keep the soul breakers outside busy. I need time to find him and make sure he doesn’t move,” he told him.

Jasper nodded and pushed back next to Roger and Chisoutsa who were fist fighting with two dozen soul breakers attacking. They had a similar dress to Valentine. Dressed in purple coats and some were in blue coats armed with swords and pistols. They were quick and deadly foes that carried a lot of energy in them. Chisoutsa head butted one and turned to Jasper.

“There’s more coming from over the other streets. I’m not sure how long we can keep on going like this. We need back up!” she shouted towards him.

“Well fuck I know that too. Lucas is in there trying to knock off the head or keep Valentine prisoned up in there. We don’t have much firepower left, it’s all been used up now,” Jasper shouted back.

Roger smashed into a few soul breakers and throwing one of the bodies into four others as he grunted and marched towards them with no fear in his eyes. He turned around saw the army of four hundred soul breakers coming across the streets and heading straight for the three of them.

“Chisoutsa, I think the moment has come. We might have to go inside and find Lucas. It’s getting too much,” Jasper cried out to her.

Roger held out his long broadsword in front of the hordes of soul breakers charging down towards him and he ran into the danger swinging and slashing his way through them. Pulling several heads to the ground and stomping on them with his boot. He turned around with shades of blood on his face knowing at he was outnumbered in the crowds of hundreds.

“Even I will say that’s insane to see,” Chisoutsa said watching Roger in the battle against the soul breakers.

The pair started to rush towards Roger as more soul breakers came into firing rounds at Chisoutsa and Jasper as they dodged the bullets pushing their way forwards. They watched Roger being knocked to the ground and a number of guns pointed at his head ready to fire as the despair came upon Chisoutsa and Jasper. Four soul breakers bashed the pair to the ground when Jasper hit his head and was knocked out cold where Chisoutsa picked him up and knowing their time was up. A loud noise was heard from the other side of the main city block as four figures appear with a army of hundreds of people on the streets.

“Charles? Allegheri, Frithdar and Alan Richards?” she cried excited.

“We’re here Chisoutsa! I promised your father that I would watch over you and I will never break that promise. Everyone target the soul breakers and push them back. Protect the ones down there at all cost!” Charles shouted towards his army of local people.

The local army of people run down with used swords and guns firing at the soul breakers. They were everyday people who wanted to fight for what they believed in. Allegheri and Frithdar rushed down the street as Frithdar unleashed a fire ball at the armies of soul breakers around Roger the Barbarian. Allegheri stopped to help Chisoutsa with Jasper from the ground and carried them over to an old park bench where they laid him down.

“We have been busy with rounding up the local people. You can say they wanted to help in return for all you have done for them over the years. Where’s Chris and where is Lucas?” Allegheri asked.

“Lucas is inside with Valentine and Chris is somewhere around here. He’s with Wizard and Mr. Umezu,” she answered.

“He’s in good hands with the wizard.  We have to go inside to find Lucas he’s in real danger if he confronts him by himself. Charles and Alan have discovered some of the power supplies have been repaired and we are not sure how that happened. They will inform us of any updates.”

Chisoutsa watched Roger lead the local group of people attack the soul breakers and she turned around to Allegheri for a moment, “They’re not just doing it for me are they?” she asked him

“No, your father held a special place in this city’s history. He will not be forgotten by those fighting today and tomorrow,” Allegheri replied.


Across a number of streets away, Wizard, Mr. Umezu and myself had arrived at where Censilo kept his own headquarters in the days that he ruled. We had noticed there was noises from the battle of the soul breakers but away from Valentine’s eye we were able for a while to work on our own case.

“Is that the gift, that large huge cover covering something where the building used to be?” Wizard asked pointing it out to me and Mr. Umezu.

“It’s the only thing there. The Government Square flatten the whole building after it was destroyed and left it as it was. I heard Charles was thinking of turning it into a park or garden the last time I heard,” Mr. Umezu replied.

I walked over with the pair and the three of us helped pull off the covers a it was quite large over what it was hiding in somewhat plain view. What was revealed was a median sized space ship with a slide door that started to open up.

“A space ship, now that’s something I wasn’t able to crack in my time,” Mr. Umezu noted about his career.

We all carefully stepped into the space ship and there was a large screen to the side of the controls of the space ship, to the left there was seats for a number of people to sit. The screen itself started to blink with a message. Wizard touched the screen and the mystery commander appeared on it.

