Jiko’s personality was still warped and changing to its normal form as he was planning to escape the Hyper Camp. For a while since he was created he was wondering about why he was created. What plans they had for him and what the future was in store for him. He was walking around the lab rooms early in the morning still shaking his head. He came into a weapons room and saw the rifles lined up to be used in future battles. He punched the glass and grabbed a couple of them and walked out quickly. Three silver machines stopped at the end of the hallway and spotted him. They were unsure what to do with Jiko. Jiko fired a number of shots at them and they fired back. One silver machine ran up to a security alarm and pressed it.

Hew and Serti heard the noise and both came outside and suddenly ducked from the bullets of the silver machines and Jiko.

“You don’t need to duck! You’re dead!” Serti cried.

“Oh yeah, I still do that even after all these years,” Hew replied.

Hew floated towards Jiko and he tried to reason with him, “Busting yourself out of here will do you nothing. Censilo will make your life hard enough as it is.”

“Don’t you feel or know the dangers that this Censilo is creating? You should know,” Jiko cried.

“I know and there’s not much I can do,” Hew answered.

“Just stand up to him. I am and I’m leaving!” Jiko said walking through Hew and shooting down a couple more silver machines. He grabbed one and threw one towards a steel piping. A small fire came and Jiko past it towards the outside world. A shadow next to the fire appeared. Sarge watched Jiko escaping and she followed him outside. She found some trees and bushes next to the Hyper Camp and she ran off to hide in them.

Hew and Serti watched the fire taking over the room and saw a dark shadow from behind them. Censilo appeared with a flashing staff of fire behind them.

“Serti! Leave the Hyper Camp. I am tired of the two of you,” he cried.

He raised his staff up high and fired a bolt of rainbow colors towards them. Serti blocked some of the power while Hew fell to the ground.

“That should take of your memories. Now to sort out Jiko the weak creation of mine!” he shouted in anger.

Jiko was found running down the streets away from the Hyper Camp and found himself near the dirty smelling river that snaked itself around the gang lands. He turned around and saw Censilo following him.

“Get away from me Censilo. I know what you are planning,” he shouted at his creator.

“You know nothing Jiko. The three of you failed to be trained quickly enough. I have spent many years planning this idea of using the very best and still you cannot see what greatness you could have been,” Censilo cried.

“You don’t care about us. You were just using us to get what you wanted. Aren’t you powerful enough to do this yourself?” Jiko asked Censilo.

“My powers are reduced in the First Life World and thus I need some backing in the form of you for example. However I have learnt I cannot depend on such weakness,” Censilo answered.

“You will never win Censilo. There will be someone who will come and prevent your plans.”

“Who will come and save The City of Demons? No one will. Not a soul cares about this place expect for me. Jiko, the goodness in this world is a fraction of the evil you see today. The good men of the old have passed away and it’s time for a change in the ranks of power.”

Censilo raised his staff and looked at Jiko for one last time, “It’s not often I use spells but for this case I will.” Another bolt of power shot at Jiko and he struggled to stay on his feet. His large body fell on the ground and Censilo had gone.


Many hours have past and Censilo was discussing his exit plans from The City of Demons to the silver machines. He pointed to his staff explaining some details.

“The memories have erased because I don’t want some suspect deaths in the city for now. Already I feel a couple businesses are watchful about us. I have ordered a black van to remove and carry Hew back to the Death Lands. With Jiko and Sarge missing, we will remove Chisoutsa too. Without the skilled training and her slowness of learning, she will never be a threat to us. We will be away for a number of years to rebuild our power. We must make sure that no other lord figures are in the First Life World and to make sure that everything is right for the future. I will have my studies completed soon enough and I will have control of my city again,” Censilo explained to his silver machines.

Soon enough as said, the black van was loaded up while two figures were watching in the background. Sarge had met up with Serti about a plan to escape. The two of them watched the black van and decided to catch a ride with it.

“We are safe here you know Sarge. I don’t know what you are going to do with your life but I’m planning a quiet one whenever this van takes me. I’ll be shot by the Red Team or by Scienceworks for what I have done,” Serti.

“Let’s go and see where we end up,” Sarge said.

The two of them sneaked around the side of the van where Hew was taken in special golden chains so he wouldn’t be able to escape inside the van. The two of them entered the van while Hew was quiet on the ground still unable to move from the powerful memory spell.

“Because he’s a ghost he won’t wake up until we arrive to where he lives. He’ll never remember us. Besides nothing will happen in the city now that Censilo has lost his three creations,” Serti said.

Censilo watched the van disappearing and turned towards his half burnt Hyper Camp. The idea of perfect creations had been destroyed and he was unhappy about how his plan evolved in the end.

“Time to clean up the area,” he said.

He opened up a map that took out from his white pocket and pointed at a location called Lair of the Forsaken, “A good spot to keep some secrets buried. Until I need him again,” he whispered to himself.

The dark demon lord disappeared into his damaged headquarters hoping that he had faced his battles for now. However he was wrong…