The raging battle of Tekkonro continued outside away from the Convoitise Castle.  The Lust Vampire was resting in his wall fall of blood pounding the challenges of Chisoutsa and her allies. His assistant Kayi appeared before him with some news.

“We found a girl by the name of Sarge. She is the one who released the ghost lord Tekkonro. What should we do with her?” he asked him.

“Leave her in the bedroom. I will attend and see her,” he answered.

“It’s still dangerous outside my vampire lord. What will happen to the village?” Kayi asked.

“I think Chisoutsa and the old vampire will handle the problem. They don’t need me, “Convoitise said disappearing from the room.

The Vampire headed through the halls and came to the bedroom and slowly opened the door. Sarge was waiting at the window watching the Soul Mountains. She was injured and her clothes were ripped and bloody. He eyed her from head to toe and closed the door.

“You used my ring to release Tekkonro. Why did you do that?” he asked.

Sarge turned around and smiled at the vampire, “To get at Chisoutsa, to cause trouble. I love doing it.”

“I feel that you have some problem with Chisoutsa. You know her well?” he asked her.

“We were made from the same man and she think she’s the strongest of the three of us. I’m the strongest, better then Jiko and Chisoutsa together,” Sarge answered.

“Your desire is strong; I feel it all around you. You have some vampire in you. I’m not sure how you got that. Whoever your master was, he wouldn’t be as strong as me,” Convoitise said.

A strong and unbearable desire was felt inside the room as Sarge eyes turned green with desire. The Lust Vampire approached behind her. He moved his hand over her ripped top and pulled it down to the ground exposing her firm large breasts.

“You do you wonder,” he started then smiled to himself, “Do you desire to know why I am called Convoitise, the tongue of love it means lust?”

Sarge moved her hand down to her ripped jeans shred them down to the ground. Her eyes growing a uncontrollable green. She as in a emotion that she couldn’t get out of.

“Yes I want to know why,” she smiled.

“I believe that lust should be a two way street. Men give so much to their women but yet we take nothing for their own. I turn the tables, I take what I desire the most but I give what women desire the most too,” he purred kissing down her neck and groping her breast.

Sarge put her hands on the window as Convoitise undone his robe and shot himself into her. She gave out a loud cry and moaned. The Lust Vampire’s veins widen in his arms and legs.

“With my gift you shall be well balanced to combat Chisoutsa with your power,” he whispered in her ear.

He continued to feel inside her with his penis as it grew larger and larger. She cried and moaned. He fed inside her a raw power and he grew as large as a muscled arm inside her. He withdrew from her and she feel to the ground and went to sleep from the knock from her head. He put on his robe and moved outside of the bedroom door and closed it. Kayi found him and suspected what was happening.

“Did you have your normal meal my vampire lord?” he asked.

“No, she has a will and desire to kill. She will be useful now I have personally worked through with her. Or should I say through her,” Convoitise grinned closing his eyes and walking away from Kayi.


Chisoutsa and Hew were left in the bar as the crowds of villagers pushed each together as they ran from Tekkonro’s wrath.

“So what is your plan?” she asked him.

Hew disappeared and went straight inside her body. She shook all around herself and her eyes shook white. Then he spoke from inside her, “You’re now officially a part time ghost. You can disappear and move around like a human can.”

“I don’t like the idea of this Hew. How is this going to defeat Tekkonro?” she asked.

“When you’re a ghost you can fight back at him. Ghost on ghost battles Chisoutsa, you can swing a punch at him and cause a blow this time around,” Hew explained.

“Now I like this idea. Let’s this pain in the ass bastard out of the way,” she cried as she marched herself out of the bar.

She stood still in the middle of the crowd movement and Tekkonro’s eye fixed on her, “Remember Chisoutsa each hit will weaken him, making his catching easier.”

The ghost lord charged into her and she landed a giant punch and he flew into the building smashing it to pieces. The Black Vixen spans around with the flying capture cage and smashed the ghost lord again and the cage was glowing white. Tekkonro jumped on Chisoutsa and the two wrestled on the ground. The Black Vixen turned around spinning with a head ached Professor Walken and Allegheri and smashed into the two of them. Tekkonro’s power was weakening and the two were caught inside the cage. Chisoutsa fought hard with him landing punches. She quickly disappeared when the Black Vixen flew uncontrolled into a building. She sailed through the building as a ghost and reappeared as she hit the ground with a body slam. The Black Vixen started to lose control, the ghost lord was finally trapped inside the cage and he was growling in anger. Professor Walken struggled like hell with the steering wheel. Suddenly as the vehicle was spinning inc circles at break speed the chains broken into the pieces and the cage was blasted over like a comet straight outside the Death Lands and far away. Hew pulled himself away from Chisoutsa’s body and looked at the distance star.

“And Tekkonro is gone. That’s unbelievable. I can’t believe that…,” he stopped short as the Black Vixen was falling straight for Chisoutsa was lying on the ground. He connected inside her and quickly disappeared.  The Black Vixen landed into the ground hard. Professor Walken was knocked out while the vampire calmed awake and well. Fire burst from the vehicle and Hew reappeared inside the Black Vixen. He used Chisoutsa’s body and helped drag the two bodies out of the Vixen. The villagers started running and noticed that their leader Allegheri was in need. They started get buckets of water and pouring it over the Black Vixen. With professor Walken and Allegheri resting by the rocks next to the bar, Hew disconnected from Chisoutsa’s body and she dropped to the ground.

“Can someone help her. I can’t help her. I’m only a ghost,” Hew sighted.

The villagers helped the three out and Hew stood watching the group. Jiko and the other group arrived in the village and help with the villagers. Chisoutsa woke up with the Professor and looked at Hew.

“Thanks for helping us Hew,” said Professor Walken, “I have no idea where that cage ended up.

“That’s alright. I was just trying to help and I….” Hew lost his breathe and fell to the ground

Chisoutsa quickly climbed to her feet and went to him. She couldn’t touch him and cried at the Professor and Allegheri, “What’s happened?” she shouted worried.

“I don’t know. But ghosts don’t do that,” the old vampire answered.

She reached out to Hew but her hands couldn’t do a thing. She panicked and remembered of someone else she lost in the past. Was it happening again?