“He doesn’t look so strange from before,” Mr. Umezu said nudging me.

“This is one of our standard ships I able to bring to you from the commission’s fleet. In the systems there are documents to transform regular full body time machines into travelers into space too. This will help the war in your efforts to travel easier. You must make sure that your team stays strong and to be quick. Time for all is running out and your worlds will disappear if you fail. Think of this as a kind gift from people who know you well now. Goodbye,” spoke the commander.

“That still doesn’t tell us more about him but I’m very thankful for this tech he gave us. Of course I’m not going to be making money from it. Maybe down the track if this war ends,” replied Mr. Umezu cheekily.

He sat in the front seats and checked the controls of the ship and worked out how to fly it, “Controls are pretty basic, I’m guessing they picked something really simple for us non flyers to use. Control stick to move it around, some buttons above me to stable the ship if the journey is rough. I think there should be problems using it.”

“We need to go and find the others. I can hear someone in the other parts of the city. It doesn’t sound to me Chris,” Wizard said.

“We can both go but I want Mr. Umezu to do something with the ship first,” I told Wizard.

Mr. Umezu turned around getting out a cigar still looking over the space ship, “What is that?” he asked.

“I need you to send a message to Daniel Phoenix and Hayden Norman to help solve the case of the commander and who he is. They should access to any information via the computer systems thanks to this person rebooting and giving power back to the Hyper Camp. We just don’t have the time to figure out ourselves.”

“I can do that and work out how the ship flies too. You two get your asses out there and make sure those young Xtreme Squad members don’t do something stupid,” Mr. Umezu noted.

Together Wizard and I stepped out of the space ship and started our trek over to where the others were and hoping that the battle area was under control.

Lucas Walken was deep inside the damaged building that Valentine and Wararth was hiding in. He was found creeping along the top roof above where the pair was discussing about the war. He stood to the side of the roof making sure he didn’t make any noise and looked down at one of the cracks in the roof to get a picture of where they were in the room. He kept the his light blue club staff with the spikey end to his right side staying still and listened in.

“Your war effort is impressive but your desire to trap them on a planet may fireback,” Wararth the ghost lord informed Valentine.

The author smiled at the ghost lord tossing his head at the suggestion and putting his hands in his coat pockets, “I doubt it, even if for some chance they find the transport, they are going to be limited. The Universe portals allowed mass transporting of many people and I can’t afford that if they decide to use the public people of their worlds to fight too.”

“You have killed plenty of people in the City of Demons.  Most of them very much fear even your name. How do you plan to defeat the author in the war? He’s still alive and survived after your attack on him in your tower. Do you really what you’re doing?”

“A writer never gives away the ending of his story. He is stronger than I expected and he has grown during the war. My desire is to break him down, let him watch each world of his burn and see the toll in his eyes. There are many layers in a war, different people working on different plans. It’s not clear cut as you may think. The soul breakers take the form of a person’s worst nightmare hence some people see silver machines that are known to the City of Demons and to some even alien life forms, I bet Mr. Phoenix got a shock out of that,” grinned Valentine to himself.

“They will all push you to a corner. Every war ends like that, what will you do?”

“That’s when I will make my move on him, the author in the war. The war is about quickly destroying their worlds and controlling them. By the time the end comes they would have run out of steam and the one that stand will the weakest link – the author. He can write all the characters he wants but the man himself is battled scared from mental illness. He will fall easily,” Valentine explained.

Wararth wandered and floated around in the room thinking the orginal soul breaker’s plans. He was interested. He was the oldest of the lords in Chisoutsa’s world and wanted to know more about this background.

“You have a mental illness too, like the author? But then went to the darkness of the book that you hold in your hands,” he asked.

“Yes, I suffered the plain of being a writer in my time and I died a lonely death. Through the power of the Author’s War book I become so much more. I become a true writer, a true leader of everything that the mind can create. I didn’t give in to my depression, I just became the darkness that opened up inside me and now look at me.”

“But you lost your soul and your own personality in exchange to be a master author? That is a large cost to pay Blackburn,” Wararth reminded him.

“Is it really? I just don’t understand why the other author doesn’t see the good in that. He skates on the thin ice of his depression and even looks into my world and yet there is a part of him that wants to save himself from his own downfall, to save himself from his own end. How does that make any sense is beyond my mind.”

Wararth until this point had known that Valentine had problems inside his head but now knew he was beyond help himself and the true darkness of how he thought. He was dealing with someone more powerful and unthinkable than he had imagined.

