The past few hours Chisoutsa and Lucas had been shacked up in the deserted building by the edge of Soclice after their encounter with the Emperor. Chisoutsa was practicing some sword work on a old clothing stand while Lucas was sitting at the desk tapping his fingers waiting for some word from Alan Richards.

“When was the last time you used a sword Chisoutsa. You seem to be more the gun user nowadays.” Lucas asked her.

“Been a while I suppose since the Vampire lands.” She answered.

Lucas heard a tap at the doors and Chisoutsa held her sword ready and marched over to the doors. She slowly turned the door knob with Lucas lifting from his seat.

“Alan? Frithdar?” Chisoutsa said surprised.

“Yes it’s us, we need to get out of here. There’s a massive army coming down, about one hundred chasing us for some reason. Did you do this?” Frithdar asked them.

Alan appeared in a grey coat which was different from his normal lab coat. He was carrying some papers with him as large noises were heard from the street. Frithdar’s hands were glowing with magic. He was ready to fight anyone.

“Just come with us.” He told the two.

“Why are you here for? Why couldn’t you just send the information we needed without coming here?” Lucas asked appearing at the door.

“No time to answer questions. What I found was not what I expected. Let’s go!” Alan shouted as a squad of guards holding large axes come crashing into the area.

Chisoutsa and Lucas busted out of the deserted building attacking the group of guards. Frithdar turned around and shot off bolts of lightning to protect himself and Alan. Chisoutsa body smashed herself into a pack of them slashed her sword into a body. Crowds of people watching the battle started running away from the Emperor’s army as chaos was breaking out. Lucas and Frithdar stood back to back firing off lightening and fireballs at the growing army.

“Alan, where can we go?” cried Chisoutsa.

“Over there, there’s a road but I’m afraid it leads back to the Emperor’s House!” he shouted back.

The group dashed off from the army as Lucas heard the voices in the air again.

“He’s dangerous you know! Can you hear me?” cried the voice in the air.

“Yeah I can,” cried Lucas in the crowd of fighting. One guard jumped on him and he struggled to throw him off.

“Goodness me you can hear me. There is something you should know…” cried the voice in the air.

“Who and what are you?” Lucas yelled fighting off the guard and returning to his feet. He run off towards the rest of his friends. Chisoutsa moved towards the Emperor’s court yard and saw Kalund and Stolin near the Emperor holding his staff. Kalund came to the Emperor’s side and begged him.

“This is madness, we have never had a civil war in over a century. What are you doing?”

The Emperor turned and skull bashed his head with the staff and he fell to the ground, “No one questions me!”

The circling army corned the group of friends where Chisoutsa turned to Alan Richards, “What did the information tell you. You must tell us!” she shouted.

“I checked his DNA, it’s not normal, it’s just not normal I tell you!” he answered back.

The voice in the air wa starting to break up in Lucas’s mind, “He’s doing it again. The pain in my soul, please don’t do this!” the voice shouted. Lucas fell to the ground as the voice in my mind was giving him an unbelievable headache, he eyed off the Emperor and his staff was glowing in red.

“What’s this?” he asked himself.

Frithdar came to ground to help Lucas as he fought off the army guards. He leaned down to Lucas’s ear, “What is wrong with you? What are you hearing?” he asked.

Lucas covered his head with his hands in pain as The Emperor made his way down the stairs of the Emperor’s House. The world started to spin around him and Chisoutsa turned back to see her brother. She turned up to see the Emperor and saw inside his soul, his eyes. Her eyes flashed red and a shock of energy rushed through her body and fell to the ground. Alan rushed to her aid and tried to get her back up.

“Many years I have been waiting for this moment,” The Emperor cried out.

Stolin helped up the injured Kalund and watched in horror as the army started to burn the houses around them and attack everyone in sight. Chisoutsa looked up to Alan and begged for the information, “Tell us now!”

“The DNA showed that the Emperor has been dead for twenty years! He’s not alive!” he answered pushing Chisoutsa up.

“He’s undead?” cried Lucas from ahead of them with Frithdar.

The Emperor moved closer to them with his staff, “I have bided my time for so long. The time has come now!” his whole body was now glowing filled of massive power.

“So what has happened to the real Emperor?” Chisoutsa asked.

“He must been killed many years ago and his body has been taken by someone or something,” Alan cried back.

Lucas received another message into his mind from the voice in the air,” He is not me, I am me. I am the true Emperor, gone from this world but only left in your mind!”

“My god the real Emperor is speaking to me…” he cried struggling to his feet next to Frithdar.

The Emperor raised his staff and he dropped to the ground. Chisoutsa and the others jumped back when a bolt of power appeared from the body and formed into a ghostly body. The guards have finally cornered Chisoutsa and the others and the Ghostly body moves towards them.

“Only a demon could see right through me and discover my secret. I have waited until the fall of Censilo and the Lust Vampire for my time to rule. My name is Wararth the Ghost Lord born in the early days of this world. Neither demon nor wizard will stand in my way,” spoke the figure.