Frithdar walked around and grabbed Lucas by his side and instructed the crowd of people to stand back. Everyone took a few steps back from the ruins of the area while Frithdar spoke out about the spell he was planning to make.

“When the Ghost Lord took her body he wrapped his soul over the demon DNA aspect of her soul. Normally the eyes in this case are pure white but when I saw the eyes were green I thought of a rare teaching I wrote about ghosts taking over people’s souls to prevent death. The only catch in taking out the Wararth’s part is that Chisoutsa will actually become a pure human after the effect of the spell. This is the only way to save her so we must begin at once.”

Both Frithdar and Lucas raised ther arms above Chisoutsa’s body and the soul of the Ghost Lord shot up from her eyes. Lucas moved around the body and gave a quick push and the Ghost Lord’s soulflew off away from the area and disappeared. Chisoutsa woke up with a fright and Professor Walken rushed over to check on her.

“Surprisingly the spell itself isn’t that hard to preform it just that no one really knows the spell itself or the format to use it in,” Frithdar explained to the group.

Chisoutsa stood up with everyone around her and looking tired and woren out. She felt quite different and turned to Professor Walken and Mr. Umezu who was next to him, “I’m different. What happened to me?” she asked the pair.

“You don’t have the demon DNA in you anymore it was taken out to save your life Chisoutsa. You’re a normal human now. Ins’t it amazing?” the Professor answered.

“That’s right, part of the reason why the DNA was abled to be removed because it was the Ghost Lord and not any normal ghost that took your body and soul.” Frithdar replied.

“Well this is going to take some time to get used to. But now I’m pleased that everything here is finally over and that all the troubles of our world is behind us. I can actually have a normal life now,” Chisoutsa said to the group.

And with that group decided to return to the Beach Houses near the shore and take time to recover and think about the day’s events.


A few days had passed and it was time for everyone to return back home. However not everyone was heading home. Chisoutsa was with Professor Walken and Lucas while she spoke to them about her news.

“I want to stay here to live. It might not be forever but now I’m retiring from cleaning up every mess in this world and now I’m actually normal I can have a normal life now and get the idea of that too,” she said to the pair.

“And for myself and your mother Lucas we have decided to move away from The City of Demon and travel for a few years and settle into a quiet area once we are done with our travels. Since the times of Censilo the Demon Lord and problems that we have had before that I feel it’s time to spend more time with her and lead a quieter life like Chisoutsa.” Professor Walken added.

“Both of you are leaving? What will happen to The City of Demons now the two of you are gone?” Lucas asked the pair.

“You can take control of the city, which I mean look after. I’m sure you can handle that,” smiled Chisoutsa.

“And Frithdar is expected to stay in the city for some time. Charles is still Prime Leader for a couple more years and I even guess that Mr. Umezu will guide you as well seeming he has become a full time good guy in the past few years I suppose,” the Professor added.

Professor Walken noticed Allegheri in the background and looked over there, “I’ll be leaving you two alone. Allegheri is also moving back to the Vampire Deathlands to continue their own rebuilding as well as this joint here. Chisoutsa will some assistance work here too. To next time I will see you two again,” he replied and wandered down the stairs with his trusty cane.

All the visitors had returned home over the coming hours and it was just Chisoutsa Walken and Lucas Walken. Chisoutsa handed Lucas a beer as she smoked the last of Mr. Umezu’s cigars.

“You know Frithdar was impressive by your magic. You’re become a good wizard and fighter. Magic was something I couldn’t wrap my head around,” she noticed.

“Thanks Sis, I do have my father’s brains. That goes a long way,” Lucas answered sipping from his beer.

“I think The City of Demons is in good hands. Besides I can’t keep on fighting battles forever and I cleaned up the joint well enough for you,”

“You have but there’s always something new in the future,” Lucas reminded her.

“Let’s toast to the success and whatever future you may have now that’s the city is in your hands to look after,” Chisoutsa said.

The two of them knocked beer bottles and looked out over the beach for they knew a chapter was closing but the story still lives on.