Lucas stepped around the roof top and cracks was increasing without him knowing. He held onto his club staff and moved around quietly. One of the crack broke through and Lucas fell down straight down to where Valentine and Wararth was. His club staff slide over to the other side of the room in the corner. Valentine picked him up and dropped him on the ground.

“We have a surprise guest. Nothing to fear if you fight like your father did. The son who the great Jonathan Walken forgot,” Valentine said to Lucas.

“He never forgot me. You are under arrest by the Xtreme Squad. You must end this war if you don’t you will lose this in the end. No one will be giving up like you said earlier,” Lucas told him.

Valentine came up to Lucas’s face with a deadly voice, “They will Lucas, the same soul runs through the author and he doubts his movements and he doubts his own life. When he questions his life part of you does the same too.”

“Everyone has their doubts and so do you. My father never doubted our ability to win this war and that’s the strength that I need. Do you have own doubts?” Lucas asked Valentine.

The dark author smiled and turned away from the Xtreme Squad leader he looked at the Author’s War book and he placed it on a table that was near some chairs.

“I have no doubts but only the knowledge is that if this war is played out all of you will fall one by one. I don’t fear you at all.”

The main doors started to shake which made Lucas, Valentine, and Wararth turn around to see the group of myself, Wizard, Chisoutsa, Allegheri, Frithdar, Alan Richards, and Roger the Barbarian coming inside.

Wararth stood forward in guard while Valentine stepped back towards his faithful book. Wararth grew into a larger version of himself and started to move the table and chairs up in the air and they flew across the room at the group. The group shielded themselves while I took a run at= Valentine making sure he didn’t escape this time. I charged at him and pushed him over and we fought on the ground pushing each other around. Lucas turned to the Author’s War book in the middle and ran after it. He slide across the floor and grabbed the book. Wararth turned towards Lucas with the book and for a moment Lucas for some reason decided to open the book. Valentine and I turned to see what was happening.

“He’s opening the book. Don’t you open the war!” Valentine yelled.

The Author’s War book was opened and Lucas was flown straight back into the side of the wall and fell down hitting his head. The pure energy and power unleash trapping Wararth, “What is happening to me! No! No!” he cried in pain.

“My god, “Allegheri replied standing with the others watching the scene.

Wararth started to split up into pieces and a boom was felt as he disappeared from sight. The book was lying in the middle of the room with a portal of dark energy. Valentine pushed me off from him and he hurried over to the book and stood above it.

“You see why you can’t this war. The book and I are the same. It’s power is too great for anyone of you to challenge it. None of you weak characters can stop the book and what it can do,” Valentine warned everyone in the room.

“Expect for another author. One that can try to defeat it’s own power,” I reminded him coming to my feet again.

Valentine turned around and grinned. He kicked one side of the book to close it and the dark energy disappeared into it and was safe from anyone.

“You nearly lost your friend Lucas over there. You can’t control this. If you were more like me you might have a chance but you are changing. I’m working on that,” he noted to me.

“You are surrounded now and there is no escape,” Allegheri explained to him.

“If I don’t leave, the author is going to read my book. Don’t tempt me, I’m not in the mood for your games. I have better things to do and the war will rage on if you like it or not.”

It was too dangerous for me to be the same room as him and the rest of the group knew it. Valentine nodded and headed out a side door with The Author’s War book in hand.  There was much disappointment in the entire group that they had let him get away from Chisoutsa’s world and that war couldn’t have ended sooner.  I came up to Wizard and Allegheri o talk to them while Frithdar and Chisoutsa went over to help Lucas up from the floor.

“What do we do now?” I asked Allegheri.

“The war is still going on in other parts of the universe. I would believe that Roger here would like to return to this home and then you should carry yourself to LegoLand and find out what happened to the Legomen.  The City of Demons should be able to hold off the Soul Breakers for the time being but Valentine’s strength is building. The mood of the people is darkening with every move he makes. I feel he is feeling off their own depression and that is why he is growing in power.”

“Mr. Umezu is working on the ship as we speak and I can go there. Would anyone apart from Wizard like to come?” I asked to everyone.

Chisoutsa stepped forward, “Sarge is where Roger’s home is and I have a score to settle with her. She’s been running from me for ages and with Wararth dead for good I will get this bitch.”

“Right. We better go now and see what will happen. Roger will come with us of course. I hope the Kingdom of Evermore is still strong,” I replied knowing inside that wasn’t the case.